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Since asking Eva for some advice on getting my skin to look it’s best for my wedding day, I’ve been inspired to not get a facial and get myself ready at home with a few products. Continue reading WEDDING PREP PART 1 // REN SKINCARE MASK



In the lead up to my wedding, I was pretty stressed…and you could see it on my skin. Not so much on my face, but my chest. Never before have I suffered from any kind of chacne (chest acne) and I truthfully had no idea what to do with it.

At first I noticed some colourless bumps on my chest appear, but since they weren’t real pimples and were just under the skin, I figured they would probably go away and wouldn’t be a problem. BUT, then I went for my hair trial.

I was freaking out in my head the whole time. As soon as I sit down in the chair, the girl doing my rollers complains that my hair is so fine and slippery and is making the hot rollers fall out, then the hairdresser complains how stubborn my J.Lo-like baby hairs won’t stay in place and my hair frizzes when she touches it, and then the updo I wanted doesn’t look how I imagined it in my mind. I like to think I am no Bridezilla, but with my lack of sleep, stress and then this, as soon as I saw Jordan when I got home I burst into tears. Jordan looked at me, gave me a hug and said, what happened to your chest?

Stress gave me chacne, y’all. Not cool three weeks before the wedding.

Don’t fret, my hair turned out fine on the day. As did everything else, but stress and lack of sleep can wreak total havoc on the skin.

Anyways, on to my pre-wedding skin prep routine. This is all about exfoliation, protection and hydration.

Following my facialist’s advice to use very lightweight moisturizers in the lead-up to the wedding (you want skin to look plump and youthful), I used Babor’s Skinovage Moisture Plus Serum day and night to pack in the moisturizer without any heavy oils. In the morning, I applied Lancome’s Advanced Généfique eye and facial serums to keep any fine lines at bay and to help even out my skintone. At night, I used Visionnaire to give an extra punch to any forming stress wrinkles and even out my skin texture. I locked everything in with Kiehl’s super lightweight but very hydrating Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion.

Once a week I used Ren’s Glycolic Lactic Radiance Mask to unclog pores and exfoliate my face. This is crucial for keeping any new pimples at bay and fighting any current spots and bumps. When the chacne happened, I even used this twice on my chest. On my newly resurfaced skin I applied Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask to draw out any impurities and clarify my skin (also applied to both face and chest twice a week).

I also made sure to protect my face from any new freckles, burns or pigmentation (if you are using glycolic acids, you need to be protecting your new baby skin) with Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Water Light Sunscreen. This super lightweight liquid packs a serious punch of protection with SPF 60. I made sure to double cleanse my face every night when using sunscreen to ensure that I had throughly removed every last bit.

Even though I wore fake eyelashes on the big day, I wanted to have a good base of lashes, and really, who doesn’t want full, long lashes everyday of their lives? Every night I applied Fusion Beauty’s StimuLash to grow long, thick, dark lashes. Just make sure you don’t get this anywhere other than your lashes, hair will grow!

And finally, to keep my hair in primo, silky condition I applied Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak to keep my hair hydrated, healthy and free of split-ends.


I thought I would probably cry on my wedding day (though I didn’t) so I had enough foresight to find a waterproof concealer, because who would want to wipe away tears and have photos of them with their purplely under eye circles showing through (you really should see mine)? Certainly not me. I also had three potentially emotional bridesmaids on my hands (one cried when I showed her my wedding dress hung up in my room), so I needed to be prepared. I waterproofed everything I possibly could on our faces on the big day (more on that in another post), including our concealer using Lancôme’s Effacernes.Since then, this concealer has quickly made its way from a wedding day favourite to everyday favourite. Honeymooning in France and Italy during the hottest month of the summer means sun and sweat and this concealer fights through everything. It has the perfect amount of thickness and pigment for coverage but never ever clumps or gets stuck in fine lines. It just. doesn’t. budge. Just smooth it on and never worry about your makeup moving around again. After swimming at the beach I can wipe my face with a towel and this concealer is going nowhere.

And one last point: this is the perfect concealer for contact lens-wearers. My eyes can tear up and this concealer will make it through, which is perfect when you’re dealing with fiddling around with uncomfortable contacts or even just getting them in your eyes.


Do you know how hard it is to find a foundation sans SPF these days? Very hard.

I was on the hunt for the perfect foundation for my wedding day for MONTHS (I guess I am slightly obsessed with makeup) and these were the holy trinity of my criteria: no SPF, long-wearing and didn’t make me look corpse-like. Not hard, right?
Allowed to explain:
1) No SPF: I could not have any SPF in my foundation as SPF creates flashback on photos a.k.a. super white flash face. Not cute.
2) Long-wearing: I got married at the beginning of July and who doesn’t want to have the perfect bridal face all day at their wedding? Exactly.
3) No corpse effect: I am very fair (when in doubt, go to the lightest shade in the foundation range and there’s my match) and I find that foundations made for people of my paleness can make me look like a zombie or just plain dead. I have freckles and the combo of covering them up and almost-white foundation has unflattering results (shouldn’t people look alive on their wedding day?).
Even if you are not a bride right now, and you are just looking for a great foundation, THIS IS IT.
The be-all and end-all of foundations. It has the ever-so-slightest pearlescent sheen to it that gives you a magic glow and watch as it erases all unevenness and blemishes.
I used this on myself and three of my bridesmaids (Anna included) on my wedding and day and our skin looked flawless. At around 60 dollars, it is a bit pricey for a foundation but I have been assured by many that women come back and will buy a bottle a month. It is quite simply the best.


In case you didn’t already know, I’m getting married in July, one of the hottest months of the year. One of my biggest worries (or really everyone’s worry in the summer) is looking greasy and shiny in person and in photos. It seems almost impossible to prevent when there is sun, sweat and a naturally oily t-zone working against you, right?
Well, after a few recommendations from some other fellow beauty bloggers, I picked up Vichy’s Dermablend Setting Powder, which claims to provide 16 hours of staying power to your makeup as well preventing oil and shininess when used along with their Dermablend foundation (a corrective foundation that provides medium to high coverage). This powder is still great on it’s own and is acult favourite (check the reviews) for setting powders on top of moisturized skin, other foundations or tinted moisturizers. I have been wearing this over just moisturizer or tinted moisturizer.
All you need to do is use the powder puff to apply the powder all over your face (I even put it over my concealer under my eyes), let it set for two minutes, then brush the excess off. I apply it before doing my eye makeup in the morning so that the two minutes of waiting time goes by without noticing it. The result is a more even and matte complexion that lasts for hours.
Given the humidity that we have had in Toronto the past few weeks, this has decreased the shine on my nose signficantly.  It keeps everything in place for you, even through sweating, smudging and bathing! This is a must if you’re worried about your face sliding off in the summer heat.


Foreword: I know that this Urban Decay Naked palette has been so hyped up (some would save over-hyped) over the years, and that by writing this post, I am feeding into it myself. But, this is not for nothing.

About a month ago, I went to Sephora for a bridal makeup consultation (I basically just had them do my makeup and help me pick colours/products, etc.). I really thought that I would be able to use my favourite Dior palette, but then the makeup artist pointed out that they eyeshadows were cool toned and the blush I hadselected and my lipstick, were warm toned. Duh! How did I not notice that? You definitely want the colour story on your face to be on the same track.
So after asking me if I was ok with shimmer (yes) she brought over the Naked palette and I thought ‘Oh great. Of course this is what she would bring over’. I shouldn’t have been so blasé, this palette is actually amazing. Every single colour I have tried looks great. Every. Single. One. And! They are super long-lasting. The colour stays true all day long, without a primer (at least on me–if you do need a primer, Urban Decay also makes a great one and if you buy it from Sephora, it comes one!).
In case you were wondering what she suggested for my bridal look, she said to start with “Virgin” all over the lid and brow bone, then “Sin” on the lid and “Buck” in the crease. This combo gives a clean, fresh look (though the names suggest otherwise).
I am also in love with “Half Baked”. This is a shade I would probably never purchase for myself on it’s own as it would be more bold and golden than I would think would look good on me. But it’s beautiful and brings a glow to the face. “Toasted” and “Smog” are also great for a nighttime look, and if you want to jazz it up a bit, go for “Sidecar”, which has a bit more glitter.
I have yet to make my way through the whole palette, but I will get there one day (some many shades!). This is a great palette for someone who is scared of colour/enjoys neutrals (me), or a beginner who might not know where to start when looking for an eyeshadow. It might also lead you into trying colours you might never thought have worked on you.You’re really getting great value for your money with the formula and the amount of shadows.


With the upcoming wedding, and the feelings that accompany it, my mother and I thought it would be a nice idea to have a day together of shopping and pampering ourselves. We made our way over to Bloor Street where we looked around for bridal jewelry and makeup and then into the Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt where we enjoyed their beautiful facilities and a facial.
Having been here before, we knew what to expect–serene surroundings and amazing scents throughout the spa (after coming here the first time, my mother renovated her bathroom to have the aura of this spa), as well as amazing treatments.
Their facials truly make me the most relaxed I have ever felt–I walk out of the treatment room feeling half asleep, in a happy daze. They take care to incoporate a massage along with your facial (extra zen points), so you really are getting a lot for what you paid for.
We left refereshed and with glowing complexions (though mine a little redder, since I had about 40 extractions done on my face–me to the facialist Luana, “I want beautiful skin for my wedding! Go nuts on extractions!”, her jokingly, “Ok, there will be some torture then”. Beauty is pain, what can I say.) While sipping on tea and eating cookies, we decided that we must make this a traditon and make time to get facials twice a year. Let’s hope that we can keep that promise–my skin will look amazing if we do!

Some bridal skincare tips from my facialist:
-Try not to use heavy moisturizers or sunscreens in the weeks leading up to your big day. This way your pores will stay unclogged and will prevent pimples from forming. Try instead to use some lighter, hydrating serums (she recommended this one for me).
-Try to avoid using acne spot treatments. They dry out the skin and make the blackheads very hard which makes them very difficult to remove. Leave your pimples alone!

N.B. If you’re going to get a facial before your wedding, be sure to do so about 6 weeks beforehand. This way your face has enough time to adjust and recover.

P.S. Also, I know I said in my first wedding skincare prep post that I was going to be forgoing a facial in lieu of doing it myself, but when your mom suggests you go for a facial, are you going to say no? Of course not.

Wedding Skincare Prep Part 1, Part 2.