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Hideous bags make for great exercise equipment!!
anuary is kind of a blah month–coming down from the craziness surrounding December, along with the disappointment of all the resolutions you failed to keep, it’s a shitty month to say the least. So instead of promising that I’d hit the gym on the daily, which I don’t think ANYONE can actually keep up, I decided that I’d hula hoop on days that I couldn’t/didn’t want to make the 10 minute walk to the gym (slash get my hair dirty). I was actually inspired from Annie from a video she did for XOVain (she’s also the new writer for Into The Gloss), and considering she’s in enviable shape AND she swears by hula-ing, I thought I’d look into it.

So, if you’re wondering, hula hooping…

  • Tones your abs (enough said)
  • Makes you more coordinated (it was really hard for me at first)
  • Burns fat!!
So, you need to get yourself a hoop! We ain’t talking about the plastic ones you played with at daycare, that’s child’s play. The actual exercise hula hoops are really big and weighted (not by much), and I even invested in little arm hoops to get me some Michelle Obama arms. None of which are super pricey and once you have them you’re set for good.
Now in terms of actually hula-ing, I won’t lie in saying that it’s pretty boring–hula hooping while watching TV is easiest. I go for half an hour in each direction. That’s all there is to it. In terms of arms, its the same idea, just less time.
Annie has a few other tricks in the video but more importantly her body jewels are really cool.
–Anna Raponi