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Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and Lush has released a selection of holiday products to keep you feeling pampered, beautiful, and full of love. I’m a huge bath lover, especially on a cold winter’s day, and thankfully Lush has given us exactly what we need to keep our baths and bodies beautiful. Continue reading LUSH // VALENTINE’S DAY


While I’ve got nothing against a good red or pink lip, I think it’s just so overdone for Valentine’s Day. Kind of stumped for a fresh look for V-Day, I decided that a smudgier, smokier look was way sexier than super precise liner and lips (no guy likes seeing a bunch of makeup on a girl). And instead of going for your usual rose and red shades, peach seemed like the perfect compliment to a smokey eye. I guess the idea was a ‘I slept in my makeup but I still look amazing’ type of thing, and here’s how I did it:
Obviously every look looks best with even skin—I used a medium coverage foundation alongside a creamy concealer to hide any blotchiness and spots. Using a creamy, yellow-toned highlighter and my foundation brush, I added some sheen to the tops of my cheekbones, bridge of the nose and eye lids. Finally, to set everything in place, I applied a translucent powder to my entire face.
Some visual inspiration: Beyoncé (obviously) and Arizona.


To bring the warmth back to my face, I used bronzer along my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin and used a peachy-pink blush on the apples of my cheeks. Using a mix of the bronzer and blush, I applied with a fluffy brush to the creases of my eyes for some definition.
Along my upper, outer lash lines, I applied a matte black shadow with an angle brush, then blended out with my fingers. Continue adding shadow and blending until you get enough definition. I finished with a few coats of mascara to my upper lashes.
Finally for the lips, I dabbed on a soft coral shade with my fingers— no precision or technique here, just a stain.

And voila! A soft, simple look that while doesn’t look like a ton of makeup, brings warmth and dimension to your face and definition to the eyes.

–Anna Raponi


IT’S REALLY NO SURPRISE that Lush has managed to make yet another range of bath and body products that smell amazing and have you wanting to hop right in the bath as soon as you’ve got your hands on them. And their Valentine’s Day collection is no exception–everything smells like heaven and looks like it’s straight out of a Prada Candy ad.

The standout product in the line is in no doubt the shower gel, Prince Charming, which literally smells so good that I’d probably choose it over an actual Prince Charming. The marshmallow and vanilla scents take me back to the coveted lip glosses I owned as a third grader, but the pomegranate keeps it sophisticated and fresh.
The Kiss is your go-to balm pre-makeout–tastes like oranges, makes lips supple, has the shine, but not the tackiness of a lipgloss, and leaves a bubblegum pink stain. The texture is also really light and not goopy, so it’s rather pleasant to apply and goes on thin.
While I still don’t entirely get the point of bath bombs, I can’t deny that the small explosion of vibrant pigments and water ‘decor’ brings out my inner pyromanic and, ya, it’s fun to watch. The Love Locket is like huge. Which had me super excited to see what this one would do when I dunked it into the hot bath. Sadly, with a little research, it’s actually good for three baths–which yes, means no crazy huge bath bomb extravaganza, but indeed, more colourful baths. Supposedly some spectacular surprise emerges from the yellow core, which I have not yet got to witness (hopefully it is a coupon for said Prince Charming). Will keep you updated on my bathing.
Update: Wasted the entire bath bomb in one go (hence lack of Love Locket in picture), however this one’s beautiful–little confetti hearts and rose-coloured water, also super moisturizing. The locket turned into three big hearts then fizzed away WHICH I’m assuming is the big surprise. Sorry for spoiling.
And to make your extravagant bath spectacle even more festive, the Neon Love soap is lovely. The fragrance is a bit more elegant than those of the rest of the line, but the bar is equally girly. The range, of course, is limited edition, so get pampering ASAP before V-Day rolls around–the sheer use of these products is the extent of my celebrations for the holiday, and I’m pretty content with that.
–Anna Raponi