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If you live in the Toronto area, and love pretty perfumes, be sure to hit up the Eaton’s Centre for a free sample of Marc Jacobs’ new variation of his bestselling perfume Daisy, Daisy Dream.

I first smelled this on a page of a magazine, and I have to say, it’s quite beautiful and perfect, I think, as a weekend scent. It evokes the scent of fresh laundry hanging in a field of flowers. Clean, pretty and light.

Until July 23rd, you can visit the Daisy Dream Machine at the Eaton’s Centre, where you can tweet at the machine to dispense a vial of this summery new fragrance.


I took the plunge not too long ago and finally got bangs. Yes, they are high maintenance and my lifestyle does require that they receive persistent attention, but I love them nonetheless.

Reasons why I they are more high maintenance than Cher Horowitz:

1.Wind: On my 20 minute walk to work today, Toronto’s winds blow them around. A quick sweep through them with my wallet-size comb in the elevator mirror fixes them quick before I get to my office on the seventh floor.

2. Yoga and Pilates: Slight perspiration from exercise can make my bangs a little wonky, and sometimes I just want them out of my face, but I can easily keep them back with a headband, or spritz in some dry shampoo to soak up any grease.

3. Humidity: The devil. This really is the worst force that I am constantly fighting against, especially on my treks into work. Any rain or humidity levels above 80% cause my bangs to lose their shit and get curly. It is the absolute worst. Not even a quick comb through will fix this problem.

To fight this battle, the best option would be to shield them from the air/rain the best that you can with a hat or hood, but no one really wants to wear a raincoat in 28 degrees. So, you need something that will fix them in place.

Kérastase’s new Laque Noire hair spray has a super strong hold that is totally brushable and fights humidity. Now, it’s not perfect when there is rain flying in your face, or on the dampest of days, but it really does a whole lot better than if you were without. I hate having a product-y feeling in my hair, but this hairspray can be generously sprayed on and you will still be able to run your comb through it and not get grossed out when you touch it. It’s almost even better when on the second day you already have some in your hair because it gives the bangs great texture and even more hold. This spray is also great for lightly misting the top of your head, where you might get the most flyaways–a little overspray gets over there when I’m misting my bangs and a quick juge with my fingers gives my freshly washed hair a bit of volume.


Remember that picture?

Right now, the beginning of summer, is the perfect time to go and scare yourself into wearing sunscreen forever and always.

The Vichy Skin Health Centre is back at the Eaton’s Centre this week up until Sunday, June 15th. Located just outside of Forever XXI are some friendly consultants, ready and waiting to provide you will a skin health analysis on your skin type, give you and up close and personal look at your epidermis, hydration levels and take a lovely picture of your UV damage (take notes as to where you are forgetting to apply ‘screen).

With Melanoma higher than ever right now in Canada, it is so important to be thinking about incorporating sunscreen into your daily routine.

So go and get analyzed, pick up some samples and buy yourself a bottle or two of Vichy’s amazing sunscreens.


As you know, I adore Klorane’s cult favourite dry shampoo (this post is definitely a throwback) for soaking up any oil and add volume to my hair on it’s second or third day. When I was sent a bunch of their hair care products, I was expecting the same great results, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have to say–I’m normally a bit of snob when it comes to hair care products (I’m normally one for salon brands), but these products really work and are great value for your money. Plus! You can rack up dem Optimum points while you’re at it.

Lucky for all of you, Klorane will be running pop-up counter at select Shoppers Drug Marts near you during the months of April and May. Visit them to receive a consultation and free samples and coupons–and if you buy 2 products, you’ll receive a travel-size dry shampoo!

Visit them at:

Fairview Mall: April 16, 17, 19
Toronto Eaton Centre: April 22-26 & May 7-10
Yorkdale: May 1-4

Below are a select few of my favourites, but definitely look into the rest of their ranges for what suits your hair best!

Volume and Texture
The flax line, made to give fine hair volume, really does what it says. The shampoo is really light and perfectly cleans the hair to create fluffy, natural volume. If you want to go a bit further, the weightless Leave-In Spray With Flax Fiber will definitely give you that extra oomph, no blow-drying required and no sticky residue.

Letting my hair dry naturally is great and all for it’s overall health, but curly hair just isn’t as sleek and shiny as straight hair. I was excited and a bit nervous to try out the Shine-Boosting Water (I thought it might make my hair greasy and weigh it down) but it wasn’t heavy at all and gave my hair a natural glisten to it. The Conditioning Balm is really very light, so I wouldn’t recommend this for dry hair, but does add extra lustre.

Oily Prone
My 14-year old sister Angela has hair that tends to get greasy quickly (teenage hormones) and this shampoo is helping to regulate the oil production. It’s ultra-gentle so it won’t strip the hair (and make you produce more oil).

Dry Hair
Along with having oily roots, Angela has long, curly hair with dry ends. The mask with desert date is perfect for repairing any damage and making the rough hair soft and silky. The leave-in cream is perfect for sealing in moisture on dry ends. I wouldn’t recommend this line for fine hair, but it definitely great for coarse, thick hair.


Did all you Torontonians go to the Vichy Skin Health Centre this weekend? If you didn’t have your world shaken with your own UV damage photo, then I am here to help.

One look at my photo tells you all you need to know about places you are forgetting to apply sunscreen. Since this is the first (relatively) warm, sunny day we’ve had in months, this is the perfect time to start thinking about sunscreen again (though you really should be wearing it all year round, anyways).

So, anyone who takes a look at my photo can see that the parts that have darker freckles are obviously the places I am missing when I’m slathering on my sunscreen.

1. Edges of the face: Especially near my temps and my jawline.
2. Eyelids: Suncreen bottles will always tell you not to apply near the eye area, so be sure to pick up on of those sticks
3. Ears: Nobody remembers the ears, I swear. At least I never do.
4. Lips: Mine don’t look too bad, but I definitely don’t think about it. Usually the eye sticks will work for the lip area as well.
5. Neck: I really need to up my game on this one if I don’t want a turkey neck by age 30.

Other bonus areas not shown in photo:

Top of Feet
Top of Hands (they say your hands show your true age!)
Armpits (kinda gross, I know)

Since I already apply SPF 50 every morning, this year my sunscreen resolution is to try and remember these forgotten areas and force myself to reapply every time I go for a walk outside at lunch and to reapply again when I walk to the train. I’m definitely going to look into those sunscreen powders, cause I’m not sure I’m going to want to apply that much cream to my face when it’s that hot.

Also: fun fact! When you’re purchasing your ‘screen this year, be sure to check that the formula is “broad spectrum” (it should protect against both UVA & UVB rays). If you’re missing one, there is still a whole bunch of sun damage hitting your skin.

There are some really great sunscreens out there now that don’t leave a greasy finish and are super lightweight (my personal fave is Kiehl’s). I’ve included some favourites below.



If you’re in the Toronto area, you should make it a priority to drop by Vichy’s pop-up Skin Health Centre. For your skin’s good.

Regardless of whether or not you think you know what your skin type is, prepare to be a bit shocked. A Vichy expert will conduct four tests on your skin: they’ll do a patch test for skin type, measure hydration levels, look at your skin through a microscope and the most shocking one of all, the photo damage test.

My skin type was sort of what I assumed it would be: dry combination. Except, since I moisturize frequently, I thought for sure my skin wouldn’t still be dehydrated. Well, it was pretty darn low at 23.5. That surprised me. Looking through a microscope at my skin even grossed me out a bit–you can see every hair, freckle, and patches of yellow (oil). Yuck.

But nothing could have prepared me for the photo damage test. This quick photo shows all of the years of sun damage underneath your skin that hasn’t come to the surface yet. Now–I am someone who has always been pretty good about sunscreen. I’ve been wearing SPF 50 everyday for a few years now and before that I would usually get around SPF 25 in my moisturizer.

The photo on the right shows mostly my freckles and apparently my skin wasn’t bad at all. But it still really shocked me. Look at the dark spots on my neck and around my eyes! Sunscreen is important, people!

After your analysis, your Vichy expert will send your skin prescription to you and provide you with samples of the products recommended. Make sure there is a sunscreen in there (Vichy makes really great sunscreens, FYI).

The Vichy Skin Health Centre will be at the Toronto Eaton Centre until Sunday, March 30th. It is located on the lower level right outside of Forever XXI. 5 lucky winners will win their prescribed skin care routine!


It’s no secret that the French know everything there is to know about skincare. They are world-renowned for their pharmacy brands (Avene, La Roche-Posay, Nuxe, the list goes on), and are known to be the leaders in the skincare innovation (see: the world’s first Epidermologist, Joelle Ciocco.

However, Biologique Recherche takes it to a whole other level. Their exclusive spa off the Champs-Elysées is in the little black book of every editor and make up artist around the world. Their treatments and products aren’t cheap either–they’re known as the Hermès of skincare for a reason. One woman from Town & Country magazine took part in their “Haute Couture” program, a personalized regimen that is updated every month by BR, that costs $12,500–the price of a Birkin.

You’ve heard me talk about their ultimate exfoliating toner, P50, here before. While being extremely hard to find (I had to convince BR’s American PR company to send me a bottle) and smelling of onions,  it is also very effective. Containing lactic acid and magnesium, P50 is the cornerstone of BR’s vast range of skincare products.

This past week, Biologique Recherche launched their brand in Canada. Their facial treatments are products will now be available across the country in Toronto, Montreal and Manitoba (and soon, Oakville) at select spas and plastic surgery clinics.

Paris Fashion Week Fix: The Biologique Recherche Facial - Vogue Daily - VogueLast week, I had the privilege of being invited for a BR facial along with an interview with two of the brand’s founders, Dr. Allouche and Pierre-Louis Delapalme. I was ushered into a treatment room at One to One Studio by the wonderful Ellis Holevas (National trainer for BR in Canada), and was told that Dr. Allouche himself would be doing my skincare consultation. I was immediately struck by the sheer volume of BR products lining the counter and shelves. So. many. options.

After Ellis cleansed my face, Dr. Allouche breezed in, the ever-charming Frenchman to take a look at my skin. I was either expecting to hear that my face was a total disaster (my skin is still purging from the new addition of Differin into my skincare routine), or that it was so-so. The reaction I received from the doctor was not at all what I was expecting.

“Bonjourrr Madame!”

After pressing my hand, he took a look at my skin.

“Are you pregnant?”


“But you are going to be pregnant soon? Or you just had a baby?”

“No! No!” (I’m slightly panicking now, does this man know something I don’t??)

“Well, OK, you have lots of hormonal breakouts then.” (This I could agree on).

“Well, the doctor just prescribed me retinol”, to which he immediately made a disapproving face. I asked him what was wrong with retinol. “Nothing, nothing. It is not the best, but if it works for you, keep using it”. Well…OK.

He looked to Ellis and rapidly lists off instructions in his French-inflected English of what she is to use on my skin–different masks, their “Soin Lissant” of course, a P50 toner, and to mix a mask with baking soda. I barely caught any of it, Ellis is a true pro.

After the usual cleanse and tone, Ellis proceeded with the Soin Lissant, starting on the right side of my face. It was the deepest and most thorough lymphatic and facial massage I have ever experience. Once she was done with my right side, she asked if I would like to take a look–and admittedly, I was a bit confused as to why I would want to see my face mid-facial–but when I looked in the mirror, it looked as if my cheekbones had been lifted and injected with filler. I kid you not. The right side of my face was noticeably fuller. It was so incredible.

She then applied a mask to the one-half of my face (Masque Vivant), and went to work sculpting the other half. She has the most miraculous hands–with expert fluttery movements of flicks and applied pressure, she was able to remodel my face as if it was made of clay. I don’t need to tell you that I will be massaging the crap out of my face now at home (even in my amateur fashion with fingers and my massage roller).

Then 2 additional masks were layered on top of each other, and she went to work massaging my arms. Pure heaven.

Once I came out of my massage coma, I was able to have my chance to meet with Dr. Allouche and Pierre-Louis. Unfortunately for me, the journalist in the time slot before me ate up most of my allotted time with them (I was only able to meet with them for 10 minutes, as opposed to 30).

“So tell me…what do you have against retinol?”. “No no, nothing, nothing, just it’s not the best but if it works for you, continue using it. But our method would work too, it might just take a little longer”, says Dr. Allouche. “We have seen the results from our tests in Thailand, the were extraordinary”, says Pierre-Louis, “they have terrible acne in Thailand, you know, all of the spicy foods, it creates inflammation”.

I had no idea about this. Note to self: cut down on chili flakes, salsa and hot sauce ASAP.

“Of course, all acne is different, I would not treat an adolescent’s acne the same way I would treat yours, but we could do it. With the P50 and regular visits en cabine (facials), we could do it”. I ask how often these visits would be. “Well, at first once a week, then once a month. The skin changes so often, you know, and it constantly needs to be assessed. This is why we do the “Skin Instant” before the treatment. We do a visual assessment of your face at that moment before it is treated in the cabine“, says Delapalme.

So, how often does the skin change then? “Hour to hour, day to day, this is why products and treatments need to be constantly reassessed. We would like if our clients could come in once a month to the cabine to have their skin reassessed.”

I mention that I noticed that there wasn’t any steaming or extractions during the facial. “No, no, it is too harsh on the skin. Using lasers and metal tools on the skin is like using a laser to cut butter, it’s unnecessary. The skin is so delicate”, says Delapalme. I also noticed that there were no scrubs included in their product catalog. “No, mechanical exfoliation is not needed for the face, we have a product with mechnical exfolation for the body, but not for the face. The P50 is enough”, says Delapalme.

Convinced to reincorporate BR into my skincare routine, I purchase a few of (the many) products that Dr. Allouche prescribed for me, the toner (the gentlest version, for now), of course, and a moisturizer that promises to rebalance sebum secretion (sounds gross). The two set me back nearly $200. “We want to be exclusive, we don’t want to be everywhere. We want to stay professional”, said Dr. Phillipe Allouche, one of the founders of Biologique Recherche. Well, you’re certainly top shelf skincare, that’s for sure.

Biologique Recherche facials and the entire product range is now available in select cities across Canada. In Ontario, you can find BR in Toronto at One to One Studio, and soon in Oakville at Briarwood Cosmetic Surgical Centre and at Heritage Way Medical Spa.

Update: I received more addresses from PR.

Montréal     La Chambre des Dames (514.248.0701)
Manitoba   Bren’s Skin Care (www.brensskincare.com)
Barrie         Femme Fatale (http://www.femmefatalespa.com)