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In preparation for the impending Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I’ve come up with three wishlists/looks for this Christmas. Since some sales have already started, in the left sidebar, I’ve started a list of sales going on, and I’ll be announcing more sales as I get knowledge of them.

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As you know, it’s all about pink for this spring. And the perfect transitional item from the gray, dreary days of winter to the cooler first days of Spring? A pink coat! First I saw Alexandra Golovanoff wearing one both in a video and in a streetstyle photo wearing one, and they’ve been cropping up all over fashion week, and finally, on the runway at Gucci. I want a pink coat! In the palest of pink blushes. Like, now.


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Mary-Kate and Ashley have really stepped up their game since their tween television stint– from their ‘New York cool girl’ outfits to their super-successful brand, Elizabeth and James, they’re it-girls by definition. I recently scrolled upon this goregous shot of one of the twins (not entirely sure which, however), sporting a nude lip that somehow didn’t look like 2007 Kim Kardashian but more along the lines of an editorial Daria Werbowy. And so, since simplicity seems to be very much in style at the moment, I’ve lined up three easy (and thrifty) ways to add some nude-attitude to your closet.

Matte Nude Lip

Using Topshop’s lip liner in Ceramiccolour and texture will give you the closest dupe of Mary-Kate’s (or Ashley, honestly who knows) lookline your lips and fill in– and though it’s nude, be precise, and don’t be afraid to add some definition to your top lip. Blot, then repeat to get a strong colour.

Satin Nude Lip

For a more subtle take on the look, these products will give you a pinkier, sheerer finish. Start with Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Pink Punch, then smack your lips to disperse the bubblegum tint (this stuff is surprisingly really pigmented, so be careful). Then using Maybelline’s Colour Sensational lipstick in Storm Sahara (this one isn’t too brown), apply by dabbing the bullet to your pout– this version feels really nice on the lips and keeps them moisturized.

Nude Nails

If your opposed to trying a flesh-toned lip, or love a good versatile polish colour, this is your best bet. Essie’s Sand Tropez is one of my favourite nude shades– it’s opaque, unlike many promisingly “nude” shades that give me barely there colour, and is a very chic colour that would look amazing on any skin tone. Two coats give a even, subtle nude touch, and is a perfect winter to spring transition colour.

–Anna Raponi



Highlighter is an easy way to make your makeup look more natural and gives an instant glow to your skin that totally gives the impression that you have a glowing complexion (and with a little contouring, great bone structure).

A dabbing of Beauty Flash Balm onto the tops of the cheeks and under the brow after you’ve done your face (or just on bare skin) will add that dewiness looks maybe like you’ve just got back from yoga. It’s also probably the sheerest of the bunch, however it does have a sticky texture and would work best on dry to normal skin types. If you’re opting to wear foundation (and concealer, and corrector, etc…), you’re better off using Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector before hand. One of Lisa Eldridge’s favourites, it gives you that underlying sheen you want minus the sparkles and, well, the obviousness. A thin layer under under some liquid or cream base products one the cheekbones, browbones and bridge of the nose will give you that natural glow.

High Beam is mega-famous for it’s handy liquid formula and it’s not-so-subtle results (not a bad thing though!). This one’s great as long as you really blend it (especially if you’re wearing other face products) and avoid layering with powder products–liquids and creams will blend beautifully with this one. For an obvious highlight, this one’s your best bet. Amanda will sometimes mix a few drops of this liquid light into her foundation for a fresh, bright look.

A recent find, Giorgio Armani’s Eccentrico is the perfect all-in-one cheek colour. The four different shades make the perfect flush, complemented by the iridescent white will make your cheeks glow, literally. I love powder highlighters for my oily skin–when you’ve set your foundation with powder, any liquid highlighter you applied prior kind of loses it’s lustre. And for a cheap winner, Topshop’s Highlighter in Crescent Moon is one of my favourites. It’s got the wow factor of High Beam except it’s more opalescent than iridescent.

Shall we get glowing?

–Anna Raponi


Just in case the hundreds of ‘Christmas Inspired Makeup!!!!’ tutorials (usually involving silver sparkles of some sort and/or red lipstick, gosh this is getting old) haven’t reminded you, it’s the holiday season and wether you like it or not, you will most likely be attending parties that will involve people expecting you to dress up and look cheery.
Now, I love Christmas. Usually I’m that annoying girl who get’s excited halfway through October and puts up the decor November 1st. But this year, I’m just not feelin’ it anymore. The shopping, these said ‘parties’, oh and the coincidental exams right around this time of year, it’s all too stressful and it’s lost its magic. What was I getting at here…oh yes, despite all this you still got to look bangin’. I mean, you’re gonna be seeing friends and family that you may not see very often. And while I’m sure there will be many posts coming giving you the 411 on a candy-cane pout and glitter (everywhere!!), I think it’s about time we went back to basics–bold brows that last. Who ever said that brows can’t be exciting!! I mean, how great does a perfect red lip look with just a little mascara and strong arched brows?
So I played around with the contents of my makeup collection, looking for the longest lasting, most effective and easiest to apply option. Eyeliner! Strong colour payoff, long wearing, and with this technique, you can’t really screw up. Pick a liner that is similarly coloured to your brow hair–taupe for blonde and redheads, brown for brunettes, and black or dark brown for black hair. Draw some onto the back of your hand, warming it up a little. Now dip your angled brush into the colour on the back of your hand, brushing it around to work off a little bit of the pigment and get in there! Avoid too much pigment at the very insides of your brows (you may end up with a near-unibrow), accentuate that arch, and maybe even extend the ends just a tad for some extra drama. Once you’re happy with your creation, spray some hairspray onto your spoolie, then brush your brows into place–I like brushing up, then outwards for my biggest brows). Now literally highlight your masterpieces with highlighter, right under the arches of your brows. When the light hits your face, the highlighter will make your arches appear just that bit higher and give your face more definition. They brows won’t budge and are party-ready (even if you aren’t).

–Anna Raponi



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Last week, the temperature dropped to about 18 and it had everyone freaking out about the ‘Fall weather’ (Where was summer going??, etc.). I, instead, decided to whip out my comfy (and more flattering) autumn wardrobe, and get cozy. Oh, how I had missed my sweaters. While the weather has now gone back to normal, I’ve been mixing my knits with my summer staples (ie shorts, skirts, on top of dresses, etc.). Most look great over-sized, and hide any, ahem, areas that you may not be so proud of. You can’t tease me, Fall. Now, I’m just holding out until sweater weather is actually here (!!!).

From left to right, clockwise: Knitted Panther Spot Jumper from Topshop, ‘Femme Paris’ Design Knitted Jumper from Maison Scotch, Knitted Bear Emblem Jumper from Topshop, Super Long Fluffy Coatigan from ASOS, Fisherman’s Jumper from American Apparel, Big Pocket Cardigan from ASOS.


–Anna Raponi