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I learned the art of the air dry and started hoarding vitamins. Plus I’m using an excellent serum.

So, ok. I don’t know if it was stress or hormonal changes or what, but last year, I started noticing my hair was getting thinner. Not the actual strands, but just the amount of hair that I had was definitely…less. Yes, I was blowdrying my hair, but only 2 or 3 times a week. I kept thinking, oh, it will grow back, it will be fine…but it didn’t and it wasn’t. So, I took matters into my own hands this December. I got rid of my layers and got a blunt cut (to make my hair appear thicker at the ends, instead of see-through layers). I picked up every supplement I could. I started taking Silica, Omega Fish Oils, Pre Natal vitamins (no, I’m not preggo/planning to get preggo), Vitamin D, Calcium, and Evening Primrose oil in addition to my usual Probiotics. My husband was pretty confused as to why I had bought a ton of stuff from Noah’s Natural Foods, but whatever. I wanted my hair back! Why was I taking these:

  • Silica-good for collagen stimulation, and hair and nail growth. Get the gel, not the tablets.
  • Biotin-good for hair growth
  • Omega oils-good for skin and hair
  • Pre Natal vitamins-good for hair, nails and it is a good source of iron. Taking iron supplements on their own can be pretty hard on your stomach, so this is a good way to work it in.
  • Vitamin D & Calcium- taken in tandem, good for bones
  • Evening Primrose Oil-I had heard that this could help control hormonal breakouts

And you know what? My hair is back. Not too 100% of where it was, but all those little hairs around my face are getting longer, hair at the front of my head and and the base of my neck is thicker than ever. Once the hairs match up with the full-length of my hair, it will be wonderful. Now–I have also tried to avoid heat styling as much as possible in my hair rehab experiment. I have embraced the air dry and have learned how to best deal with my natural hair texture, and I actually have learned to love it. No matter how hard you try to get your hair to grow, if you’re burning and frying it everyday, it will never be long and lustrous. If you do need to heat style, then be sure to use heat protective products (I really like Kerastase’s shampoo and (unfortunately) discontinued mousse). In addition to supplements, my other saviour has been Kerastase’s Initialiste serum. I don’t think it’s supposed to make your hair grow per se, but it makes it stronger, that’s for sure. I apply it after showering to the baby hairs around my face, and then make a few different parts along the top and sides of my scalp and massage in a few drops. If I apply it to my baby hairs, and then comb them back and allow them to air dry, the hairs stay back. This for me, is groundbreaking. They don’t get as curly and they are smoother and feel thicker. By strengthening the regrowth, it gives them a chance to grow instead of just breaking. Also: I recent read about how doing yoga inversions for 4 minutes a day can make your hair grow longer in a week. I started my experiment last night and will keep you updated.