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Every summer, when it gets really hot, my usual small cluster of bacne starts to act up, and suddenly I have a whole row of comedones and bumps across my shoulders.  Continue reading THE BODY SHOP // TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING FACIAL WASH


And finally, my third resolution: getting my skin in shape! Hula hoop not included. No, I mean getting my skin as clear as I possibly can. This is sounding super obsessive, but I mean, like, skin is a huge part of self-confidence, at least to me. This kind of came about during the Christmas break, when I’m not so keen on putting on a ton of makeup just to lay around the house. I noticed about a week of minimal makeup that my face was looking way clearer. And come an event in which I had to finally make myself up, I realized just how obvious it was that I had face makeup on. I didn’t look like skin. It looked like makeup, and that annoyed me because my skin under it all was actually looking alright yet I was covering it up. While I can no longer lay around without makeup (school, ugh), I’ve promised to take better care of my skin. And with this resolution, I’ve opted to wear light, light coverage foundation. It’s scarier having less on, I won’t lie, but it’s better for your skin and it’s way less obvious. So let’s get into it already!

I go for Jet Peel treatments every month, as I have been doing for about four months now. Amanda’s praised these before– they essentially clear out your pores, which has benefits for EVERY single skin type. On my acne-prone oily skin, I’ve seen less discolouration and less frequent breakouts. My facialist recommended that I start IPL Photofacials along with the Jet Peels, which I start this weekend. They promise a multitude of results and also speak to many skin concerns as well– my main aim is to get rid of old acne scars and prevent future acne. It’s not a cheap monthly visit, no, but the results are obvious.

Even fancy treatments won’t work if you don’t put in your own effort. I wash twice a day, always, and I follow up with toners, serums, moisturizers, the whole she-bang. I should really do masks more often but considering I always do them right after I wash off my makeup, I’m always to tired and, well, they don’t get done. So moral of the story, with this new years resolution comes the promise to do at least one mask a week–my favourites right now are Boscia’s White Mask, The Body Shop’s Blue Corn Mask, Éminence Clear Skin Mask and the Murad Blackhead Remover. After a mask, I always follow up with Lancôme’s Généfique Serum, just because I feel like it replenishes my skin after a strong mask.

As for makeup, I’ve ditched my beloved MUFE Velvet Mat and opted for Hourglass’ Immaculate foundation. It’s super light coverage, it feels amazing on my skin (you’d think it’s a primer-foundation hybrid) and most importantly, my skin looks like skin when it’s on. For any remaining spots that need covering, I use my Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. Now, I’m aware that this concealer is like the highest coverage concealer in the universe, like industrial strength, but hear me out. I put like a tiny, tiny dot of it on the back of my hand, then I dip my finger in a just a bit of it, then start dabbing it on my hand to get it all off. Then I dab another finger into the dabbed concealer, and only then do I apply it to my face. And I’m sure you’re wondering what the fuck was the point of all that. Well I’ve got some really, really dark acne scars and they’re a pain in the ass to cover. By only using a really thin layer of the product (which I get by said process), I get only the coverage and not so much the thick texture that I think gives that cakey look. Less makeup means better skin and well, it just looks like less makeup.

–Anna Raponi


For me, there is nothing worse than going to bed cold. If I slip into freezing cold sheets, it is so hard for me to warm up, and if I don’t warm up, then I can’t fall asleep. I don’t know if it’s poor circulation, or I’m a lizard, or what, but my feet are persistently ice blocks.

And with stupid Winter just getting colder every single day and laughing in my face as I try not to slip on the ice while walking to work dressed up as the Michelin man, I am almost constantly cold. We don’t control the heating in our apartment, so it is not uncommon for me to be wrapped in a blanket. On Christmas morning, I opened my presents wrapped up like the Grandma that I am (on the inside).

Exhibit A

So! To try to combat the icy chill and dark morning and nights (this, really, is why I am vampire pale), I have taken up bathing (among other spa activities). Ok, I bathed before in a shower (obviously, I hope), but now I am bathing…in a bathtub. With very hot water and a mixture of potions.

Here is my recipe for making yourself so ridiculously internally warm and half-awake.

Clean bathtub + hot water + bath pillow + sweet almond oil + Epsom Salts + 4-8 drops of Essential Oil

As for which essential oil you choose, it really is personal preference. I basically just went to Whole Foods one night and smelled like 40 little vials until I found one that I liked and wasn’t ridiculously expensive (of course the one I liked most was $40). But, I really do enjoy the one that I bought (Sleep Well from The Aromatherapist), it’s a nice mix of Lavender, Sandalwood, Bitter Orange and Ravintsara that is really relaxing and not overpowering.

If I’m feeling extra fancy/if I am alone in the apartment, I will even shut all the lights off, light a scented candle, and light a few tea lights in my bathroom. Or, I don’t want to get too sleepy, then I’ll grab my Kindle (currently reading The Goldfinch: it is excellent so far) and pray that I don’t drop it in the bathtub and electrocute myself.

If you can add a skin-scrubbing hemp mitt to that, you will exit the bathtub as a new, hot blooded, silky smooth and soft woman. I then spray myself down with some rosewater spray (to smell like a princess) and then, if I really wanna cook like a chicken all night, then I’ll slather on some more almond oil or thick body lotion (my skin is insufferably dry in the winter) to finish and then I’ll wrap myself in a fleecy robe, go sit on the couch, and watch TV like a warm, nice-smelling, sleepy zombie. Sometimes, I’ll step up the zombie-brain with a cup of sleepytime tea.

Wanna go that extra mile to Cloud 9? Apply Aveda’s Stress Relief Rollerball to inner wrists and behind ears.


I LOVE CANDLES, but my mom goes sorta crazy watching the flame flicker–her paranoia more or less defeats the purpose of the relaxing effect. And while I still love burning them out of her sight, I hate buying myself candles… most likely because the ones I like cost around a third of my paycheque (I’m a teenager, okay). So lucky for me I was gifted this room mist in a Secret Santa recently because it is AH-MAZING. It’s main notes revolve around vanilla, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not that cheap vanilla scent that you remember from your Lip Smackers, no. It’s the most beautiful tropical vanilla scent you will ever smell, trust me, and the scent lingers for about half an hour! Considering I don’t have to worry about blowing out a candle before bed (I have forgotten time to time) and I can avoid my mother’s pestering, AND it’s like the cost of three Starbucks trips, so this one is a winner. And seeing as The Body Shop carries an entire body line with this scent, I guess I’ll just have to go try those out too.

–Anna Raponi


A few little things that any women would love to put to use.
Lush Bath Bombs & Mini Shower Gels: Lush is famous for their quirky bath and body products– bars of shampoo, the Sex Bomb and Henna hair dyes. All of their products stand by their ethical philosophy, meaning no animal testing, fresh ingredients, environmentally friendly production and packaging and donations to LUSH FunD and Charity Pot.That being said, everything from Lush smells amazing, seriously. A baby shower gel or a bath bomb is the perfect stocking stuffer, because come on, who wouldn’t love to take a nice bath? Ponche, the shower gel I’ve been trying out, literally contains a shot of tequila to wake you right up. Rose Jam, the body wash Amanda was trying out, smells like what rose macarons taste like in Paris. Oh, also, their bath bombs look super cool as they fizz up into the water, and usually leave the water a pretty colour. The Golden Wonder is especially cool as it goes through several evolutions, with the end results being a bluish mermaid-coloured water rippled with scented oils, gold shimmer and little golden stars. Simply magical.
The Body Shop Mini Hand Creams: The perfect safe present for the woman in your life (let’s say, in-laws, teachers, friends–but not quite best friends, you catch my drift) whom you aren’t entirely sure on what to get. Everyone needs hand cream!! These holiday scents aren’t too sweet and nourish deep enough to counteract Jack Frost’s jackass temperatures. Cranberry Joy smells amazing, like I’m addicted. My friend loves Ginger Sparkle, and steals some every time she’s over.
Rococco Nail Polishes: At first I was thinking that these would be more suitable for a younger audience, but I’m reconsidering. I mean grey and black are great staple shades that I think most women can pull off. But I ain’t saying that these Rococco polishes are boring. These two in particular are from their Molten Lava: Lost in Space winter collection, basically the coolest thing in the world (or should I say out of this world? HA). Bad Robot is a frosty silvery/ grey shade that has super finely-milled sparkles that reflect the colours like that of spilled oil that you see in parking lots (that just might be the most awful description I’ve ever given a product). But in a good way! It’s like mega iridescent, and when held up to the light, it’s honestly breathtaking. Space Invader your classic black gone sci-fi, with tiny flecks of silver sparkles. Both are hella long lasting and their ultra thin formula is nearly impossible to pick off when you’re nervous/bored (this was a huge thumbs up for me).
–Anna Raponi


I’d like to make sure that everyone has seen the film Kicking and Screaming before I start, firstly because it’s hilarious and secondly so that you understand the title of this post.
Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk hemp. This stuff smells like old people, and it has a bit of a questionable rep on the screen (I’m just thinking of Dwight’s teen neighbour who steals his hemp to smoke it). All jokes aside, you’ve got to get your hands on this plant, or rather some products containing it. Specifically hand cream. My hands are gnarly at this time of year–the cold air, the constant hand washing (for work, I don’t have OCD…at least I don’t think), and my naturally rough cuticles (I also rarely get manicures because I can’t wear polish very often). So, I need some serious help to say the least.
I remember my mom going through tubes of this super thick salve as a kid, and mother knows best, right? I picked up a tube of my own and it has literally been my saviour–I use some every night before bed, that way all the oils can fully soak in without driving me crazy. As I said before, the smell is unpleasant but doesn’t last, and it’s quite greasy at first (it dries nicely), but this is totally why it’s so effective! Little did I know that this lifesaver came in the more concentrated form of an oil, which I was also lucky enough to get my hands on. You can use this stuff solo or mix in with your hand protector. This oil is also great for really dry areas that need intense repair and hydration, like your elbows and knees. When all else fails, this line from The Body Shop is my go-to hand rehab.
–Anna Raponi