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Summer is going to be here before we know it! Time stock up on essentials now so when beach/cottage weather arrives, we are well prepped. Continue reading SUMMER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS


Flicked liner is an acquired skill that you’ll only improve at with time and practice. And even for the pros, a few (of like twenty…) Bioderma-soaked Q-tips are a necessity to keep on hand for every application. I’ve streamlined my method into three easy steps, hopefully offering any rookies or even regular wearers some helpful advice for this intimidating endeavour.

Step One

stilaWith your pen, draw an approximately 1.5 cm line in continuation with your bottom lash line, moving outwards, aiming for the very, very point of the ideal end of your brow. Keep the line as thin as possible, cleaning up with your handy-dandy Q-tips if necessary.


Step Two

Line your upper lash line as per usual, going as far into the corners as is most flattering for your face (I typically like to go right into my inner corner. Keep this line thin as well, hugging very closely to the lash line. Smooth out any bumps with your Q-tips.


Step Three

Using the very tip of your liner pen, make a smooth line connecting from a quarters way out from your lash line to about halfway through your flick. Fill in any spaces inside the triangle you’ve just created.

Use the Q-tip to sharpen the final line.


flick final
I’ve tried any and every liner that’s been recommended my way for a feline flick, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Stila’s liquid pen is always my best bet, and probably most of yours. I’ll break it down easy for you; It’s very black. It’s tip is super precise to get right into the roots of your lash line, inner-corners, and to the very thin flick of your cat-eye. It doesn’t wear off throughout the day, even on the oiliest of eye-lids. It never clumps. The pen doesn’t dry out after like three uses. The formula is thin and satiny. An easy winner for me.


Spring isn’t looking like it’s coming anytime soon, but my mind is already dreaming of April showers and sunny days. Orange lips, a look worn on quite a few runways this upcoming season, is an easy way to transition into your lighter spring wardrobe while brightening up your look. I figured that matte orange lips can verge on looking too costume-y and, let’s face it, they’re not very comfortable to wear. That’s why I went for a balmy texture—Stila’s Colour Balm Lipstick feels moisturizing on the lips while giving major pigmentation, no lip liner required.
As always, perfecting your complexion will compliment your bold pout—I used a light foundation and a reflective under eye concealer to keep this look fresh. For such a strong orange lip, it’s important to give back some colour to the rest of the face so you look alive—I used bronzer where the sun would naturally graze, a bubble gum pink blush (albeit with a light hand) and a cream highlighter on the tops on my cheekbones.
I think a full brow keeps this look youthful, but avoid filling them in too much to keep the attention on the lips. As for the eyes, I thought a lashy look would look beautiful and still casual. Using a liquid liner pen, I did a thin cat eye, followed by a few coats of mascara to the lashes.
And now for the finale. There’s actually nothing too it will this product. I applied straight from the bullet— there’s no prep involved since this is a balm. Blot. And repeat.


 photo photo2-21_zps02f89c88.jpg

When we met the Canadian fashion blogger twins at the Clarisonic Aria event this past December at the newly renovated beauty floor at the Bay, we couldn’t get over how nice, friendly and funny they were (when we took a photo with them, they said that they couldn’t stand beside each other because they looked too similar). We chatted with them about pale skin problems and their all-time favourite beauty products (of course). 

Here’s what the super cute fashion queens use to get their signature look: porcelain skin, a bold cat eye and a bright lip.
From Cailli:
“I love the Givenchy Matte because it’s super light for my vampire skin town and is not shiny. It’s super matte. Also, I love Chanel sparkle pots because they are super glittery and look amazing on! NARS eyebrow gel has a really good hold and I love the color. And the bad gal Riri collection for MAC was epic. I love the eyeshadows because the tones are sooo perfect and it comes in an easy palette to use!
To get our signature look we also use:
NARS Dragon Girl lipstick, MAC Studio Fix powder, Chanel liquid eyeliner, Stila lipsticks, NARS Laguna bronzer for cheeks, l’Oréal mascara and Chanel face products with our Clarisonic Aria.”



When I was younger, I used to love colourful eyeshadow, and would impulsively buy it and rarely use it. Luckily for me, I still had teal and purple shadows lying around for this challenge.
This tutorial can create either a dreamy, colourful look, or more of an edgier look. It can be used with any colour combination really, I just happened to have these colours already. I think it would look really great with blue/green or purple/blue combos as well.
You want to start with a perfect base, so as not to distract from the eyeshadow. I perfected my complexion with Diorshow’s Airflash Foundation.
With a stiff, flat brush, apply MAC eyeshadow in Satellite Dreams to your eyelid. You don’t need to cover the whole thing, just be sure to concentrate the colour along the upper lash line. Then starting from the inner corner, apply a MAC’s Steamy along the lower lash line. When you reach the edge of the eye, create a diagonal line with the eyeshadow to form a cat-eye. Connect the eyeshadow to where the purple shade on your eyelid ends. Blend the edges of the cat-eye with a cotton swab to soften the line.
You can stop here if you want a dreamier look, apply mascara and you’re done.
If you want to kick it up a notch, grab some black eyeliner and trace along your tight-line and water-line, including the tear duct. Finish it off with some mascara.
You can to keep your lips and cheeks fairly muted with such bright colours going on. I applied only a touch of Nars’ Orgasm to my cheeks, and the subdued Rouge Coco lipstick in Mademoiselle.

Taken from this week’s FASHION Magazine Beauty Panel challenge.