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I’ve never been the type to always wear a lip– lipsticks and lipglosses just don’t stick around and, well, I just feel like I’ve never found THAT colour, you know, the one that just works for me. Little did I know, that on a regular stroll through Shoppers Drug Mart last Saturday, I would find that product– Revlon’s Balm Stain pencils. These things are just as easy to apply as a Nars pencil, and cost about a third of the price. I tried out the shade Smitten, a berry pink that, to my surprise, seems to go with everything I wear. And I mean it. I’ve literally worn this same shade all week. The colour is much more potent than I thought a ‘stain’ would ever be, it’s almost like a lipstick, but with a thinner formula (how fabulous does that sound in this summer heat?). It lasts a good four hours, which is the longest I think any lip product has EVER lasted for me. And the best part of a lip stain? It doesn’t move, I promise you. Your little sister won’t have to quietly inform you of the lipstick on your teeth (phew). The application is a breeze, and the convenient pencil can be carried around solo in the bottom of your purse. As for hydration, I think this product needs a little help– I usually apply a balm prior to berry-fying my lips. Also, it has a slight minty taste (which I think makes this product “Kissable”), which I quite like, rather than a sugary taste. This stain pencil has earned itself a starring role in my makeup bag, and, well, in my heart.

–Anna Raponi