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We could probably say that Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray was one of the most revolutionary hair products of the last five years, and spawned countless copycats from Bumble and Bumble to Rusk to AG. Continue reading SHU UEMERA // TEXTURE WAVE


The old faithfuls of Anna’s makeup bag

Mascara never goes on unless my lashes are curled. If I’m going to the gym, usually bare faced, I always curl my eyelashes before jetting off. It makes you look five times more awake and literally like you have five times more lashes than you actually do. And I don’t care what every single makeup artist warns, a quick curl over finished eye makeup, say, after a day of school, is an instant pick-me-up to your face (and I hate to say it, but the dried mascara holds a curl SO MUCH BETTER. Just be super careful).
I’ve tried a few different curlers, and having had some that have literally pulled out half of my lash count (*cringes*), I only have one curler in my life. Shu Uemura is infamous for their lash curlers– made for asian eye shapes, they really catch every lash and curl WITHOUT PULLING. I repeat, WITHOUT PULLING.
Back in the day, when I didn’t know the difference between pink and yellow undertones, I was convinced that the reason I had a line of makeup along my jawline was not in fact the wrong shade of foundation, but instead that I wasn’t blending it well enough. And while both probably needed some work, I found a brush that I still use, like, every single day. The Sephora #56 brush is a buffing brush, so you can use it to apply liquid or cream foundations, tinted moisturizers and concealers, which was what I originally used it for. Nowadays, I do all that jazz with my fingers, then do a one-over with the 56 to make sure everything all blended and not, like, sitting on top of my skin. Because we all know how attractive that is.
I’m not gonna get started on oily skin here, because, well, I’ve pretty much summed up how annoying it is in about every single article I’ve ever written. But something that I’ve learned is that every skin type produces oil (or sweat) in some way or another, especially when wearing makeup. Boscia’s Blotting Papers are more or less my one true love in life, always there to make me look better, feel better, even sharing their superpowers with my friends. Who needs men??
Not trying to brag or anything, but I usually have pretty soft lips. Like, I always put on lip balm but I know very well that I don’t really need it. Then, all hell broke loose when the temperature up here in CANADA dipped to like -1000 (that’s in Celsius, so like WAY more cold than you even thought) and my lips really felt it. They were dry at the corners and the skin was peeling and it was a disaster that I had never seen on myself before. But thank god for my trusty Rosebud Salve! I bought a tin back when it was super trendy and loved it immediately because of the thick viscosity and the natural-looking red stain it left. But this stuff’s not just a pretty face, it’s been my saviour since my lips checked into rehab for being a hot mess.
— Anna Raponi


After seeing Amanda’s acne-free, clear complexion, I was eager to try out her new, slightly intense cleansing routine. Basically,you get your water as hot as you can (like burning your hands hot), and soak your face towel. Once you’ve lathered up your product (as I will get to momentarily), cover your face with the hot towel. Take three deep breaths. Relax. Find your inner zen. Then, rinse the towel, and repeat twice more. Finish off by either a) rinsing the remaining product with cold water, or b) rinse towel, scrub your face, then rinse the towel once more with cold water and apply to your face.
I usually look forward to washing my face at night– I mean my makeup usually feels pretty gross by then, plus I cringe at the thought of all the dirt that ends up of my face from just the air and my hands. Nonetheless, whether you wear makeup or not, cleansing before bed is SO important for clear, healthy skin. I use a makeup removing wipe on my cheeks, chin and forehead (only avoiding my eyes, they just sting too much) to get the majority of the product off. Then, I get any remaining foundation/concealer with coconut oil, lathering my face and neck for around 30 seconds (thanks for the idea, Joanna). And I know you’re probably thinking, like why would I want to spread oil on my face, that’s just asking for breakouts, well let me set the record straight. I have extremely oily (I mean it), acne-prone skin, and using coconut oil has not made me 1. breakout nor 2. made my skin more oily (heaven forbid). Plus, it’s like ah-mazing for your skin (along with these other oils). I’d like to think of it as like my all-natural (and much cheaper) dupe for those covet-worthy Shu Uemuera cleansing oils. I take it all off with the routine I listed above, ending off with option b. Now, you may think we’re done, but this is why I say this routine is slightly intense. I then wash my newly open pores with this Avene cleanser, going at it for around 45 seconds to a minute, rinsing with cold water. As you can imagine, I sleep well knowing my face is squeaky clean.
7 a.m. Wake up, turn on my tunes, dance around while laughing with my friends, this is a typical monday morning in my house. No. This is not a Clean and Clear commercial. No matter how long I’ve slept, the ring of my alarm pisses me off every morning. I trudge over to the sink and get the show on the road. With the same Avene cleanser, I get bubbly for around 45 seconds to a minute (still pretty angry that I’m awake and have to go to school). This is where I shake off my tired trance and, well, actually wake up. I follow the procedure I mentioned above, finishing with the a method (rinsing with cold water). I find scrubbing of any sorts leaves my skin quite red– not ideal for applying makeup.
Since following this deep cleansing routine, my skin has felt noticeably softer and while I am not acne-free (unlike lucky Amanda), I am not breaking out as much. Hey, I’ll take what I can get.
–Anna Raponi