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My love for l’Occitane shower products is well known on this website–the Almond Supple Skin Oil smells juicy and I own about 3 of their Shea Butter travel sets thanks to Christmas gifts (not complaining). Continue reading L’OCCITANE // BONNE MÈRE LEMON SHOWER GEL


IT’S REALLY NO SURPRISE that Lush has managed to make yet another range of bath and body products that smell amazing and have you wanting to hop right in the bath as soon as you’ve got your hands on them. And their Valentine’s Day collection is no exception–everything smells like heaven and looks like it’s straight out of a Prada Candy ad.

The standout product in the line is in no doubt the shower gel, Prince Charming, which literally smells so good that I’d probably choose it over an actual Prince Charming. The marshmallow and vanilla scents take me back to the coveted lip glosses I owned as a third grader, but the pomegranate keeps it sophisticated and fresh.
The Kiss is your go-to balm pre-makeout–tastes like oranges, makes lips supple, has the shine, but not the tackiness of a lipgloss, and leaves a bubblegum pink stain. The texture is also really light and not goopy, so it’s rather pleasant to apply and goes on thin.
While I still don’t entirely get the point of bath bombs, I can’t deny that the small explosion of vibrant pigments and water ‘decor’ brings out my inner pyromanic and, ya, it’s fun to watch. The Love Locket is like huge. Which had me super excited to see what this one would do when I dunked it into the hot bath. Sadly, with a little research, it’s actually good for three baths–which yes, means no crazy huge bath bomb extravaganza, but indeed, more colourful baths. Supposedly some spectacular surprise emerges from the yellow core, which I have not yet got to witness (hopefully it is a coupon for said Prince Charming). Will keep you updated on my bathing.
Update: Wasted the entire bath bomb in one go (hence lack of Love Locket in picture), however this one’s beautiful–little confetti hearts and rose-coloured water, also super moisturizing. The locket turned into three big hearts then fizzed away WHICH I’m assuming is the big surprise. Sorry for spoiling.
And to make your extravagant bath spectacle even more festive, the Neon Love soap is lovely. The fragrance is a bit more elegant than those of the rest of the line, but the bar is equally girly. The range, of course, is limited edition, so get pampering ASAP before V-Day rolls around–the sheer use of these products is the extent of my celebrations for the holiday, and I’m pretty content with that.
–Anna Raponi


You know those awkward Secret Santa’s where you have to buy something for someone you barely know? Cowshed has the solution for the awkward Secret Santa’s of any price range, with their holiday gift sets starting at $16 and all the way up to $64. I mean, who doesn’t love some great smelling bath and body products? Not to mention that these products are natural, and don’t contain any bad stuff (so it also works for your all-organic, vegan, yoga-loving friend). The formulations contain high ratios of high quality essential oil giving them a therapeutic quality (and also makes them smell amazing).

It doesn’t have to be near strangers that receive their sets, they would work perfectly for any girl or guy–they also carry a men’s line, and my husband really likes the Lazy Cow range.

This particular set, containing the Grumpy Cow scrub, Gorgeous Cow (the prettiest rose scent) shower gel and Lazy Cow body lotion and retails for $38.00.


A few little things that any women would love to put to use.
Lush Bath Bombs & Mini Shower Gels: Lush is famous for their quirky bath and body products– bars of shampoo, the Sex Bomb and Henna hair dyes. All of their products stand by their ethical philosophy, meaning no animal testing, fresh ingredients, environmentally friendly production and packaging and donations to LUSH FunD and Charity Pot.That being said, everything from Lush smells amazing, seriously. A baby shower gel or a bath bomb is the perfect stocking stuffer, because come on, who wouldn’t love to take a nice bath? Ponche, the shower gel I’ve been trying out, literally contains a shot of tequila to wake you right up. Rose Jam, the body wash Amanda was trying out, smells like what rose macarons taste like in Paris. Oh, also, their bath bombs look super cool as they fizz up into the water, and usually leave the water a pretty colour. The Golden Wonder is especially cool as it goes through several evolutions, with the end results being a bluish mermaid-coloured water rippled with scented oils, gold shimmer and little golden stars. Simply magical.
The Body Shop Mini Hand Creams: The perfect safe present for the woman in your life (let’s say, in-laws, teachers, friends–but not quite best friends, you catch my drift) whom you aren’t entirely sure on what to get. Everyone needs hand cream!! These holiday scents aren’t too sweet and nourish deep enough to counteract Jack Frost’s jackass temperatures. Cranberry Joy smells amazing, like I’m addicted. My friend loves Ginger Sparkle, and steals some every time she’s over.
Rococco Nail Polishes: At first I was thinking that these would be more suitable for a younger audience, but I’m reconsidering. I mean grey and black are great staple shades that I think most women can pull off. But I ain’t saying that these Rococco polishes are boring. These two in particular are from their Molten Lava: Lost in Space winter collection, basically the coolest thing in the world (or should I say out of this world? HA). Bad Robot is a frosty silvery/ grey shade that has super finely-milled sparkles that reflect the colours like that of spilled oil that you see in parking lots (that just might be the most awful description I’ve ever given a product). But in a good way! It’s like mega iridescent, and when held up to the light, it’s honestly breathtaking. Space Invader your classic black gone sci-fi, with tiny flecks of silver sparkles. Both are hella long lasting and their ultra thin formula is nearly impossible to pick off when you’re nervous/bored (this was a huge thumbs up for me).
–Anna Raponi


Admittedly, I had never heard of Cowshed before trying out these products before. They sounded a bit farm-y, so I was unsure of what to expect at all.

When I received these, I was immediately curious what these products would smell like. Milk? Dairy? Not at all (thank goodness, I hate yogurt). Cowshed is a British company, inspired by the English Garden. Their products are all-natural, homeopathic, never tested on animals, and the ingredients come from sustainable resources (which is important to a lot of you). The garden influence really comes through in both of these products–they both have wonderfully herb-y smells, perfect for both men and women (Jordan really likes these as well).

Normally, I always have Aveeno’s lavender body wash (aka Positively Nourishing Calming Body wash) in the shower. But really, that isn’t truly representative of what lavender actually smells like. It’s what pretty lavender would smell like–but since body wash isn’t something that I normally care about and Aveeno is cheap, it works for me.

This body wash is something else though. It is made with a bunch of essential oils–jasmine, chamomile and sandalwood–which are super aromatic and really relax you, which refers to their name ‘lazy cow’ (I appreciate their playful names–other product lines include grumpy cow, knackered cow, horny cow, etc.). Apparently, from my past body wash choices, I look for de-stressing and calming qualities, and I swear, a deep whiff of this as I’m showering, and I’m quickly ready to go to sleep. This body wash is definitely an upgrade from the Aveeno, and it leaves a clean, but not dry or tight feeling.

The ‘moody cow’ bath and body oil can be used a few different ways–pour a few drops into a bath, apply after a shower to damp skin to hydrate or use it as a massage oil (I even used it on Jordan’s sore neck one night). This product is also quite aromatic, even more intense than the cleanser. It contains essential oils of rose gernanium, frankincense (not just for Christmas, apparently) and linden blossom. I apply it after my shower before bed to envelop myself in the relaxing scents. If you are going to use it as a body oil, be sure to test it on a patch of skin first, as the essential oils might irritate your skin. Overall, this is a lovely oil that has a light, thin viscocity to it that absorbs quickly.