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If you follow the fashion world at all, you’ll be aware the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are more than just the baby on Full House. They’ve started two successful fashion brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row, the latter of which is known for beautiful, minimalistic pieces…and also for a $39,000 crocodile backpack. Continue reading ELIZABETH AND JAMES // NIRVANA PERFUME OILS


Earlier this year, when I purchased my bottle of Beige, I received a cosmetics GWP from Chanel. Inside, was a sample of the Le Volume mascara. Usually I just shove samples into my vanity’s drawer to eventually be given away or thrown out, but having never tried a Chanel mascara before, I eagerly awaited the day my mascara dried out so that I could sub this one in. Continue reading VOLUMIZING MASCARAS // CHANEL & SEPHORA



We asked Carin about her favourite beauty products:

“I love the hair products from the brand Rene Furterer that I’ve found here in Paris. The highlighting compact powder from Sephora in the colour “rose” is something that I now can’t live without. I also love the sea salt spray from Toni & Guy and my current perfume, which I adore, is “Un Jardin Sur Le Toit” by Hermès.”

–Carin Olsson, author and photographer of Paris in Four Months


The old faithfuls of Anna’s makeup bag

Mascara never goes on unless my lashes are curled. If I’m going to the gym, usually bare faced, I always curl my eyelashes before jetting off. It makes you look five times more awake and literally like you have five times more lashes than you actually do. And I don’t care what every single makeup artist warns, a quick curl over finished eye makeup, say, after a day of school, is an instant pick-me-up to your face (and I hate to say it, but the dried mascara holds a curl SO MUCH BETTER. Just be super careful).
I’ve tried a few different curlers, and having had some that have literally pulled out half of my lash count (*cringes*), I only have one curler in my life. Shu Uemura is infamous for their lash curlers– made for asian eye shapes, they really catch every lash and curl WITHOUT PULLING. I repeat, WITHOUT PULLING.
Back in the day, when I didn’t know the difference between pink and yellow undertones, I was convinced that the reason I had a line of makeup along my jawline was not in fact the wrong shade of foundation, but instead that I wasn’t blending it well enough. And while both probably needed some work, I found a brush that I still use, like, every single day. The Sephora #56 brush is a buffing brush, so you can use it to apply liquid or cream foundations, tinted moisturizers and concealers, which was what I originally used it for. Nowadays, I do all that jazz with my fingers, then do a one-over with the 56 to make sure everything all blended and not, like, sitting on top of my skin. Because we all know how attractive that is.
I’m not gonna get started on oily skin here, because, well, I’ve pretty much summed up how annoying it is in about every single article I’ve ever written. But something that I’ve learned is that every skin type produces oil (or sweat) in some way or another, especially when wearing makeup. Boscia’s Blotting Papers are more or less my one true love in life, always there to make me look better, feel better, even sharing their superpowers with my friends. Who needs men??
Not trying to brag or anything, but I usually have pretty soft lips. Like, I always put on lip balm but I know very well that I don’t really need it. Then, all hell broke loose when the temperature up here in CANADA dipped to like -1000 (that’s in Celsius, so like WAY more cold than you even thought) and my lips really felt it. They were dry at the corners and the skin was peeling and it was a disaster that I had never seen on myself before. But thank god for my trusty Rosebud Salve! I bought a tin back when it was super trendy and loved it immediately because of the thick viscosity and the natural-looking red stain it left. But this stuff’s not just a pretty face, it’s been my saviour since my lips checked into rehab for being a hot mess.
— Anna Raponi


Just in case the hundreds of ‘Christmas Inspired Makeup!!!!’ tutorials (usually involving silver sparkles of some sort and/or red lipstick, gosh this is getting old) haven’t reminded you, it’s the holiday season and wether you like it or not, you will most likely be attending parties that will involve people expecting you to dress up and look cheery.
Now, I love Christmas. Usually I’m that annoying girl who get’s excited halfway through October and puts up the decor November 1st. But this year, I’m just not feelin’ it anymore. The shopping, these said ‘parties’, oh and the coincidental exams right around this time of year, it’s all too stressful and it’s lost its magic. What was I getting at here…oh yes, despite all this you still got to look bangin’. I mean, you’re gonna be seeing friends and family that you may not see very often. And while I’m sure there will be many posts coming giving you the 411 on a candy-cane pout and glitter (everywhere!!), I think it’s about time we went back to basics–bold brows that last. Who ever said that brows can’t be exciting!! I mean, how great does a perfect red lip look with just a little mascara and strong arched brows?
So I played around with the contents of my makeup collection, looking for the longest lasting, most effective and easiest to apply option. Eyeliner! Strong colour payoff, long wearing, and with this technique, you can’t really screw up. Pick a liner that is similarly coloured to your brow hair–taupe for blonde and redheads, brown for brunettes, and black or dark brown for black hair. Draw some onto the back of your hand, warming it up a little. Now dip your angled brush into the colour on the back of your hand, brushing it around to work off a little bit of the pigment and get in there! Avoid too much pigment at the very insides of your brows (you may end up with a near-unibrow), accentuate that arch, and maybe even extend the ends just a tad for some extra drama. Once you’re happy with your creation, spray some hairspray onto your spoolie, then brush your brows into place–I like brushing up, then outwards for my biggest brows). Now literally highlight your masterpieces with highlighter, right under the arches of your brows. When the light hits your face, the highlighter will make your arches appear just that bit higher and give your face more definition. They brows won’t budge and are party-ready (even if you aren’t).

–Anna Raponi



On my ever-growing list of beauty maintenance (pores, hair, fingernails, cellulite, hell, even our asses need some beauty upkeep), I know at least for myself that teeth were never really a concern. Until now. See, I never got braces, and my teeth were always just… there. They’re decently straight, not particularly white, but I never gave them a second look. But as I started wearing lipstick more and more often, I started to realize how not pearly my whites were. Of course, Amanda had just the cure–she told me she had received these whitening things from Glo that she didn’t need (she has super straight, white teeth, le sigh). 

I, as per usual, did not read any instructions before applying a huge glob of this gel to my chompers, only to realize that this stuff not only tastes like fluoride-eqsue shit (in large quantities), but is also meant to be used sparingly. I thought that you were meant to use one vial per use, however upon reading the instructions (after, of course, I opened the vial), I learned that each vial supplies three to four uses(!). The instructions also read that one should use the whitener twice a day, everyday. Oh, and it comes with a handy lip balm to pair with the product. For fifteen minutes, you can’t eat, drink, kiss, no nothing. After it absorbs, and you’re off to the races. I admit that I can’t use this stuff twice daily–I’m afraid it’ll weaken my teeth and I’m a huge baby and can’t handle the subtle chemical taste twice a day. Nonetheless, I’ve seen results even just using this stuff 2-3 times a week. Like seriously, my teeth have never looked so white. For a super effective whitening that doesn’t involve a trip to the dentist, I’d say these are where it’s at.

–Anna Raponi


From left to right, clockwise: Devotee, Mistinguette, Deep Throat, Goulue, Orgasm, Laguna.
Nars’ Orgasm, Deep Throat, Laguna blushes and bronzer have been cult beauty favourites for years. Despite their scandalous names and chic packaging, the colours are beautiful are raved about on the daily.So, when I saw the Limited Edition Guy Bourdin ‘One Night Stand’ Blush Palette, which come with these three iconic shades along with three limited edition hues, I was sold. They’re just short of full-size and for $72, it’s well worth it (but pricey nonetheless).

If you’re unfimiliar with the inspiration himself, Guy Bourdin is an award-winning French photographer who shot for Italian, British and French Vogue, Chanel, Issey Miyake, among others. Let’s just say that the pair of Nars’ sexy names and Guy’s photos are a perfect match. Ya, enough said.

The highlighter, Devotee is easily my favourite of the palette. I’m not a fan of liquid highlighters, so this powder gives my skin a beautiful, long-lasting sheen that works on my oilier skin. The bright bubblegum pink, titled Mistinguette, gives a surprisingly very natural looking flush on my pale skin–almost that ‘I’ve been outside too long in the cold’ look, minus the crabby attitude and chapped lips. Deep Throat and Orgasm are both peachy shades (meant to replicate the natural blush you get after… well). Orgasm is blended with gold shimmer, but both give natural, sheer pigmentation. Laguna, is perfect for a non-orangey contour and to warm up your complexion. Goulue is a deep berry shade that is ultra-glam and would look amazing on so many skin tones. There are literally no flaws in this palette, so pick one up before they’re gone!

–Anna Raponi