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RENEFURTEREROILAnna: So I thought this was a rather odd idea, applying oil to your hair then washing it out. But don’t get me wrong, I’m sort of obsessed with using beauty oils so I was definitely up for this one. So after reading the instructions, I shook this stuff right onto my roots, then massaged my scalp to spread out the oil. It smells sort of lemon-losangey but not unpleasant. After that, just as the box instructed me, I waited 10 minutes before jumping in the shower. My main concern was all the oil at my scalp– I didn’t want to shower and have my hair dry greasy or weigh it down. Anyways, I shampooed, conditioned, and after it dried, my hair felt and looked really nice– moisturized, shiny, but still bouncy and light. However, I usually go at least two days before my next wash, and I felt that after using this product, my hair got greasier a bit faster. Although I don’t always have the time for this one, the results were truly effective and the whole process feels quite luxurious and relaxing.

Amanda: I was really nervous that this was going to make my hair really oily, but I actually found that it helped balance my hair’s natural oils–I was able to wait 3 days before a wash as my hair wasn’t nearly as greasy as usual. I actually really liked the smell–citrus-y, soothing and a little bit herbal (I do love honey-lemon Strepsils). I will definitely keep using this as it is supposed to increase scalp health and circulation, which is always a great thing in the cold, dry winter months. It is also supposed to enhance hair growth by deeply cleansing the scalp and strengthening hair from the root, another benefit! I will keep using this as I need long, mermaid locks for my wedding.


EVEN THOUGH I ALWAYS SHAMPOO TWICE, I found lately that my scalp had this build up that just would not leave. No matter how long I scrubbed, or switched up my shampoos.

So, I tried using some apple cider vinegar (I used it once as a rinse, and it gave me really clean, shiny, healthy-looking hair), but the effects didn’t translate to my scalp.

I was a bit defeated. I didn’t want to add yet another shampoo to my already overwhelming shower collection, so I did some quick research on build up. Turns out, adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of baking soda to your shampoo makes for a squeaky clean noggin! I grabbed the soda from my baking supplies cabinet and headed to the shower.

I did a quick massage with my Kiehl’s Amino Acid, then dropped a few spoonfuls of the white powder onto the top of my head, massaged it in, and then scrubbed down my body for a few minutes to let the baking soda do it’s work. After it has slightly foamed up, rinse it out and continue with your conditioner. Clean scalps for all, without spending an extra penny!


What are you supposed to do when you get the frizzies at the top of your head, and your roots feel dry? Everyone knows you’re only supposed to put conditioner on your ends, so how are you supposed to help the roots get smooth and healthy again?

Kiehl’s Magic Elixir not only hydrates those poor frizzies, but also your scalp. With winter coming, your scalp takes a beating (from the heating, ha!…and from the cold), often getting dry and itchy. Applied directly to the scalp with it’s handy nozzle, the aromatic, rosemary-fragranced oil will hydrate your hair and scalp once massaged it. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes before washing out. Since oils work with oil, it won’t overhydrate your scalp, but will balance it, making it great for those with oily scalps as well.

If you want healthy hair, you’ve gotta start at the roots, which means that the soil (your scalp) that’s feeding your stems (hair strands) better be healthy, right?


Well that summer bites the dust. And in comes the chilly weather– and while I can’t wait to bring back sweater weather, the cold weather takes quite a toll in the beauty department, something not really to look forward to. Dry lips and rosy cheeks aside, every time fall/winter rolls around, I get really itchy scalp. Now, a lot of things can cause this dilemma, however, I think the dryness just gives me more dandruff (the effectiveness of this product may differ if your itch is cause by psoriasis or a fungal disease, though I’d definitely give it a go). Anyone who has had itchy scalp knows how embarrassing it is, and well, I was putting my foot down. Actually, my mom was the brilliant one that thought of this one. Then, I knew I had to share my secret to the world of itchy scalp sufferer’s, or even just people with bad dandruff.

I guess this isn’t really a review of Aveda’s Invati Exfoliating Shampoo— although my mother swears by it for thinning hair. It’s really the weirdest texture ever– super runny and brown-coloured. It doesn’t really foam up like most shampoos either (Aveda shampoos don’t really foam up). Oh, and it smells kinda funny (they only use natural ingredients). All quirks aside, this stuff works because it’s an exfoliator (via salicylic acid, a common ingredient in acne products). Sounds weird, huh? Well, we use scrubs and acids to slough off the old skin on our faces, leaving us with smooth, new skin cells. And if dandruff is just flaking, old skin, wouldn’t exfoliating seem like the perfect option? It also aims to nourish dry scalps, further preventing dandruff and the itch. I use this once or twice a week, usually following with a normal shampoo after to get rid of any build up. So fear no longer, itchy scalpers, I have found the remedy.

Anna Raponi