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Is it just me or is old man winter really taking his toll these days? Continue reading WINTER BEAUTY SURVIVAL KIT


This mask works with the detoxing power of clay and the exfoliating magic of glycolic and fruit acids to deep clean and remove any detritus from a night of partying/your everyday life of marathoning Gossip Girl.
While it might scare you to think about using a mask with acids in it (plus the name is a little intense), fear not, it is quite gentle–definitely not as strong as Alpha H Liquid Gold. I am a glycolic veteran and didn’t feel any tingling whatsoever.
A light layer of this mask dries in about 10-15 minutes (though the instructions say 5) to peel off, which is initially a bit shocking as it sort of looks as if your skin is coming off (the colour isn’t too far off from fairer skin).
Overall, a great way to quickly brighten up your complexion, especially for those acid rookies.


This is ridiculous. New bag (old faithful is getting repaired), new lip products, new post. No fewer than 7 lip products this season. A girl’s gotta have options! And for all of those who think I’m too vain for having 7 lip options, well, haters gonna hate.
RMS LipShine in Sacred: Even though it is now Fall (how is it so cold already?), I still love this hot pink. Buildable colour and shine, and fades to a pretty stain. Instant glamour and a pop of colour for when Fall makes your face look sad and pale.
Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rosé: A super-hydrating, pretty pink. This balm has been a mainstay since Sephora offered it as the VIB birthday gift two years ago. I somehow managed to snap up a second birthday gift from that year and have not yet to purchase one of these balms yet. When the day comes that I run out of tube #2, I will finally go to Sephora and actually purchase one in full-size.
Nuxe Rêve de Miel: So hydrating, with the most luxurious texture and prettiest most delicious smell. Definitely my best impulse grab from France.
Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm: Great for when you’re all business and just need a quick swipe of balm. Hydrating and gives you a slight 90’s frosted lip (like Angela Chase). What’s not to love?
Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream: This cure-all has stayed in my bag since last winter, when I got eczema on my eyelids. I apply to protect my lids from the cold winds, to my cuticles, to my lips, or mixed into some hand cream.
Rodial Glam Balm Multi: Similar to 8-hour, this magic all-in-one has so many different uses, from lips, to face, to body.
Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Medieval: The newest addition to my purse collection. It’s quick and easy (it’s a balm and lipstick in one) and the perfect subtle red– a great colour to have in my purse for Fall.
Also in my bag: Eye drops, Matte FX and Stila Retractable Powder Brush, Snagless Hair Tie.


I actually won this product not really knowing what it did. But boy, am I glad I entered that contest. This is my new favourite product for getting my glow on.
Rodial boasts that there are over 100 ways to use their  Glam Balm Multi, and I believe it. You can use it as anything from a lip balm, to a facial moisture mask, to a hair mask, to a primer. I’ve been applying it as a moisture mask overnight and have been waking up with plumper, more hydrated skin. My marionette wrinkles a even a little more filled in.
After applying my other serums I just put a thin layer of this oil/gel/cream/balm all over my face (and I mean all over, even on my eyelids). In preparation for my wedding, I want my skin to look as healthy and clear as possible and this product is definitely helping me get there. I also plan to smother this on my face on the plane this July for my honeymoon so that I arrive all fresh-faced. I’ll also mix it when some hand cream to pump it up a bit. Nothing worse than cabin air for sucking every last bit of moisture out of your skin.