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Now that it’s officially fall, it’s officially time to switch over our makeup and bring back my favourite shade of lipstick and polish: Red!  Continue reading REDS // LIPS AND TIPS


A few little things that any women would love to put to use.
Lush Bath Bombs & Mini Shower Gels: Lush is famous for their quirky bath and body products– bars of shampoo, the Sex Bomb and Henna hair dyes. All of their products stand by their ethical philosophy, meaning no animal testing, fresh ingredients, environmentally friendly production and packaging and donations to LUSH FunD and Charity Pot.That being said, everything from Lush smells amazing, seriously. A baby shower gel or a bath bomb is the perfect stocking stuffer, because come on, who wouldn’t love to take a nice bath? Ponche, the shower gel I’ve been trying out, literally contains a shot of tequila to wake you right up. Rose Jam, the body wash Amanda was trying out, smells like what rose macarons taste like in Paris. Oh, also, their bath bombs look super cool as they fizz up into the water, and usually leave the water a pretty colour. The Golden Wonder is especially cool as it goes through several evolutions, with the end results being a bluish mermaid-coloured water rippled with scented oils, gold shimmer and little golden stars. Simply magical.
The Body Shop Mini Hand Creams: The perfect safe present for the woman in your life (let’s say, in-laws, teachers, friends–but not quite best friends, you catch my drift) whom you aren’t entirely sure on what to get. Everyone needs hand cream!! These holiday scents aren’t too sweet and nourish deep enough to counteract Jack Frost’s jackass temperatures. Cranberry Joy smells amazing, like I’m addicted. My friend loves Ginger Sparkle, and steals some every time she’s over.
Rococco Nail Polishes: At first I was thinking that these would be more suitable for a younger audience, but I’m reconsidering. I mean grey and black are great staple shades that I think most women can pull off. But I ain’t saying that these Rococco polishes are boring. These two in particular are from their Molten Lava: Lost in Space winter collection, basically the coolest thing in the world (or should I say out of this world? HA). Bad Robot is a frosty silvery/ grey shade that has super finely-milled sparkles that reflect the colours like that of spilled oil that you see in parking lots (that just might be the most awful description I’ve ever given a product). But in a good way! It’s like mega iridescent, and when held up to the light, it’s honestly breathtaking. Space Invader your classic black gone sci-fi, with tiny flecks of silver sparkles. Both are hella long lasting and their ultra thin formula is nearly impossible to pick off when you’re nervous/bored (this was a huge thumbs up for me).
–Anna Raponi


Even though it’s back to school, the beginning of September, etc., Fall doesn’t technically start until September 22nd. While most days we are willing to accept the crisper weather, chilly nights, and shorter days (not really), we can’t let go of the sunny, long days just yet (the weather is cruelly giving us a taste of the heat again this week). On cold days and nights, how do you create summer against Mother Nature’s will? Easy. Fragrance, Makeup and Nail Polish.

Fragrance- Cire Trudon Candle in Dada

I picked this handsome-looking candle up last Spring because I was just dying for Summer to start. After smelling a lot of heady, strong, manly scents from the collection, as soon as I smelled this eucalyptus, tea and mint concoction, I immediately knew it was coming home with me. This candle fills your space with a fresh, summery scent. The citrusy fragrance is perfectly evocative of sunny days.

Makeup- RMS Lip2Cheek and Lip Shine

These little pots in ‘Sacred’ and ‘Smile’ are sunshine in a lip product.

‘Sacred’ is the most perfect bright pink. You can build it up to different intensities, and it glides on as a gloss and is long-lasting as it wears into a stain. Perfect for rev’ing up a dull or pale face (thanks, Fall).

‘Smile’ is a pretty, peachy-apricot that works on your lips and cheeks. This little pot brings a sunny warmth to your look.

Nails- Rococo Polishes

No one says that you have to embrace the darker palette of Autumn’s polishes just yet! Rococo’s Bombshell and Kitsch will have you getting in a summery frame of mind every time you look at your nails. I’m especially loving the magenta pink of Bombshell on my toes. These creme formulas are thick and opaque and ensure full-coverage in just one coat. Pretty and time efficient!