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Red lips and polish will always be a classic, and some would argue that Chanel does red best. Continue reading NEWS // CHANEL LES ROUGES CULTE



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This past fall, I was sorta obsessed with my abundant and ever-growing collection of lipstick. That’s why when summer rolled around and I had no desire to do any more than lip balm, it was a bit of a sad moment. Even my summer corals and pinks had no appeal to me. Why? Well, makeup in the summertime is already a hassle as it is– I feel like I’m already blotting and powdering by the hour, why add another step in my touch-up regime? That’s why on my recent trip to Paris, I packed one lone red lipstick, knowing that it was probably just wishful thinking.

Red lips are kind of a toughie for me. I always feel way overdone when I pair it with my everyday eye-makeup (liner and mascara), but I still want a little definition on the eyes! Plus I hate to cake on the base products because I just feel like it’s sooo not-chic. Anyways, determined as I was to wear out a red lip, and very inspired by the lack of makeup French girls wear, I think i figured out a modern, light and easy way to wear a red lip for this summer weather.

Starting off with correcting any red tones in my skin (the only red on your face should be on your lips with this look), I do a thin layer of a thin, light-coverage foundation (preferably water-based–I use Maestro from Armani) on my cheeks, nose and chin. I then touch on any blemishes using a high coverage creamy concealer–the Dermablend foundation stick is awesome. I use my fingers to really melt it into the skin and blend onto the rest of the face so it’s undetectable. Then for my violet-hued undereye circles, I dab on a tiny bit of a very orange-toned concealer, which for me is the matching Maestro Eraser. I finish with a thin layer of translucent powder (to beat the heat!)–Dermablend makes an industrial strength one that is literally suitable for everyone.

Onto the eyes, I really went for less is more with this one. I simply did a wash of MAC’s Camel Coat, but any tone slightly darker than your skintone will do. This will add some subtle definition and really give you that Parisienne-cool look. No mascara, no liner, keep calm.

In my opinion, there is literally no occasion in which a strong brow isn’t needed– I fill my in with a slightly darker matte eye-shadow then comb into place with a little hairspray on a spoolie.

Now for the lip. Nothing new here; I start off with a crimson pencil, first outlining the ideal shape of my natural lips, then filling in. Smack your lips together, blot, then onto the lipstick. The key for this look is to create a really long-lasting, worn in red lip that doesn’t really scream “look at me!” but more like “I have my life put together” (this look does not, however, put your life together). I personally think a matte red is my favourite look right now, so I used Military Red by Burberry. Two coats, blotting after each.

I added a little Nars Laguna bronzer and Mistinguette highlighter onto my cheeks for a little definition to finish it all off.

All written out like that, this look doesn’t seem as effortless as it initally felt, but trust me, this really takes five minutes before you’re out the door. And with matte lipsticks, touch up’s are only necessary after eating/drinking (or excessive kissing). So put your neglected lipsticks to use!

–Anna Raponi


As the days get shorter, and sunlight becomes minimal at best, my already pale complexion gets downright ghostly come winter.
Up until a few weeks ago, I had been keeping up with my routine of lightly contouring with Nars’ Laguna bronzer and wearing Nars’ Orgasm for blush, but it started feeling as if my peachy-pink cheeks weren’t matching the more seasonal, darker red and berry tones that I wanted to wear on my lips.
As soon as I spotted Chanel’s new holiday collection, as usual, I knew I wanted to have absolutely everything, especially their new blush (by the way, the newly renovated beauty department at The Bay on Queen St. is gorgeous). Accent is a neutral-warm mix of pale pink and bronze, making it the perfect match to my cooler, blue-based lip colours while at the same time adding a healthy glow. I apply this blush after contouring to give my face a bit more life.
I also grabbed one of their holiday nail polishes, Rouge Rubis. It’s the perfect blue-based bright red, with a thick formula, I seriously considered whether or not I should do a second coat. It’s long-lasting with a glass-like shine, just as the Rouge Noir. For some reason, I’m in love with the idea of a red lip and nail for the holidays this year. Predictable, but classic. There was also a beautiful eyeshadow palette available, but seeing as I barely wear eyeshadow anymore, I figured I would pass this time.
Taken from this week’s FASHION Magazine Beauty Panel Challenge.


So everyone’s biggest question when it comes to Chanel’s $30 nail polish is: “Is it worth the price?”

Well, that depends. If you love nail polish, then yes. If you appreciate a good formula, then yes. If you’re not interested in these things and they’re not that important you, then probably not. I, personally, really hate having to look at chipped nails all day (I work at a desk) and having to reapply multiple times a week annoys me even more.

A few weeks ago, I pulled one of my most beloved shades, Essie’s black-red Wicked, out of my polish suitcase (I know) and after applying, it turned bubbly. I guess it had expired.

I knew Chanel had a similar colour to Wicked called Rouge Noir, and had always wanted to try a high-end polish, so I decided to take a leap and give it a try. I also picked up their topcoat.
This is a really good, opaque, thick formula with tons of pigment that delivers a rich colour. There is nothing more annoying/challenging for me when I am trying to unsteadily apply nail polish to my nails and the watery, translucent formula will not deliver the colour I am trying to achieve, instead giving me streaky nails. The nail polish itself applies like a dream, with a very opaque formula.

I am extremely pleased with the results–I even took it with me on my pedicure, and the aesthetician was in love with it. She couldn’t believe how rich the colour was. I am going onto my fourth week, and there has been no chipping whatsoever on my toes.

As for my fingers, I apply two layers of topcoat (which gives very shiny results that last for days), and you could even reapply another after a day or two if you wanted even more shine. The topcoat has a thinner consistency, which means that it won’t gunk up your nails. There is minimal chipping, and my fingers still have a very high shine gloss to them. 

Not to mention, I think this is the perfect Fall/Winter colour. It’s dark enough to be considered neutral, but still interesting enough that it’s not basic. Perfect for adding a little edge to your look.


I’m all summered out. Done. Bring on the cold. Oh, and don’t forget the new Fall shades. This Autumn (and what feels like every Autumn up to date), take the upcoming change of season as a pledge to wear bold shades on your lips. Trust me, it’s so satisfying when people compliment it, and it’ a great transitional accessory during that awkward ‘I have no Fall clothes’ stage at the very end of summer. I’ve chosen two of my favourites from each shade of the season.

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in the shades Rouge Caprice and Prune Desir. This formula is killer– it goes on super smoothly, good pigmentation, not drying on the lips and super long lasting. The Paris themed packaging is beautiful and it has a magnetized top so it will stay shut while it’s being thrown around at the bottom of your purse. These two have a satin finish, which I would say is ideal for the cold weather. They are also infused with vitamin E to hydrate and replenish your pout while looking pretty badass. The, I guess you could say triangular shape of the bullet is extremely convenient when applying– no lip brush necessary. A solid duo.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame is my second mulberry-toned favourite. Keep in mind, this option is much deeper a purple than that of Lancôme, and is slightly more pinky. The colour payoff is crazy, and I mean it. Also a moisturizing formula, this one has jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. This one is slightly longer lasting, however, I found that it was actually more drying on the lips as it wore on. The circular bullet isn’t as helpful, that being said, you still wouldn’t really need a lip brush to apply. Oh, and the hammered chromey-violet packaging is almost as beautiful as the product itself.

Burberry Lip Velvet in Military Red is, in my opinion, a perfect basic red–it doesn’t really cross the fence towards an orangey or blue tone. But we just have to talk about this packaging first. The heavy, plaid-adorned, magnetic casing is so luxe and, come on, even the bullet is imprinted with Burberry’s signature plaid. Swoon. Anyways, this formula’s pigmentation is a big stronger than the Absolu Rouge, however it is definitely less comfortable on the lips– typical of a matte-finished lipstick. Contrarily, the shape of the bullet is very similar and applies with ease.

Ah, I really can’t complain about this group, they’re all great products that give great results. I always start off with moisturized lips and lip liner, which will increase the longevity of your colour and precision. I typically have to touch up every 3-4 hours or so, or after eating, with these all-stars.

–Anna Raponi


Right out of the gate, this “lipstick” was one of my new favourites.

Ever wanted red lips, but wanted them to look natural (kinda sounds like a contradiction, right? Red lips are usually for the bold)?. This lipstick-quasi-balm gives translucent colour reminiscent of a stain, making it something you can wear every single day (and perfect for the girl who is scared of lipstick). Poppy, the creator of Lipstick Queen, was inspired by medieval women who used to stain their lips to a see through blood red with lemons since lipstick was considered a sin.

This magic lipstick matches every single skin tone, and instantly makes your face look clearer and your teeth look whiter, thanks to the bluey tones. Plus, I totally appreciate not having to apply lipbalm first and then lipstick–this product is super hydrating since it is basically all Vitamin E and applies like a balm, making it totally foolproof and will spruce you up in a jiffy. It’s the perfect subtle red, and a great colour to have on hand for Fall.