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Dior’s Star concealer has been my favourite product for covering up my dark undereye circles since it’s release last summer. So, when I received their new concealer, I was excited to see what the 2-in-1 product brought to the table. Continue reading DIOR // FIX IT CONCEALER


Be it for an hour at the gym, a coffee date, or even just to run errands in this late August heat, I’ve been reaching for my lightest base products to even out my skin tone without melting off my face in the process. Foundations have just been too high maintenance, so I’ve been making use of some albeit very bored primers to make my bare face look just that little bit more even or to grab hold of any base products that I do put on. Continue reading BASE FAVES // SMASHBOX, CLARINS, ARMANI & MUFE


I am a girl with a runny nose. All year, any season. It’s who I am. Therefore, I always have redness around my nose, and my lazy ways make me unable to apply extra concealer after having already applied my tinted moisturizer and undereye concealer. Prioritities, people.

So, this new green primer from Make Up For Ever has been pretty nice in that the green tones helps to counter any redness on my face, whether from rubbing my nose, and any breakouts or pink areas (making it ideal for those with rosacea) that just come about from being ghostly pale.

I’m sure you all probably thinking, but will it actually make my face green? No (you won’t look like Maleficent). It won’t. The lightweight creamy-like liquid comes out green, yes, but once smoothed over the face, the greenness is gone. I actually really like the texture of this primer–it’s not heavy, oily or siliconey in the least, but still glides over the skin to create a smooth base. It feels kind of like applying a protective coating to skin.

In addition to the green (and original transparent formula), there are five new shades to the primer line up, all made to tackle different skin issues.

  • Mauve: counteracts sallow undertones
  • Caramel: combats ashiness in medium to dark skin, tones/warms golden tones
  • Blue: adds radiance to fair skin, reduces minor imperfections
  • Yellow: lightens dark complexions
  • Pink: brightens the complexion, counteracts sallow undertones



Photogenic Face
Photogenic Face

Photographs can bring out the worst in your makeup–you might think you aren’t that shiny, or that you applied your makeup pretty well–but through the camera’s lense any unblended makeup looks obvious and blotchiness comes through.

Whenever I know that I am going to be photographed–whether at a club, a birthday, a wedding, whatever–I always follow the same rules.

1)Primer: First use Benefit’s Porefessional to hide any obvious pores around my nose, chin, forehead and cheeks, then apply Smashbox’s Photofinish primer all over my face to ensure a smooth surface. Primer will also help to adhere your makeup to your skin, making it last longer. Lancôme also makes a really great primer, and if you’re looking for something lighter, Dior CC Airflash Primer is weightless.

2)Complexion: You’re going to want to use something with a more matte finish–cameras are not kind to any kind of dewy look–but don’t cake on the foundation either, because this will show up. I used Nars’ Sheer Matte foundation (I also really love Dior’s Airflash Foundation, as you know) in a shade that is actually slightly darker than my super fair complexion. I tried this out a few years ago in attempt to look less ghostly on camera, and it does help a bit. If you’re going to do this, make sure to blend into the neck. I concealed my dark circles with Lancome Effacernes and Clé de Peau‘s concealer. I also covered up some redness with the CDP. Be sure to really blend everything and blur any leftover brush strokes with fingers.

3)Powder: This is key for not looking like there is an oil slick on your face. I generously apply Vichy’s Dermablend Setting Powder, wait a few minutes, then brush off the excess. I touch up with Cover FX‘s matte powder.

4)Eyebrows: These are key for making your face pop on camera. Eyebrows are the architecture of the face, so be sure to fill them in. I love Lancome’s Le Crayon Poudre.

5)Blush: Apply more than you think. It actually takes a lot for it to show up on camera. A peachy pink shade always looks nice and fresh. On my wedding day I applied tons of Nars’ Orgasm to have a pretty bridal flush. I used Make Up For Ever’s HD Cream Blush which is really easy to use and super buildable. A little bit of slight contouring with bronzer also helps to warm up the face and add definition.

6)Lips: Hydrated lips always look best. Apply a satin-sheen lipstick or lipgloss. Matte textures can look severe, especially on more mature skin.

Remember: good lighting will always help, hold your camera slightly above you and know which side is your good side! (It’s the left for most people)


I’m already a fan of Dior’s Airflash Foundation (I used it on my wedding day), so I was pretty excited to try out these two products. The idea of both of these products blew my mind–Dior is so innovative–I mean, a sprayable primer? and a sprayable powder? What?
These are really the first of their kind.
Airflash CC Primer: This is a super light, weightless primer that you sprays on as a colourless, ever-so-slightly tacky base. This is not your heavy, silicone-y primer that feels as if you are spackling every crevice of your face. This is for someone who wants their makeup to apply smoothly and stay longer. I like to spray a little extra over my problems areas (chin/anywhere with pimples) and dab it in with my fingers. I’m really loving it so far–it’s hydrating (contains hyaluronic acid) and leaves skin looking fresh while also blurring slight imperfections . The formula is quite easy to spray (I do a quick Z-motion across the face) and it is suitable for any skin tone.
Airflash Matte Touch: Now this one is pretty freakin’ cool. This spray creates a super lightweight mist of powder to set, even and mattify makeup. I was initially kind of skeptical of this–how could a liquid mist do this with no brush? But it does (I tried it for the first time in the car before an appointment and now I want to keep it in my purse always for touchups). The clay infused formula absorbs oil and leaves a matte, velvety texture.
This spray would be great if you’re having a lazy day and don’t feel like applying foundation. A quick spray of this stuff will give you a more even complexion.
It does come in one universal shade, and I’d be interested to try this on darker skin tones. It comes out as a beige-y fluid that while is certainly darker than my über-fair complexion, doesn’t appear so once applied. Also, be sure to use this one before applying any eye makeup unless you want your lashes dusted. Though, if you forget, not to worry, mascara can go right over top without clumping.



 I DECIDED recently that I truly hate eyeshadow. I’m just not an eyeshadow person. I don’t know how to wear it without looking like I’m trying super hard. It also creases EVERY SINGLE TIME. I always put on too much and it’s just too fussy. 

I could go on and on about my opposition to a product that I own far too much of, but I actually really do wish that I could pull it off. I mean, if I’m not wearing a cat eye, I usually go pretty bare–a little brown kohl on the tight line and some mascara–tops. Until my best friend gifted me with a tube of the infamous Primer Potion in Sin. 

Now, I had tried the shadow of the same shade a while back, and was actually mesmerized by it’s glimmer when it hit the light. Considering this is technically a primer, I suppose I’m not using this product correctly. I mean, I’m wearing it as a primer and shadow, nothing on top. But for someone who’s eyeshadow always creases, this is a dream. The texture and fairly neutral colour make for a breezy application that requires zero technique–you can’t really go wrong here. It’s not super in-your-face obvious, it’s one of those things that people admire but won’t really notice. Not try-hard-y in the slightest!
Oh, and sidenote. I just really loved the Garden of Eden-esque packaging (appropriatly named Sin, yah makes sense now). It’s just so glam and so typically Urban Decay.

–Anna Raponi