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It was while perusing one of my favourite websites of all time, The Selby, that I stumbled upon Hannah Metz in her home and studio. If you don’t already know, I love all things 60’s–the fringe, the eyeliner, Jane, Françoise…I could go on and on. Continue reading INTERVIEW // HANNAH METZ, DESIGNER


Honest to god, if I had remotely good skin I would hit the treadmill completely bare faced. However this is not Neverland and I have blotchy, acne-prone skin that ain’t so pretty. And while working out with makeup probably isn’t the greatest for your skin, no one wants to workout surrounded by potentially hot (and fit) guys and modelesque ‘why-are-you-even-at-the-gym’ girls sans your usual ‘face’.

I don’t go all out with coverage, but I do like to attempt to even out the tone–I use Dr. Jart’s Premium BB Cream all over. This stuff has the texture of a thin moisturizer and looks super natural, however it’s ‘universal’ shade is borderline too dark for me, so some blending down the neck is required. I set it with Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder, which claims to actually get rid of blackheads–it absorbs oil (and sweat, for that matter) like it ain’t nobodies business. I usually like a little bronzer–Nars Laguna is a cult classic and makes me feel just that little bit more Angelina Jolie circa Tomb Raider.

I actually tried wearing eyebrow gel to the gym once but when the most of it ended up smeared across my towel I realized that I wasn’t taking that chance again. I simply brush them out and hope for the best.

For me, I like some definition around my eyes, even for a workout. A little brown kohl along my lash line and a good dose of mascara gives me just enough voom for a trip to the gym.

That being said, everyone has a different idea of ‘gym makeup’, per say. I definitely think, unless you’re totally comfortable with your naked face/occasionally a model in fashion week, that you should more or less do a lighter version of your everyday look. If I look decent, I’ll workout longer– it’s a confidence thing. There’s this stunning redhead at my gym that wears nothing but a dark red lip to workout, and looks amazing every time I see her. If anything, what you wear on your face at the gym should make you feel your best–if you’ve devoted the time to work on your body, you should feel amazing.

–Anna Raponi


I heard somewhere on a blog recently that toners don’t do anything. And thinking about it, it’s so hard to know which products are working when you’ve got a billion different steps to your skincare routine. A toner, by definition, is used to finish cleansing the skin and exfoliate the pores of impurities– thus, ‘tightening’ the pores. But with ‘acne-fighting’ and ‘age-defying’ products on the market, who’s to know what works? We’ve got lotions and creams that also fight these skin concerns. Nonetheless, I’ve used toners that have been obviously doing something, I’ve used toners that have worsened my skin just in general, and I’ve used toners that do absolutely nothing at all.

I don’t have a specific toner philosophy (like Amanda), and I generally use just one after cleansing– I usually go for an acne fighting one. Amanda swears by the Beauty Mouth method, which is using an exfoliating toner, then followed by a moisturizing toner. I tried that method with Peter Thomas Roth and Mario Badescu products, and felt like they just did nothing.

Tried and true, Yonka and Kate Somerville take the top spots for me. Yonka’s Emulsion Pure is an acne-fighting toner, which you’re supposed to apply after cleansing, then leave for thirty minutes, then moisturize. I saw results after about two weeks, and as soon as I swapped it for another toner I wanted to try, I saw immediately that I was breaking out more. That being said, I do have oily skin, and for drier skin types I would recommend using the Yonka only where you’re breaking out rather than all over the face.

Kate Somerville’s Clarifying Toner is another acne fighting toner that actually stood out from the abundance of products that clutter my countertop. I noticed after using up the entire bottle that my acne scars around my mouth had significantly faded and that my breakouts, while still there, were minimal and not meltdown-worthy. These two toners don’t give that typical toner ‘sting’ that some people live for, which is probably for the better

–Anna Raponi