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A few weeks ago, I saw Maleficent (I know, super late). My sister and I were in awe at Angelina’s skilled contouring and also at how pretty Elle Fanning looked. Continue reading CLARINS // FALL 2014 LADYLIKE COLLECTION


It makes total sense that iconic French beauty brand, Lancôme, would choose Caroline de Maigret, a Parisian style icon, as their newest muse.

Caroline is the definition of French chic and Parisian cool with her tomboy-ish style, perfectly-imperfect messy hair (her bangs!) and minimal makeup. Not only is she stylish, but also a music producer, aristocratic (grandaughter of a minister who is a descendent of a Polish king and a French empress), and a model (currently in Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2014) and Chanel muse.

Caroline will be collaborating with Lancôme on an original makeup collection, to be released in 2015.


Chanel’s Autumn Collection, États Poétiques, is full of dreamy lipsticks in various shades of pink and plum with flecks of gold–the colours at once innocent and fragile but with a heart of darkness.

The eyeshadow palette, Les Quatres Ombres Poésie in particular is quite stunning–two shades of gold along with the light rosewood colour would great a beautiful day look, while the dark blackcurrant shade can instantly change the look to a more mysterious nighttime eye.
There three new polishes emulate the innocent but dark theme, with a fresh, milky, pink nude, Secret, a white pearlescent shade, Atmosphère, and a blue-toned dark grey, Orage.

There are two Écriture de Chanel liquid eyeliners, 6 Ombre Essentielle mono shadows, 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 blush, 4 Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, 2 Lèvres Scintillantes glosses, and 3 new nail polishes.

Products are available at Chanel Beauty counters on August 18th.

Stay tuned for reviews on: Ombre Essentielle in Hésitation, Écriture de Chanel in Noir and Le Vernis in Orage and Secret.

Chanel will also be releasing a loose-powder version of their beloved Vitalumière foundation in 5 shades, packaged with a kabuki brush. The foundation claims to have the texture of a powder with the finish of a liquid. A Canola oil derivative is the hero here, creating comfort and longwear. A combination of soft focus powders and mica give a blurring effect to fill surface irregularities and smooth skin with a luminous finish.

The kabuki brush was specifically developed to be paired with the new foundation, applying the powder in a sheer layer, with buildable coverage.

The powder will retail for $79.00 and will be available at Chanel Beauty counters September 1st.

Stay tuned for a review on this product.


All-natural polish brand, Julep, has created a new brush that could take your less-than-perfect at-home manis to a professional looking finish.

The brush is the length of a pen, with a bendable joint (inspired by the movements of ballerinas) that allows for more stability and comfort, especially when painting with your non-dominant hand. The brush can be used completely straight, or folded to allow for it to rest of your hand.

There are also three accessories available for the new brush: and advanced precision brush, a striping brush and a dotting tool.

The Plié Wand can be used in conjuction with all Julep polishes, but I really don’t see why you couldn’t use it with polishes from any other brand–the length of the stem and brush themselves seem long enough that they could reach into most bottles.

Watch below for a tutorial on using the new wand it’s accessories:


From top to bottom: London Posh (with shimmer), Cannes Crush, LA Exclusive and Rio Rush

Now as you know, I’m not usually one for drugstore makeup–I don’t find that the colours usually work on me or last as long–but these little guys are winners (plus I love the chic packaging).

A hybrid of a balm, gloss and stain, these guys come in 12 different shades, some with shimmer, some without.

On application, these feel super hydrating and cushiony like a balm (which I love); not at all sticky or goopy. Colour is evenly dispersed across the lips and over time, the gloss fades away and leaves an even, pretty stain. I was surprised at the level of coverage–I have pretty pigmented lips and can’t often pull off lighter or translucent pink shades, but these really worked.

They kind of reminded me of the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis, but these are definitely thicker (easier to control, I would argue) and substantially more hydrating.

The only thing I didn’t really like about these was that they had a kind of weird scent when you first pull the wand out of the tube, but it soon disappears. Maybe Revlon could work on adding a nice fragrance?

Personally, shade-wise, I’m more of a fan of Cannes, LA and Rio, only because London contains a shimmer (I just don’t like shimmer generally in my lip products). However, all of these shades would be great for summer for bright, low-maintenance punches of colour.


Pretty explanatory, today I’m going to give you the lowdown on my everyday makeup look, which inherently means sharing my favourite products and how I like to use ’em.

I start off doing my liner with a Korean pen-liner which is INCREDIBLE–Clio’s Liner in Kill Black. No, it’s not quite ‘waterproof’, but I’ve had this for nearly six months, and it’s still inky and has a super precise tip. I typically do a little cat eye and clean up with some Bioderma-soaked Q-tips (which is why I do this first).

Then, I work on my skin. I do a thin layer of Armani’s Maestro in Shade 3 all over– this stuff is almost water thin and looks super natural, it’s seriously next-level makeup. I go under the eyes with Shade 3.5 of the matching Armani Maestro concealer, which has dark orange tones that correct. I set it with Vichy Dermablend Translucent Powder and I’m set until lunchtime when I more often then not need to blot.
t any purple circles. If I’ve got any blemishes to cover up (which I 100% do have 95% of the time), I go in with Vichy Dermablend Foundation Stick in the first shade OR, if I need some serious help, Amazing Cosmetics.

For a little definition, I apply some of Nars Laguna right under my cheekbones using a tapered paint brush I found at the art store (it really gets into the hollows of my cheeks and it was like $20). Continuing with Laguna, I grab a fluffier brush and give the contours of my face a little bronzer. I’ve been loving a dusting of Giorgio Armani’s Eccentrico on my cheeks for a natural flush and highlight.

I finish off my eyes with a few coats of Maybelline’s Mega Plush, which is ah-mazing. As for brows, I get them died nearly black so I just brush them out with a spoolie.

I always, always, always apply some Rosebud Salve to my lips before heading out, and if I remember, a coat of Rimmel’s 104 lipstick.

And people say I’m high maintenance!

–Anna Raponi


You might remember a few months ago that I wrote about mixing my tinted moisturizer with highlighter. This post is along the same vein–mixing my base colour with a luminizer=diffused imperfections and more radiant and awake looking skin.

As you can see, when I swatched the Fluid Sheer #13, the shimmer was nearly impossible to pick up on camera (read: you will not look like a disco ball if you don’t use too much of it, also, sorry for my little hand hairs). All I need is one drop for a glowing (but not too glowing) complexion. I definitely wouldn’t just apply this all over my face alone or before foundation. Mixing in a small amount is best.

However, you could also just dot this champagne-coloured shimmer along your cheekbones and on your eyelids for some extra sparkle.

You might also remember, that a while ago I talked about Armani’s lipsticks and getting my makeup done by one of their makeup artists. When I asked my artist what her favourite product in the entire makeup line was, she said that it was without a doubt the Fluid Sheer, stating that you could really give skin that unreal, plastic look.

Now I’m not a mean girl and I don’t want to go into plastic territory, but damn does this make my skin look beautiful.

In comparison to the High Beam: FS is thinner, more frosty and silver-toned (while FS is a warmer, light gold tone), and probably slightly more pigmented. The bottle is quite a bit smaller than the FS as well.

While shade #13 is limited edition for Spring (get it while you still can), there are 12 other beautiful colours in the range, making it suitable for any skin tone.


I’ve never been a daily-lip-product-wearing gal. I like my Rosebud Salve, yes, but in terms of colour on my lips on a daily basis, well, that’s just way too high maintenance. But after seeing Kylie Jenner’s selfies circa Coachella, where her lips seemed to suddenly look perfectly defined yet subtle (also much bigger than they used to…), I needed to get my hands on an nearly natural shade as well. Too many times I’ve selected nude shades far to beige that made me look sick, and opted to grab a lipstick at the drugstore to be safe. Rimmel’s Kate Moss collection literally takes all of the guess work out of lipstick shopping– all the the shades are super chic and they’re all decent quality. I played around with a few rosey-nude shades, eventually picking 104. It’s essentially a bolder and slightly pinkier version of my natural lip colour, which means application sans mirror is totally an option. It has a satiny-matte finish that is comfortable on the lips and layers really nicely. It’s actually quite moisturizing for a ‘matte’ product (though, as I said, this isn’t entirely matte), and layered over some balm, makes the perfect bitten, berry-mauve pout.

–Anna Raponi


I am a girl with a runny nose. All year, any season. It’s who I am. Therefore, I always have redness around my nose, and my lazy ways make me unable to apply extra concealer after having already applied my tinted moisturizer and undereye concealer. Prioritities, people.

So, this new green primer from Make Up For Ever has been pretty nice in that the green tones helps to counter any redness on my face, whether from rubbing my nose, and any breakouts or pink areas (making it ideal for those with rosacea) that just come about from being ghostly pale.

I’m sure you all probably thinking, but will it actually make my face green? No (you won’t look like Maleficent). It won’t. The lightweight creamy-like liquid comes out green, yes, but once smoothed over the face, the greenness is gone. I actually really like the texture of this primer–it’s not heavy, oily or siliconey in the least, but still glides over the skin to create a smooth base. It feels kind of like applying a protective coating to skin.

In addition to the green (and original transparent formula), there are five new shades to the primer line up, all made to tackle different skin issues.

  • Mauve: counteracts sallow undertones
  • Caramel: combats ashiness in medium to dark skin, tones/warms golden tones
  • Blue: adds radiance to fair skin, reduces minor imperfections
  • Yellow: lightens dark complexions
  • Pink: brightens the complexion, counteracts sallow undertones



Chanel Les Beiges in No 10

I’ll be honest about this one–I more just wanted the beautiful packaging. Plus, I mean, how beautiful does Gisèle look in the ad campaign. Brainwashed by the media, I am.

How chic would it be to pull this compact out of your purse? Exactly.

Les Beiges isn’t meant to be a blotting powder (though it will absorb some oil), but a sort of skin finish, or a very sheer setting powder. It is very lightweight, and has a nearly undetectable shimmmer that leaves a slight glow to the skin–very natural and not powdery or cakey in the least.

You can use these powders in a few different ways:

  • As an all-over powder over moisturizer for a natural finish (these don’t provide coverage though, so you would need excellent skin)
  • As a finishing powder over makeup
  • To highlight and contour by using the lightest shade (see above) and a shade a few tones darker than your skin tone

I could see the darker tones as being a great tool for very fair-skinned girls who need to liven up their pale complexions in the winter. Since they are quite sheer, it would make for a foolproof application: no worrying about the bronzer looking like dirt on your face, or looking too orange.

I like to apply it in the afternoon all over when my tinted moisturizer needs a bit of freshening up (and the powder has a beautiful scent, that smells clean and fresh). The included brush is soft and great for sweeping across the nose or down cheekbones, but I like to use my retractable kabuki brush when buffing the powder in a circular motion all over the face for a glowy finish.