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Rimmel Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer in Noir

I used to use Maybelline’s Master Drama, and I’m telling you this stuff is most pigmented liner ever, which made it so effortless to apply. But what good is a defined black line if within 4 hours it’s faded and transferred under your eye? So, unwilling to shell out the $$ for a high-end eyeliner, I returned to the drug store with my best-friend (also having the same dilemma), kind of clueless. After searching around while simultaneously searching up the reviews of each product on our phones, we were pretty sure this Rimmel liner was our best bet. The pigmentation cannot beat the Maybellines’, but with a little more effort and time, I’m left with a line that stays. And, it does stick to the waterproof promise. So overall, such a great drugstore find.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero

This is probably the best eyeliner pencil I have ever used–and I’ve used a lot of them. It works better than any waterproof pencil I’ve tried (Lise Watier, Make Up Forever). The colour doesn’t fade and it’s smudgy enough that you can get in-between the lashes, or create a smoky eye, but so long-wearing that it won’t budge at all. I use this highly-pigmented black as a layer underneath my liquid eyeliner for more staying power and depth when I know I’m going out or need a stronger look that will last. While it’s a bit pricier than the Rimmel, the colour is so strong that you barely need to touch your eyelid and you have a super strong black–in other words: this pencil will last you forever.

–Amanda Raponi & Anna Raponi

Illustration by Hergé



Make Up For Ever’s beloved Smoky Extravagant Mascara has now become waterproof. I had never previously tried the original version, but I was pretty pleased with the Aqua upgrade, especially as I never reach for waterproof formulations–I usually find them to be drying and very hard to remove.

This is a great mascara for creating some volume while maintaining definition and creating length. It is also quite buildable with no clumping whatsoever, and not too much product is dispensed on the brush, so there is quite a bit of control in the application making it easy to manipulate the formula.

The only thing I didn’t find very easy to manipulate was the large Christmas-tree shaped brush–this might just be the largest mascara brush I have ever seen. This mascara would really be 5/5 if it wasn’t for the sheer size of the brush–because it really is a great brush and creates beautiful lashes, but I found the brush would hit my eyelid every now and again and would create little smudges. Maybe MUFE could consider shrinking it down a bit?

As for how well it stands up against water, I would say pretty damn well. I applied this in the morning and it lasted throughout my work day, my humid walk to work, a really difficult yoga class (aka sweat) and a shower. I only saw a tiny bit of smudging on my outer corners after my shower.


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I am a girl with a runny nose. All year, any season. It’s who I am. Therefore, I always have redness around my nose, and my lazy ways make me unable to apply extra concealer after having already applied my tinted moisturizer and undereye concealer. Prioritities, people.

So, this new green primer from Make Up For Ever has been pretty nice in that the green tones helps to counter any redness on my face, whether from rubbing my nose, and any breakouts or pink areas (making it ideal for those with rosacea) that just come about from being ghostly pale.

I’m sure you all probably thinking, but will it actually make my face green? No (you won’t look like Maleficent). It won’t. The lightweight creamy-like liquid comes out green, yes, but once smoothed over the face, the greenness is gone. I actually really like the texture of this primer–it’s not heavy, oily or siliconey in the least, but still glides over the skin to create a smooth base. It feels kind of like applying a protective coating to skin.

In addition to the green (and original transparent formula), there are five new shades to the primer line up, all made to tackle different skin issues.

  • Mauve: counteracts sallow undertones
  • Caramel: combats ashiness in medium to dark skin, tones/warms golden tones
  • Blue: adds radiance to fair skin, reduces minor imperfections
  • Yellow: lightens dark complexions
  • Pink: brightens the complexion, counteracts sallow undertones



Photogenic Face
Photogenic Face

Photographs can bring out the worst in your makeup–you might think you aren’t that shiny, or that you applied your makeup pretty well–but through the camera’s lense any unblended makeup looks obvious and blotchiness comes through.

Whenever I know that I am going to be photographed–whether at a club, a birthday, a wedding, whatever–I always follow the same rules.

1)Primer: First use Benefit’s Porefessional to hide any obvious pores around my nose, chin, forehead and cheeks, then apply Smashbox’s Photofinish primer all over my face to ensure a smooth surface. Primer will also help to adhere your makeup to your skin, making it last longer. Lancôme also makes a really great primer, and if you’re looking for something lighter, Dior CC Airflash Primer is weightless.

2)Complexion: You’re going to want to use something with a more matte finish–cameras are not kind to any kind of dewy look–but don’t cake on the foundation either, because this will show up. I used Nars’ Sheer Matte foundation (I also really love Dior’s Airflash Foundation, as you know) in a shade that is actually slightly darker than my super fair complexion. I tried this out a few years ago in attempt to look less ghostly on camera, and it does help a bit. If you’re going to do this, make sure to blend into the neck. I concealed my dark circles with Lancome Effacernes and Clé de Peau‘s concealer. I also covered up some redness with the CDP. Be sure to really blend everything and blur any leftover brush strokes with fingers.

3)Powder: This is key for not looking like there is an oil slick on your face. I generously apply Vichy’s Dermablend Setting Powder, wait a few minutes, then brush off the excess. I touch up with Cover FX‘s matte powder.

4)Eyebrows: These are key for making your face pop on camera. Eyebrows are the architecture of the face, so be sure to fill them in. I love Lancome’s Le Crayon Poudre.

5)Blush: Apply more than you think. It actually takes a lot for it to show up on camera. A peachy pink shade always looks nice and fresh. On my wedding day I applied tons of Nars’ Orgasm to have a pretty bridal flush. I used Make Up For Ever’s HD Cream Blush which is really easy to use and super buildable. A little bit of slight contouring with bronzer also helps to warm up the face and add definition.

6)Lips: Hydrated lips always look best. Apply a satin-sheen lipstick or lipgloss. Matte textures can look severe, especially on more mature skin.

Remember: good lighting will always help, hold your camera slightly above you and know which side is your good side! (It’s the left for most people)


While gold was all over the runways for Spring and Summer, I think the soft, angelic Greek fairy look from Dolce and Gabbana was my favourite (I’m not sure how wearable a gold eyebrow really is). The girls all sported a fresh, glowy, romantic look down the runway with warm pink lips and a rosy glow. Soft gold highlighted eyes in a very understated way and highlights were created over dewy skin. While not an obviously “gold” look, I think it is perfectly suitable for the warmer days ahead.

To start, I created an even base with Dior’s Airflash CC Primer, then layered over the Airflash Foundation. After correcting my dark circles with Lancome Effacernes concealer, I applied some light gold eyeshadow from the Dior palette on the lid and along the inner tear duct, then worked a bit of the bronze shade into the crease. I lightly traced the dark brown shade along the outer corner of the eye. I created a very slight winged line with the Clarins pencil, then retraced over it with the Smashbox liner.

Pat McGrath created lots of highlights on the face, so I lightly dabbed and blended some of Armani’s Fluid Sheer on cheekbones, the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow. I lightly countoured my face using Nars’ Laguna along the cheekbones and on the perimeter of the face, adding a little more to the temples.

To create a girly, pink flush, I used both Dior Rosy Glow and Make Up For Ever’s cream blush in 410. Pat used blush on both the cheekbones and around the temple area of the face. I finished off the look using Dior’s Lip Glow for a naturally bright pink lip.


Make Up For Ever has extended their super successful HD range to now include cream blushes. And let me tell you–they are dreamy.

I chose to try out #215, a warm pinky-apricot shade that will give you a pretty, girly flush. It’s very pigmented, you only need to dab a little bit of it on and blend. Seriously–start small with this blush, you don’t want to look as if you just came back from running in a cold windstorm. It really packs a punch, and you can always add layers afterwards. The silky texture blends seamlessly into your makeup, making application a breeze. There are no sparkles or shine (my favourite), you are just left with very natural, sheer colour–no lines whatsoever–it really blends that perfectly and easily to create a second skin.

It doesn’t sit on top of the skin, or leave a tacky finish. It is super lightweight and dries nicely–not to a powder finish, but with a satin finish that makes you appear as if you are naturally emanating a beautiful pinky glow.

The new range contains 16 shades, suitable for light to dark skin tones. Plus, for all of you girls who are frequently in front of the camera (selfies, professional shoots, whatever), the blushes were tested in front of HD cameras to ensure that they are undetectable.

Not only does give a natural, beautiful flush, but the colour is also long-lasting. These blushes are perfect for reviving sad, dull Polar Vortex skin!


While I’ve got nothing against a good red or pink lip, I think it’s just so overdone for Valentine’s Day. Kind of stumped for a fresh look for V-Day, I decided that a smudgier, smokier look was way sexier than super precise liner and lips (no guy likes seeing a bunch of makeup on a girl). And instead of going for your usual rose and red shades, peach seemed like the perfect compliment to a smokey eye. I guess the idea was a ‘I slept in my makeup but I still look amazing’ type of thing, and here’s how I did it:
Obviously every look looks best with even skin—I used a medium coverage foundation alongside a creamy concealer to hide any blotchiness and spots. Using a creamy, yellow-toned highlighter and my foundation brush, I added some sheen to the tops of my cheekbones, bridge of the nose and eye lids. Finally, to set everything in place, I applied a translucent powder to my entire face.
Some visual inspiration: Beyoncé (obviously) and Arizona.


To bring the warmth back to my face, I used bronzer along my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin and used a peachy-pink blush on the apples of my cheeks. Using a mix of the bronzer and blush, I applied with a fluffy brush to the creases of my eyes for some definition.
Along my upper, outer lash lines, I applied a matte black shadow with an angle brush, then blended out with my fingers. Continue adding shadow and blending until you get enough definition. I finished with a few coats of mascara to my upper lashes.
Finally for the lips, I dabbed on a soft coral shade with my fingers— no precision or technique here, just a stain.

And voila! A soft, simple look that while doesn’t look like a ton of makeup, brings warmth and dimension to your face and definition to the eyes.

–Anna Raponi


And finally, my third resolution: getting my skin in shape! Hula hoop not included. No, I mean getting my skin as clear as I possibly can. This is sounding super obsessive, but I mean, like, skin is a huge part of self-confidence, at least to me. This kind of came about during the Christmas break, when I’m not so keen on putting on a ton of makeup just to lay around the house. I noticed about a week of minimal makeup that my face was looking way clearer. And come an event in which I had to finally make myself up, I realized just how obvious it was that I had face makeup on. I didn’t look like skin. It looked like makeup, and that annoyed me because my skin under it all was actually looking alright yet I was covering it up. While I can no longer lay around without makeup (school, ugh), I’ve promised to take better care of my skin. And with this resolution, I’ve opted to wear light, light coverage foundation. It’s scarier having less on, I won’t lie, but it’s better for your skin and it’s way less obvious. So let’s get into it already!

I go for Jet Peel treatments every month, as I have been doing for about four months now. Amanda’s praised these before– they essentially clear out your pores, which has benefits for EVERY single skin type. On my acne-prone oily skin, I’ve seen less discolouration and less frequent breakouts. My facialist recommended that I start IPL Photofacials along with the Jet Peels, which I start this weekend. They promise a multitude of results and also speak to many skin concerns as well– my main aim is to get rid of old acne scars and prevent future acne. It’s not a cheap monthly visit, no, but the results are obvious.

Even fancy treatments won’t work if you don’t put in your own effort. I wash twice a day, always, and I follow up with toners, serums, moisturizers, the whole she-bang. I should really do masks more often but considering I always do them right after I wash off my makeup, I’m always to tired and, well, they don’t get done. So moral of the story, with this new years resolution comes the promise to do at least one mask a week–my favourites right now are Boscia’s White Mask, The Body Shop’s Blue Corn Mask, Éminence Clear Skin Mask and the Murad Blackhead Remover. After a mask, I always follow up with Lancôme’s Généfique Serum, just because I feel like it replenishes my skin after a strong mask.

As for makeup, I’ve ditched my beloved MUFE Velvet Mat and opted for Hourglass’ Immaculate foundation. It’s super light coverage, it feels amazing on my skin (you’d think it’s a primer-foundation hybrid) and most importantly, my skin looks like skin when it’s on. For any remaining spots that need covering, I use my Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. Now, I’m aware that this concealer is like the highest coverage concealer in the universe, like industrial strength, but hear me out. I put like a tiny, tiny dot of it on the back of my hand, then I dip my finger in a just a bit of it, then start dabbing it on my hand to get it all off. Then I dab another finger into the dabbed concealer, and only then do I apply it to my face. And I’m sure you’re wondering what the fuck was the point of all that. Well I’ve got some really, really dark acne scars and they’re a pain in the ass to cover. By only using a really thin layer of the product (which I get by said process), I get only the coverage and not so much the thick texture that I think gives that cakey look. Less makeup means better skin and well, it just looks like less makeup.

–Anna Raponi



Immaculate Foundation
Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light

The Immaculate Foundation is god-send–the formula feels like a gel moisturizer, the coverage is light but buildable, and it controls oil while looking natural”

Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
Liquidlast Liner

“It truly is the blackest liner I’ve ever used”

Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen

“The warmth of this shade is the key to covering the purple hue that naturally shadows my eye, no matter how much sleep I get”

Mat Velvet Foundation

“Medium to full coverage and the ability to keep your hyperactive oil glands at bay”

Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 

“These things are just as easy to apply as a Nars pencil, and cost about a third of the price. It lasts a good four hours, which is the longest I think any lip product has EVER lasted for me.


La Vie est Belle

“A deep, optimistic mix of iris, patchouli and gourmand. For me, it comes off as very feminine, floral (but not overbearingly so) and a bit mature”


I love it because it makes you seem like you just naturally smell amazing, not like ‘oh, her perfume smells amazing’.


Clear Skin Probiotic Line

“The products have not only done heaps in clearing my skin, but have also faded a lot of the marks from old breakouts” 


Vernis in Love in Grey Lumiere

“When I wore it, I noticed that in some lighting it had a burgundy hue, then in different light it looked a bit like a really dark emerald shade and then sometimes it even had a blueish sheen.”


If there’s anything I’ve learned from being a beauty addict, it’s that this stuff don’t come cheap. Paying $60 for a foundation that you will literally wash down the drain in about ten hours is kind of a painful thought, but of course it’s how the makeup makes us feel that matters.

So you’ve got a brand-spankin’ new blush that you’ve been eyeing for a few months. You’re dying to wear it out, but you haven’t got the right brush. You then realize that good brushes cost almost double what the blush costed, and well, you’re bummed. Well how about a brush, which ya, ain’t cheap, but will go across the board for most of your makeup needs (minus the eyes)?. Make Up For Evers #122 has got us covered. This brush is so soft, like so, so soft. The two distinctly different lengthed bristles give a light finish, and are ideal for blending, be it your liquid/powder foundation, blush, bronzer, mattifying powder you be the judge. The fibres don’t shed when you’re washing, and while this is kinda irrelevant, I love how you can’t see the colour on the bristles, unlike the typical black and white duo-fibre brushes. This brush is part of their Artisan collection, one of 76 styles that have been quality tests 50 times before it touches your face. Yes, an investment, but well worth it.

–Anna Raponi