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I know it must feel like the only hair products we review are from Kérastase, but they are just so damn good at what they do, and their Densifique collection is no exception.

I’m pretty sure if you asked any girl in the world what they wished was different about their hair, almost everyone would say that they wished they had more of it.

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Looking back at all of the posts from this year, I realized just how many products we’ve actually reviewed–and there are a ton!

Originally, I was going to do a top 10 list, but there are so many great products old and new that I’ve loved.

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a15a2-blonde5I’d been contemplating dying my hair black for a while, sort of bored with my one-dimensional brunette look. But going from brown to black isn’t a huge deal, and I wasn’t sure if it was worth the time, damage and cost for results that might not give me the change I was craving. And when Emily Weiss (blogger/ beauty guru queen) went bleach blonde back a few months ago, I realized just how cool that look could be on naturally dark haired gals. But of course, that was COMPLETELY uncharted territory for me, as someone with completely virgin hair. It was an idea that I didn’t see happening anytime soon, mainly because it was terrifying, but I always had it in the back of my mind.

Now fast-forward three weeks ago, as I’m standing at Pearson Airport about to board my flight to Paris. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I see yet another technicolour creation a la Bleach London, totally gawking at their creativity in hair colour that isn’t really seen in Canada all that much. It then dawned on me that I would be in London (for the very first time) not long from then and maybe this was a sign that it was my time to make a change. The next day, I made an appointment at their Dalston location (which I promptly missed) and spent the next two weeks freaking out and changing my mind. Nevertheless, I got in there, albeit a day after I was supposed to be there, and, well, I got bleached.

A beautiful, very curly haired lady named Sapphire did my virgin bleach (she’s also coloured Florence Welch’s and Caroline Flack’s hair), which is their version of a single process bleach for unbleached hair. I was informed that typically brunettes require a double process to get their hair to a white shade, but at Bleach they only do a single process per visit, and recommend that you lighten up at your next root appointment in 4-6 weeks. Nonetheless, I trusted her and she got right into it. She told me she used the second strongest bleach (out of three degrees)– I felt literally no burning or anything that I was told I would and that processed for about an hour after it was all applied. They do the roots later on because the bleach reacts faster closer to the scalp. After that’s all washed out, they toned my hair using purple and hues to knock out any yellow. To Sapphire’s and my own surprise, my hair went pearly white after the first process leaving me excited and way less terrified.

My overall experience at the salon was awesome (despite being there on the wrong day) and the actual salon has a super cool atmosphere. I brought back the Silver Shampoo and Conditioner, and their Reincarnation Mask by Sapphire’s recommendation– all of which were very inexpensive and available at Boots. I also took home with me their Bleach Bible, which I was advised I MUST follow if I want to maintain my white hair. This means no flat irons, curling irons, scrunchies, less regular shampooing (which I soon learned is quite easy), LOTS of hair masks and never sleeping on wet hair. In my short time with my bleached hair, I’ve learned that it is incredibly dry, very, very tangly and has a thicker, beachier texture that I love. That being said, I’ve basically been reaching for everything and anything that will make my hair softer and I’ve had to add quite a few products into my daily stash.

In the shower, I shampoo with Bleach’s Silver Shampoo, leaving it in for three or four minutes to eliminate any yellow tones or brassiness (plus I think it makes my hair more gray, hence the name). If I’m using my blow drier, I’ll first shampoo with my Kerastase heat-protecting shampoo, then follow with the Silver Shampoo. I follow up with a mix of their Silver Conditioner, which also has some lavender pigments, and Phytobaume Réparateur, leaving my hair to soak that up for a few minutes as well. Once I’m out of the shower, I carefully brush out my tangly white hair with a Tangle Teezer (another Bleach recommendation– that or a Mason Pearson Brush). I’ve basically employed every single mask and oil in my inventory–Klorane’s Desert Date Leave-In Conditioner and Mask and even straight-up avocado oil. Oh, and the Reincarnation Mask. I basically load up on one of those (or a mix) about half an hour before my shower to let my hair absorb some much needed moisture. It takes a good three or four days for my hair to get oily, meaning less showers and more moisture (and more laziness).

All this being said, it’s been only a week and I’m sure I have lots to learn in terms of my new do.

–Anna Raponi



I took the plunge not too long ago and finally got bangs. Yes, they are high maintenance and my lifestyle does require that they receive persistent attention, but I love them nonetheless.

Reasons why I they are more high maintenance than Cher Horowitz:

1.Wind: On my 20 minute walk to work today, Toronto’s winds blow them around. A quick sweep through them with my wallet-size comb in the elevator mirror fixes them quick before I get to my office on the seventh floor.

2. Yoga and Pilates: Slight perspiration from exercise can make my bangs a little wonky, and sometimes I just want them out of my face, but I can easily keep them back with a headband, or spritz in some dry shampoo to soak up any grease.

3. Humidity: The devil. This really is the worst force that I am constantly fighting against, especially on my treks into work. Any rain or humidity levels above 80% cause my bangs to lose their shit and get curly. It is the absolute worst. Not even a quick comb through will fix this problem.

To fight this battle, the best option would be to shield them from the air/rain the best that you can with a hat or hood, but no one really wants to wear a raincoat in 28 degrees. So, you need something that will fix them in place.

Kérastase’s new Laque Noire hair spray has a super strong hold that is totally brushable and fights humidity. Now, it’s not perfect when there is rain flying in your face, or on the dampest of days, but it really does a whole lot better than if you were without. I hate having a product-y feeling in my hair, but this hairspray can be generously sprayed on and you will still be able to run your comb through it and not get grossed out when you touch it. It’s almost even better when on the second day you already have some in your hair because it gives the bangs great texture and even more hold. This spray is also great for lightly misting the top of your head, where you might get the most flyaways–a little overspray gets over there when I’m misting my bangs and a quick juge with my fingers gives my freshly washed hair a bit of volume.


It’s probably pretty obvious why every girl should know how to give themselves an at least half-decent blow out. In a pinch, it works for any situation: interview, party, fancy party…you catch my drift. It takes you from 0 to sleek and professional.

It can be hard to learn (balancing a hair dry in one hand while brushing the back side of your head ain’t easy) but with time and practice, it is definitely something everyone can learn. It may never be as perfect as what your hairstylist can do (that’s why they’re pros) but it’s a good skill to have on the backburner should you ever need it.

Anna’s already broken this down for you in a tutorial–but the right tools and products are what make for a great blow out. Start by protecting your hair with heat protective shampoos and conditioners, then add in a few products to help with your hair type (i.e. volume, smoothing, etc.). Then, get a good quality (and lightweight) hair dryer with different speeds and heat levels and a natural bristle brush (gives a smoother result). Once you’ve learned how to do your own hair, you won’t need to pay your stylist to do it on the regular, or be scrambling for last minute appointments.

How does this save you $: your new skillz = less money & time spent at the hairdresser


I learned the art of the air dry and started hoarding vitamins. Plus I’m using an excellent serum.

So, ok. I don’t know if it was stress or hormonal changes or what, but last year, I started noticing my hair was getting thinner. Not the actual strands, but just the amount of hair that I had was definitely…less. Yes, I was blowdrying my hair, but only 2 or 3 times a week. I kept thinking, oh, it will grow back, it will be fine…but it didn’t and it wasn’t. So, I took matters into my own hands this December. I got rid of my layers and got a blunt cut (to make my hair appear thicker at the ends, instead of see-through layers). I picked up every supplement I could. I started taking Silica, Omega Fish Oils, Pre Natal vitamins (no, I’m not preggo/planning to get preggo), Vitamin D, Calcium, and Evening Primrose oil in addition to my usual Probiotics. My husband was pretty confused as to why I had bought a ton of stuff from Noah’s Natural Foods, but whatever. I wanted my hair back! Why was I taking these:

  • Silica-good for collagen stimulation, and hair and nail growth. Get the gel, not the tablets.
  • Biotin-good for hair growth
  • Omega oils-good for skin and hair
  • Pre Natal vitamins-good for hair, nails and it is a good source of iron. Taking iron supplements on their own can be pretty hard on your stomach, so this is a good way to work it in.
  • Vitamin D & Calcium- taken in tandem, good for bones
  • Evening Primrose Oil-I had heard that this could help control hormonal breakouts

And you know what? My hair is back. Not too 100% of where it was, but all those little hairs around my face are getting longer, hair at the front of my head and and the base of my neck is thicker than ever. Once the hairs match up with the full-length of my hair, it will be wonderful. Now–I have also tried to avoid heat styling as much as possible in my hair rehab experiment. I have embraced the air dry and have learned how to best deal with my natural hair texture, and I actually have learned to love it. No matter how hard you try to get your hair to grow, if you’re burning and frying it everyday, it will never be long and lustrous. If you do need to heat style, then be sure to use heat protective products (I really like Kerastase’s shampoo and (unfortunately) discontinued mousse). In addition to supplements, my other saviour has been Kerastase’s Initialiste serum. I don’t think it’s supposed to make your hair grow per se, but it makes it stronger, that’s for sure. I apply it after showering to the baby hairs around my face, and then make a few different parts along the top and sides of my scalp and massage in a few drops. If I apply it to my baby hairs, and then comb them back and allow them to air dry, the hairs stay back. This for me, is groundbreaking. They don’t get as curly and they are smoother and feel thicker. By strengthening the regrowth, it gives them a chance to grow instead of just breaking. Also: I recent read about how doing yoga inversions for 4 minutes a day can make your hair grow longer in a week. I started my experiment last night and will keep you updated.