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I’ve never been a daily-lip-product-wearing gal. I like my Rosebud Salve, yes, but in terms of colour on my lips on a daily basis, well, that’s just way too high maintenance. But after seeing Kylie Jenner’s selfies circa Coachella, where her lips seemed to suddenly look perfectly defined yet subtle (also much bigger than they used to…), I needed to get my hands on an nearly natural shade as well. Too many times I’ve selected nude shades far to beige that made me look sick, and opted to grab a lipstick at the drugstore to be safe. Rimmel’s Kate Moss collection literally takes all of the guess work out of lipstick shopping– all the the shades are super chic and they’re all decent quality. I played around with a few rosey-nude shades, eventually picking 104. It’s essentially a bolder and slightly pinkier version of my natural lip colour, which means application sans mirror is totally an option. It has a satiny-matte finish that is comfortable on the lips and layers really nicely. It’s actually quite moisturizing for a ‘matte’ product (though, as I said, this isn’t entirely matte), and layered over some balm, makes the perfect bitten, berry-mauve pout.

–Anna Raponi


EVEN THOUGH I ALWAYS SHAMPOO TWICE, I found lately that my scalp had this build up that just would not leave. No matter how long I scrubbed, or switched up my shampoos.

So, I tried using some apple cider vinegar (I used it once as a rinse, and it gave me really clean, shiny, healthy-looking hair), but the effects didn’t translate to my scalp.

I was a bit defeated. I didn’t want to add yet another shampoo to my already overwhelming shower collection, so I did some quick research on build up. Turns out, adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of baking soda to your shampoo makes for a squeaky clean noggin! I grabbed the soda from my baking supplies cabinet and headed to the shower.

I did a quick massage with my Kiehl’s Amino Acid, then dropped a few spoonfuls of the white powder onto the top of my head, massaged it in, and then scrubbed down my body for a few minutes to let the baking soda do it’s work. After it has slightly foamed up, rinse it out and continue with your conditioner. Clean scalps for all, without spending an extra penny!