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I discovered these drugstore miracle-workers a few weeks ago, and for their small price (20-30 dollars each), they have made a huge difference to my skin and have found their place in my essentials. These two products come from Indeed laboratories, a very results-oriented company.

Eysilix: If you have puffy eyes in the morning, or you want to tighten up your eye area, this is the eye cream for you. I am not joking that when it claims it “instantly lifts” that it does just that. A few seconds after application, you can actually feel this cream tightening and lifting the skin (it’s totally crazy–it kind of freaked me out the first time, it almost sucks out the puffiness). In the morning, this cream is a winner since puffiness makes for difficult mascara and eyeliner application–but with this product, no worries at all. It looks as if I woke up hours ago. This is definitely an impressive eye cream.

If you have a dry eye area like me, this isn’t the most hydrating cream, however, to fix that all I do is use a little of my facial moisturizer over top.

Hydraluron: This gel has made my skin more hydrated than ever. It’s like the Kiehl’s mask, but you use it everyday, so your skin is always plump and healthy. You can use it twice a day, however, I only use it before bed because it’s just too many layers for me in the morning (be sure to apply it as your second last step before your moisturizer). If you have any tightness from dry skin, this will fix it for you. If you have any acne, you should probably be using this too; it’s a great way for your skin to get that extra boost of hydration without any oil or greasiness (which helps to heal the skin). It will also save you money because you end up using less of your moisturizer.