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I was a bit apprehensive about this line when it was first sent to me–I’ve never used Matrix products, and I wasn’t sure if all the “protective” products would weigh down my fine hair.

I have to say, I was totally wrong, and pretty impressed, actually.

The Heat Resist line from Matrix is meant for those who constantly abuse their hair with heat styling. I am definitely guilty of this. I blow dry my hair a few times a few and am always chasing my stubborn, curly baby hairs with my straightening iron (I know, I know). So when I saw these products, I really hoped that they would work.

The products all contain an ingredient that helps to coat the hair with a protective film. As I was washing my hair with the shampoo I was worried what this film would feel like, but it’s not bad at all. It’s definitely a different feeling than my normal Kiehl’s gives me, but it’s not bad or heavy by any means. Just different.

The conditioner is great as well–hydrating but doesn’t weigh hair down. After towel drying, I still applied some hair oil to my ends, and I let my hair air dry naturally for about 45 minutes. Then I apply a dime-sized amount of the gel to my hands, warm it up in my hands to liquify it a bit, then apply throughout the hair and blow dry as usual. The gel is not sticky or heavy. It helps to hold shape and create a smooth blowout.

I only use a straightening iron around my face, so I applied a small amount of the lotion to the hair and then ran the iron through. It might make a sizzling noise, but don’t worry, this is just the product. It doesn’t leave any residue whatsoever, and creates hold for the newly straightened pieces.

Overall, this line holds my blowout longer (3 days!), fights frizz and most importantly to me, doesn’t feel like I have any product in my hair. Winners all around, and at a great price.