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Yes, this is yet another post about hair from my end. I know, I know. It’s the weirdest thing, I used to literally put no effort into my hair and now it is the longest and most tedious part of my routine. That being said, the extra heat styling on my hair lately has definitely taken it’s toll– my hair feels drier, my split ends seemed to be extra obvious (which lead to an emergency haircut), and while I’m not sure if this is related, my hair was getting really frizzy lately. Not a nice combo! I knew I needed to take action ASAP to get some more moisture into my hair, and thought that my shampoo was probably a good place to start.

Now, in comes Kerastase’s Bain Nutri-Thermique. This is catered towards sensitized (I assumed by heat styling?), dry hair in need of some serious nourishment. I love any shampoo that makes my hair super soft and detangled in the shower, so this stuff found a little place in my heart quite easily. When used with heat-styling tools, the nourishment is actually then activated to condition the fibres. My hair feels stronger when I’m brushing and styling (less pulling) and I even noticed less frizz. My hair is significantly softer and healthier looking and feeling. Overall, this product is a necessity for anyone who heat-styles their hair on a day to day basis, or even for anyone who just wants really, really soft hair.


If it isn’t already obvious, I have some serious envy for Kylie Jenner’s style. And since she cut her hair to the same length as mine a few months ago, I’ve been loving her fresher, and in my opinion, more chic look. Her ombré hair just hovers her collarbone, and she typically wears it super voluminous at the roots, straight and some serious texture at the ends. With a bit of tinkering, I think I’ve almost mastered the look and wear it almost everyday because it’s versatile, fast and has that effortlessly cool feeling.

I wash my hair, the usual. I let it dry until it’s about 95% dry, then blow-dry the roots, crunching up with my fingers to build a little volume and texture. I then throw it all up in a bun, and remove layer by layer, from the bottom up, running through with a flat iron once or twice max. I always leave a little wave to the pieces, it’s easier and (in my humble opinion) cooler. My part changes on the daily–even Kylie regularly swaps from deep side parts to modelesque middle parts. I make sure that the most face-framing pieces are a little extra straight, I think it flatters the face more. Then, going a little wild with some thickening spray (you can also use a dry shampoo here), crunching up the roots and making it look like I … how do you say… woke up like this. I usually finish off with a couple spritzes of surf spray to hold everything in place and establish just that little bit more texture. And voila!

–Anna Raponi


Aveda’s new Naturally Straight cream claims to not only create a smooth, sleek blowout that lasts, but also to make your hair smoother and sleeker the more you use this product, naturally. You can also use this as a styling cream to eliminate frizz for wavy or curly locks by applying to damp hair and either allowing to dry naturally or with a diffuser.

Having curly hair, naturally, I was the perfect candidate to put this to the test. I mean, with Canada’s disgusting summer humidity, I’ll do anything I can to fight frizz.

This lightweight cream should be applied thoroughly throughout the hair. I like to divide my hair into two section, then warm up a dime-sized amount in my hands before applying.

This cream does do some of the stuff it claims. But it also doesn’t do some of the other things. Let me be more specific:

Blow drying should be smoother. This is true. My brush was able to glide easily through my hair, making for a smoother finish and require less touch-ups than usual with a flat-iron.

Your hair should stay straight, day after day. My curly hair still fought through and I had curls and waves near my ears and by my neck after my walk to work (it was humid out).

Progressively straightens curls with every use. I used it three times in a row, and my hair was just as curly as ever.

Now, please don’t take this as a negative post, I do not write negative posts about products. If I don’t like a product, I simply will not write about it.

So, the verdict is that I like it–it makes blowdrying an easier battle, requires less of the iron and creates shiny, healthy looking hair without weighing it down, and hair does get easier to blowdry the more you use it. However, it still can’t fight humid air. But nothing really can as far as I know.


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Angela, my sister, has long, gorgeous, curly hair that unfortunately gets oily the second day. She is, after all, a teenager, so of course it’s hormones that are to blame for this.
To make her hair even more difficult to deal with, her ends are very dry, which can be the case for a lot of long maned girls like her. How can you possibly treat both of these things?
I passed along Klorane’s Oil Control Shampoo with Nettle along with their Desert Date Mask for a deep conditioning treatment to try and help with her haircare woes.
Angela was actually super impressed. After her second time using the shampoo, her hair was a lot less greasy on the second day–she didn’t even need to use dry shampoo! This was a first. For those who have a drier hair type, but greasy roots, Angela suggested that you apply the Oil Control shampoo to the roots and a more hydrating shampoo to the lengths.
To really hydrate her dry ends, I recommended that she leave on the mask as long as possible. She left the conditioner on for four hours before rincing and her hair was softer than ever before. A match made in heaven!
Remember: Hit up a Klorane counter near you for a hair care consultation and free samples! With the purchase of two products, you will receive a travel-sized dry shampoo.

Toronto Eaton Centre: April 22-26 & May 7-10
Yorkdale: May 1-4


As you know, I adore Klorane’s cult favourite dry shampoo (this post is definitely a throwback) for soaking up any oil and add volume to my hair on it’s second or third day. When I was sent a bunch of their hair care products, I was expecting the same great results, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have to say–I’m normally a bit of snob when it comes to hair care products (I’m normally one for salon brands), but these products really work and are great value for your money. Plus! You can rack up dem Optimum points while you’re at it.

Lucky for all of you, Klorane will be running pop-up counter at select Shoppers Drug Marts near you during the months of April and May. Visit them to receive a consultation and free samples and coupons–and if you buy 2 products, you’ll receive a travel-size dry shampoo!

Visit them at:

Fairview Mall: April 16, 17, 19
Toronto Eaton Centre: April 22-26 & May 7-10
Yorkdale: May 1-4

Below are a select few of my favourites, but definitely look into the rest of their ranges for what suits your hair best!

Volume and Texture
The flax line, made to give fine hair volume, really does what it says. The shampoo is really light and perfectly cleans the hair to create fluffy, natural volume. If you want to go a bit further, the weightless Leave-In Spray With Flax Fiber will definitely give you that extra oomph, no blow-drying required and no sticky residue.

Letting my hair dry naturally is great and all for it’s overall health, but curly hair just isn’t as sleek and shiny as straight hair. I was excited and a bit nervous to try out the Shine-Boosting Water (I thought it might make my hair greasy and weigh it down) but it wasn’t heavy at all and gave my hair a natural glisten to it. The Conditioning Balm is really very light, so I wouldn’t recommend this for dry hair, but does add extra lustre.

Oily Prone
My 14-year old sister Angela has hair that tends to get greasy quickly (teenage hormones) and this shampoo is helping to regulate the oil production. It’s ultra-gentle so it won’t strip the hair (and make you produce more oil).

Dry Hair
Along with having oily roots, Angela has long, curly hair with dry ends. The mask with desert date is perfect for repairing any damage and making the rough hair soft and silky. The leave-in cream is perfect for sealing in moisture on dry ends. I wouldn’t recommend this line for fine hair, but it definitely great for coarse, thick hair.