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It is well know on this blog just how much we love Kérastase–they ace everything they do.




We could probably say that Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray was one of the most revolutionary hair products of the last five years, and spawned countless copycats from Bumble and Bumble to Rusk to AG. Continue reading SHU UEMERA // TEXTURE WAVE


I have a whole lot of really fine hair–which is fine, I find it quite easy to style. Unfortunately, when I step out of the shower, or if it has been a particularly windy day, my hair turns into a big matted knot. No matter how much conditioner, or if I have just brushed my hair, it is tangly.

Even though I apply an oil to my ends, this does not smooth and untangle my hair by itself. Enter, Aveda’s Brilliant spray. I spray a cloud of this ALL over my head (don’t worry, it’s weightless and not greasy or sticky at all and has a pretty scent), leave my hair for a few minutes, and it makes my blow-dry so much easier. After a spraying and waiting, I run my fingers though my hair for detangling (don’t brush out your wet hair!) and let it air dry until I’m reading for the blowdryer.

This miracle spray not only detangles, but helps protect your hair against damaging heat and UV rays. You can also spray this on dry hair for a bit of hair sunscreen and a bit of shine.


BBCURLINGCREMEAnyone with curly hair knows that “crunchy” feeling when the product makes your curls really stringy and almost hard. It not quite the bouncy and shiny curls that straight-haired girls assume come naturally to us. I can get away without using products, but I feel like a little oil and a little anti-frizz/curl enhancer just makes the my hair shiner and the curls more ‘predictable’ (more ringlet-y and less… what’s the word, squiggly?). Most of these products control the frizz pretty well, however alot of them leave me with unruly and crunchy (also squiggly) hair. While most people would just accept that no product can do the trick without the crunch, I, without much effort actually, found the answer; Bumble and bumble’s Curl Conscious Calming Creme. I run a dime-sized amount of this magic through my roots to the ends with my fingers, crunching the hair at the bottom for volume. Watch as your hair dries into shiny, defined, but soft curls– this stuff is amazing. My friend even said that it looked like I had it professionally blow-dried, it’s that good.

–Anna Raponi


I took the plunge not too long ago and finally got bangs. Yes, they are high maintenance and my lifestyle does require that they receive persistent attention, but I love them nonetheless.

Reasons why I they are more high maintenance than Cher Horowitz:

1.Wind: On my 20 minute walk to work today, Toronto’s winds blow them around. A quick sweep through them with my wallet-size comb in the elevator mirror fixes them quick before I get to my office on the seventh floor.

2. Yoga and Pilates: Slight perspiration from exercise can make my bangs a little wonky, and sometimes I just want them out of my face, but I can easily keep them back with a headband, or spritz in some dry shampoo to soak up any grease.

3. Humidity: The devil. This really is the worst force that I am constantly fighting against, especially on my treks into work. Any rain or humidity levels above 80% cause my bangs to lose their shit and get curly. It is the absolute worst. Not even a quick comb through will fix this problem.

To fight this battle, the best option would be to shield them from the air/rain the best that you can with a hat or hood, but no one really wants to wear a raincoat in 28 degrees. So, you need something that will fix them in place.

Kérastase’s new Laque Noire hair spray has a super strong hold that is totally brushable and fights humidity. Now, it’s not perfect when there is rain flying in your face, or on the dampest of days, but it really does a whole lot better than if you were without. I hate having a product-y feeling in my hair, but this hairspray can be generously sprayed on and you will still be able to run your comb through it and not get grossed out when you touch it. It’s almost even better when on the second day you already have some in your hair because it gives the bangs great texture and even more hold. This spray is also great for lightly misting the top of your head, where you might get the most flyaways–a little overspray gets over there when I’m misting my bangs and a quick juge with my fingers gives my freshly washed hair a bit of volume.


As you know, I adore Klorane’s cult favourite dry shampoo (this post is definitely a throwback) for soaking up any oil and add volume to my hair on it’s second or third day. When I was sent a bunch of their hair care products, I was expecting the same great results, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have to say–I’m normally a bit of snob when it comes to hair care products (I’m normally one for salon brands), but these products really work and are great value for your money. Plus! You can rack up dem Optimum points while you’re at it.

Lucky for all of you, Klorane will be running pop-up counter at select Shoppers Drug Marts near you during the months of April and May. Visit them to receive a consultation and free samples and coupons–and if you buy 2 products, you’ll receive a travel-size dry shampoo!

Visit them at:

Fairview Mall: April 16, 17, 19
Toronto Eaton Centre: April 22-26 & May 7-10
Yorkdale: May 1-4

Below are a select few of my favourites, but definitely look into the rest of their ranges for what suits your hair best!

Volume and Texture
The flax line, made to give fine hair volume, really does what it says. The shampoo is really light and perfectly cleans the hair to create fluffy, natural volume. If you want to go a bit further, the weightless Leave-In Spray With Flax Fiber will definitely give you that extra oomph, no blow-drying required and no sticky residue.

Letting my hair dry naturally is great and all for it’s overall health, but curly hair just isn’t as sleek and shiny as straight hair. I was excited and a bit nervous to try out the Shine-Boosting Water (I thought it might make my hair greasy and weigh it down) but it wasn’t heavy at all and gave my hair a natural glisten to it. The Conditioning Balm is really very light, so I wouldn’t recommend this for dry hair, but does add extra lustre.

Oily Prone
My 14-year old sister Angela has hair that tends to get greasy quickly (teenage hormones) and this shampoo is helping to regulate the oil production. It’s ultra-gentle so it won’t strip the hair (and make you produce more oil).

Dry Hair
Along with having oily roots, Angela has long, curly hair with dry ends. The mask with desert date is perfect for repairing any damage and making the rough hair soft and silky. The leave-in cream is perfect for sealing in moisture on dry ends. I wouldn’t recommend this line for fine hair, but it definitely great for coarse, thick hair.


It’s probably pretty obvious why every girl should know how to give themselves an at least half-decent blow out. In a pinch, it works for any situation: interview, party, fancy party…you catch my drift. It takes you from 0 to sleek and professional.

It can be hard to learn (balancing a hair dry in one hand while brushing the back side of your head ain’t easy) but with time and practice, it is definitely something everyone can learn. It may never be as perfect as what your hairstylist can do (that’s why they’re pros) but it’s a good skill to have on the backburner should you ever need it.

Anna’s already broken this down for you in a tutorial–but the right tools and products are what make for a great blow out. Start by protecting your hair with heat protective shampoos and conditioners, then add in a few products to help with your hair type (i.e. volume, smoothing, etc.). Then, get a good quality (and lightweight) hair dryer with different speeds and heat levels and a natural bristle brush (gives a smoother result). Once you’ve learned how to do your own hair, you won’t need to pay your stylist to do it on the regular, or be scrambling for last minute appointments.

How does this save you $: your new skillz = less money & time spent at the hairdresser


Kerastase NutritiveHair needs all the protection it can get when it’s constantly being blowdried, straightened, curled etc. Unfortunately for me, a lot of heat protective products weigh down my fine, dry hair, or don’t hydrate it at all, resulting in crispy ends (not cute). Heat protection should start in the shower, not right before you turn on the blowdryer. This way, you are protecting your hair from root to tip, not just from midway down, with a bit of oil or leave-in conditioner.

Kérastase’s heat protective line is not only extremely hydrating, but it also manages to give my hair volume, resulting in soft, healthy, fluffy hair.

The shampoo is creamy and heat activated, so it continues hydrating your poor follicles under the duress of your styling tools.

I was sent a masque, not a conditioner, but I’m so glad I was. This uber-thick treatment is buttery and deeply conditions the hair, bringing any dry ends back to life. You’re left with silky, smooth and manageable hair. Plus, the wonderful thing about this masque being heat activated is that you can rinse your hair with warm water (rinsing my hair at the end of my shower with cold water to close the follicle and create shine always kills me).

Now, for this mousse. I am in love with it, but I am really, really scared that it has been discontinued. I’m hoping for everyone’s sake that it hasn’t because it creates such a smooth, voluminous blow dry, without weighing hair down. Seriously–your hair looks like it came from a shampoo commercial. Not only is it working to protect your hair, but it makes it look healthy, shiny, bouncy and amazing. It’s not sticky or heavy whatsoever, it really doesn’t feel like there is anything at all in your hair. If you can nab any remaining bottles of this on Amazon, go for it!


I was a bit apprehensive about this line when it was first sent to me–I’ve never used Matrix products, and I wasn’t sure if all the “protective” products would weigh down my fine hair.

I have to say, I was totally wrong, and pretty impressed, actually.

The Heat Resist line from Matrix is meant for those who constantly abuse their hair with heat styling. I am definitely guilty of this. I blow dry my hair a few times a few and am always chasing my stubborn, curly baby hairs with my straightening iron (I know, I know). So when I saw these products, I really hoped that they would work.

The products all contain an ingredient that helps to coat the hair with a protective film. As I was washing my hair with the shampoo I was worried what this film would feel like, but it’s not bad at all. It’s definitely a different feeling than my normal Kiehl’s gives me, but it’s not bad or heavy by any means. Just different.

The conditioner is great as well–hydrating but doesn’t weigh hair down. After towel drying, I still applied some hair oil to my ends, and I let my hair air dry naturally for about 45 minutes. Then I apply a dime-sized amount of the gel to my hands, warm it up in my hands to liquify it a bit, then apply throughout the hair and blow dry as usual. The gel is not sticky or heavy. It helps to hold shape and create a smooth blowout.

I only use a straightening iron around my face, so I applied a small amount of the lotion to the hair and then ran the iron through. It might make a sizzling noise, but don’t worry, this is just the product. It doesn’t leave any residue whatsoever, and creates hold for the newly straightened pieces.

Overall, this line holds my blowout longer (3 days!), fights frizz and most importantly to me, doesn’t feel like I have any product in my hair. Winners all around, and at a great price.