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Sarah Gadon, native Torontonian, and favourite of Director David Cronenbourg, has been announced as the new face of Giorgio Armani makeup.



As someone who for years feared looking even slightly dewy and hoards little packages of blotting sheets, it is truly weird that 1) I even purchased not one but TWO products that do not include mattifying in the title, and 2) actually love them. This is progress if  I ever saw it everyone. Continue reading LUMINOUS COMPLEXION MUST-HAVES


Be it for an hour at the gym, a coffee date, or even just to run errands in this late August heat, I’ve been reaching for my lightest base products to even out my skin tone without melting off my face in the process. Foundations have just been too high maintenance, so I’ve been making use of some albeit very bored primers to make my bare face look just that little bit more even or to grab hold of any base products that I do put on. Continue reading BASE FAVES // SMASHBOX, CLARINS, ARMANI & MUFE



Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 8.21.21 AM
This past fall, I was sorta obsessed with my abundant and ever-growing collection of lipstick. That’s why when summer rolled around and I had no desire to do any more than lip balm, it was a bit of a sad moment. Even my summer corals and pinks had no appeal to me. Why? Well, makeup in the summertime is already a hassle as it is– I feel like I’m already blotting and powdering by the hour, why add another step in my touch-up regime? That’s why on my recent trip to Paris, I packed one lone red lipstick, knowing that it was probably just wishful thinking.

Red lips are kind of a toughie for me. I always feel way overdone when I pair it with my everyday eye-makeup (liner and mascara), but I still want a little definition on the eyes! Plus I hate to cake on the base products because I just feel like it’s sooo not-chic. Anyways, determined as I was to wear out a red lip, and very inspired by the lack of makeup French girls wear, I think i figured out a modern, light and easy way to wear a red lip for this summer weather.

Starting off with correcting any red tones in my skin (the only red on your face should be on your lips with this look), I do a thin layer of a thin, light-coverage foundation (preferably water-based–I use Maestro from Armani) on my cheeks, nose and chin. I then touch on any blemishes using a high coverage creamy concealer–the Dermablend foundation stick is awesome. I use my fingers to really melt it into the skin and blend onto the rest of the face so it’s undetectable. Then for my violet-hued undereye circles, I dab on a tiny bit of a very orange-toned concealer, which for me is the matching Maestro Eraser. I finish with a thin layer of translucent powder (to beat the heat!)–Dermablend makes an industrial strength one that is literally suitable for everyone.

Onto the eyes, I really went for less is more with this one. I simply did a wash of MAC’s Camel Coat, but any tone slightly darker than your skintone will do. This will add some subtle definition and really give you that Parisienne-cool look. No mascara, no liner, keep calm.

In my opinion, there is literally no occasion in which a strong brow isn’t needed– I fill my in with a slightly darker matte eye-shadow then comb into place with a little hairspray on a spoolie.

Now for the lip. Nothing new here; I start off with a crimson pencil, first outlining the ideal shape of my natural lips, then filling in. Smack your lips together, blot, then onto the lipstick. The key for this look is to create a really long-lasting, worn in red lip that doesn’t really scream “look at me!” but more like “I have my life put together” (this look does not, however, put your life together). I personally think a matte red is my favourite look right now, so I used Military Red by Burberry. Two coats, blotting after each.

I added a little Nars Laguna bronzer and Mistinguette highlighter onto my cheeks for a little definition to finish it all off.

All written out like that, this look doesn’t seem as effortless as it initally felt, but trust me, this really takes five minutes before you’re out the door. And with matte lipsticks, touch up’s are only necessary after eating/drinking (or excessive kissing). So put your neglected lipsticks to use!

–Anna Raponi


Pretty explanatory, today I’m going to give you the lowdown on my everyday makeup look, which inherently means sharing my favourite products and how I like to use ’em.

I start off doing my liner with a Korean pen-liner which is INCREDIBLE–Clio’s Liner in Kill Black. No, it’s not quite ‘waterproof’, but I’ve had this for nearly six months, and it’s still inky and has a super precise tip. I typically do a little cat eye and clean up with some Bioderma-soaked Q-tips (which is why I do this first).

Then, I work on my skin. I do a thin layer of Armani’s Maestro in Shade 3 all over– this stuff is almost water thin and looks super natural, it’s seriously next-level makeup. I go under the eyes with Shade 3.5 of the matching Armani Maestro concealer, which has dark orange tones that correct. I set it with Vichy Dermablend Translucent Powder and I’m set until lunchtime when I more often then not need to blot.
t any purple circles. If I’ve got any blemishes to cover up (which I 100% do have 95% of the time), I go in with Vichy Dermablend Foundation Stick in the first shade OR, if I need some serious help, Amazing Cosmetics.

For a little definition, I apply some of Nars Laguna right under my cheekbones using a tapered paint brush I found at the art store (it really gets into the hollows of my cheeks and it was like $20). Continuing with Laguna, I grab a fluffier brush and give the contours of my face a little bronzer. I’ve been loving a dusting of Giorgio Armani’s Eccentrico on my cheeks for a natural flush and highlight.

I finish off my eyes with a few coats of Maybelline’s Mega Plush, which is ah-mazing. As for brows, I get them died nearly black so I just brush them out with a spoolie.

I always, always, always apply some Rosebud Salve to my lips before heading out, and if I remember, a coat of Rimmel’s 104 lipstick.

And people say I’m high maintenance!

–Anna Raponi


You might remember a few months ago that I wrote about mixing my tinted moisturizer with highlighter. This post is along the same vein–mixing my base colour with a luminizer=diffused imperfections and more radiant and awake looking skin.

As you can see, when I swatched the Fluid Sheer #13, the shimmer was nearly impossible to pick up on camera (read: you will not look like a disco ball if you don’t use too much of it, also, sorry for my little hand hairs). All I need is one drop for a glowing (but not too glowing) complexion. I definitely wouldn’t just apply this all over my face alone or before foundation. Mixing in a small amount is best.

However, you could also just dot this champagne-coloured shimmer along your cheekbones and on your eyelids for some extra sparkle.

You might also remember, that a while ago I talked about Armani’s lipsticks and getting my makeup done by one of their makeup artists. When I asked my artist what her favourite product in the entire makeup line was, she said that it was without a doubt the Fluid Sheer, stating that you could really give skin that unreal, plastic look.

Now I’m not a mean girl and I don’t want to go into plastic territory, but damn does this make my skin look beautiful.

In comparison to the High Beam: FS is thinner, more frosty and silver-toned (while FS is a warmer, light gold tone), and probably slightly more pigmented. The bottle is quite a bit smaller than the FS as well.

While shade #13 is limited edition for Spring (get it while you still can), there are 12 other beautiful colours in the range, making it suitable for any skin tone.


While gold was all over the runways for Spring and Summer, I think the soft, angelic Greek fairy look from Dolce and Gabbana was my favourite (I’m not sure how wearable a gold eyebrow really is). The girls all sported a fresh, glowy, romantic look down the runway with warm pink lips and a rosy glow. Soft gold highlighted eyes in a very understated way and highlights were created over dewy skin. While not an obviously “gold” look, I think it is perfectly suitable for the warmer days ahead.

To start, I created an even base with Dior’s Airflash CC Primer, then layered over the Airflash Foundation. After correcting my dark circles with Lancome Effacernes concealer, I applied some light gold eyeshadow from the Dior palette on the lid and along the inner tear duct, then worked a bit of the bronze shade into the crease. I lightly traced the dark brown shade along the outer corner of the eye. I created a very slight winged line with the Clarins pencil, then retraced over it with the Smashbox liner.

Pat McGrath created lots of highlights on the face, so I lightly dabbed and blended some of Armani’s Fluid Sheer on cheekbones, the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow. I lightly countoured my face using Nars’ Laguna along the cheekbones and on the perimeter of the face, adding a little more to the temples.

To create a girly, pink flush, I used both Dior Rosy Glow and Make Up For Ever’s cream blush in 410. Pat used blush on both the cheekbones and around the temple area of the face. I finished off the look using Dior’s Lip Glow for a naturally bright pink lip.


A few weeks ago, Giorgio Armani held an event downtown at the Bay. Coincidentally, I would be heading out to another industry event later that evening, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out a few new products and get my makeup done.

They had several of Armani’s national trainers on hand for the makeovers while Reza Zaimeche, Armani’s official makeup artist, stopped by a few times throughout the applications to offer suggestions and tweak the looks.

My wonderful makeup artist and I chatted about my makeup style, and decided upon a natural look with a pop of colour on the lips. While she was applying their Luminessence CC creme, Reza flew in and sheepishly grinned, “I looooove your freckles!”. I embarassingly giggled. He agreed that a pop of colour on my lips would be perfect. When my MUA mentionned going with shade #400, a blue-red, Reza offered “No, go with #403 Downtown. It’s a brown-red. It’s much chic-er than blue-reds”. Noted.

click photo to enlarge

Having never tried a brown-red (usually I stay in the comfortable, teeth-whitening zone of blue-reds), I was a bit nervous that it would make me look old. However, I could see his point: you never see bright reds on Parisian girls, more of a subdued, “I was born wearing red lipstick” reds. I was basically preparing myself to look as cool as Jeanne Damas in my mind (now I just need bangs…).

The look ended up being perfect! I loved the lip colour, and my MUA was super skilled at eyeliner application.

The Rouge Ecstasy range are considered “CC” lipsticks (colour and care): they are meant to offer the comfort, softness and care of a lip balm while containing saturated, luminous colour with great long-lasting wear.

In addition to the red, I also had another shade from this range, #508 Daybreak, which had been sent to me previously to review.

The colour is also long-lasting, which is great for me since I tend to forget I am wearing lipstick. As mentioned, #403 is a dark brown-red, which can be applied with or without liner. I really like it as a lighter application for more of a stained look, or with two coats which really gives a rich colour. No shimmer or glitter in this shade whatsoever, just uber-creamy lips with a slight, healthy shine.

#508 is a medium beige-pink (typical me, I know), that gives a warm look. It has a slight golden glimmer to it, and the colour is pink enough that it looks fresh and less nude. The colour is quite sheer and hydrating as #403, but still has coverage (I have somewhat dark colour lips, so I can’t really wear light colours over top).

And for the last shade, #510 Dolci, is a cool toned berry pink sans any shimmer, which I actually won from Dave Lackie‘s Twitter giveaways (if you don’t already follow him, get on that, he gives away amazing prizes every single day). I think it’s a great transitional colour from winter to spring. The colour is dark but vivid and subtle enough that it’s not shouting. Again, perfectly creamy, nourishing colour that just won’t quit.

The formula of these lipsticks is incredibly creamy and highly pigmented, which makes for a flawless and easy application every time (and perfect for on-the-go situations). You can definitely skip the lip balm and liner before hand.

Plus: Not only is the packaging minimalist-chic, but it also has an amazing magnetic closure that makes for a sleek slide and click when you replace the cap.