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Don’t get me wrong, I love the luxurious packaging and Sephora’s beauty insider points, but there is something so satisfying in finding a great, sometimes better than high-end, inexpensive product at the drugstore.

I have pretty thick eyebrows that don’t really need filling in, but one of my essentials is a clear brow gel to keep them in place. I’ve used the Anastasia one, another from Estée Lauder (which doesn’t seem to exist anymore) before I stumbled upon Maybelline’s Great Lash Gel. It does take a little longer to dry and it is an unusually liquidy formula, but the end result is the same, and for a product that you technically don’t actually see, it makes no difference what brand it is.

As for the mascara, I can’t take all the credit. My friend bought it in brown by accident and gave it to me. I didn’t know what to expect– I’m not a huge mascara girl. I usually wear brown, I just think black is too obvious on me. And that’s the other thing– I like a really seperating and just tad volumizing formula, like as natural looking as possible.

I had been using Clinique’s High Impact, but it was getting a bit funky, it had been a while. I gave this one a try, and man, it was like love at first sight. The formula is really… wet, you know what I mean? The brush was easy to manoeuvre so I could get right to the roots. I was left with defined and voluminous lashes. My only complaint, and I really mean it when I say only, is that it flaked by the end of the day, which doesn’t really surprise me because I’ve found that most drugstore mascaras do that. Nonetheless, I’m so pleased with this one I’m probably not be going back to high-end mascaras for a while.

–Anna Raponi


I think there are two problems that often hold girls back from using eyebrow pencils or powders:

1)They don’t want to look too manly/have a crazy Frida thing going on

2)The makeup artist at the store has crazy eyebrows and then draws crazy eyebrows on you

So, I say, girls! Go back to the makeup counter. Ask the girl to match your eyebrow colour to a pencil or powder for you (never go darker than your natural colour), wipe off your new crazy eyebrows, buy the product, then go home and play with it.

There is really no reason to have huge, drawn on eyebrows–unless you want to follow the strong brow trend seen on the runway these past weeks (ahem, Cara Delevingne). Around 10 years ago, the trend was to have thinner brows, and a lot of girls overplucked them into thin, short brows. Eyebrow pencils and powders are a great way to regain what you might have lost (if they didn’t grow back).

To get a great brow that frames your face, all you need to do is fill in the gaps that your natural brows have–don’t worry, it can look very natural. Eyebrows are an important part of the face; they bring balance and architecture, so why wouldn’t you want a great brow?

This is really something that is going to be a personal preference. You will need to go home and play with the product until you are happy with your eyebrows, and learn how much product works for your face. The important thing to remember is to have a light hand because you can always build up to a bolder brow. Just enhance what you already have going on.

Recently, I’ve started using Lancome’s Le Crayon Poudre. It is a pencil with a brush on the other end. I draw little lines (against the direction of the hair) in the spaces in my eyebrows and then brush it out throughly to blend the colour. I find it very foolproof and it is long-wearing. Perfect for rookies.

Anna already has a stronger brow, so she finds that all she needs to do is tame them. This is easy to do with an eyebrow gel. Anna prefers Maybelline’s Great Lash Clear Masacara for Eyes and Brows.

Remember, you will always think your brows look super bold after applying any of the product at all because you’re not used to it on your face. Maybe wear it around the house until you feel more comfortable with it, or work your way up!

Some helpful eyebrow videos:

Lisa Eldridge

Charlotte Tilbury


Just in case the hundreds of ‘Christmas Inspired Makeup!!!!’ tutorials (usually involving silver sparkles of some sort and/or red lipstick, gosh this is getting old) haven’t reminded you, it’s the holiday season and wether you like it or not, you will most likely be attending parties that will involve people expecting you to dress up and look cheery.
Now, I love Christmas. Usually I’m that annoying girl who get’s excited halfway through October and puts up the decor November 1st. But this year, I’m just not feelin’ it anymore. The shopping, these said ‘parties’, oh and the coincidental exams right around this time of year, it’s all too stressful and it’s lost its magic. What was I getting at here…oh yes, despite all this you still got to look bangin’. I mean, you’re gonna be seeing friends and family that you may not see very often. And while I’m sure there will be many posts coming giving you the 411 on a candy-cane pout and glitter (everywhere!!), I think it’s about time we went back to basics–bold brows that last. Who ever said that brows can’t be exciting!! I mean, how great does a perfect red lip look with just a little mascara and strong arched brows?
So I played around with the contents of my makeup collection, looking for the longest lasting, most effective and easiest to apply option. Eyeliner! Strong colour payoff, long wearing, and with this technique, you can’t really screw up. Pick a liner that is similarly coloured to your brow hair–taupe for blonde and redheads, brown for brunettes, and black or dark brown for black hair. Draw some onto the back of your hand, warming it up a little. Now dip your angled brush into the colour on the back of your hand, brushing it around to work off a little bit of the pigment and get in there! Avoid too much pigment at the very insides of your brows (you may end up with a near-unibrow), accentuate that arch, and maybe even extend the ends just a tad for some extra drama. Once you’re happy with your creation, spray some hairspray onto your spoolie, then brush your brows into place–I like brushing up, then outwards for my biggest brows). Now literally highlight your masterpieces with highlighter, right under the arches of your brows. When the light hits your face, the highlighter will make your arches appear just that bit higher and give your face more definition. They brows won’t budge and are party-ready (even if you aren’t).

–Anna Raponi