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Looking for a gift for the makeup lover or teen in your life? This is it–and it’s limited edition, so you better scoop it up while you can! Continue reading URBAN DECAY // VICE 3


When this packaged arrived for me on a Friday, I was so excited–it was like Christmas (just wait, I also got a Nail Artistry set). 3 gorgeous nail colours, 2 lipsticks, 2 mono shadows and an eye shadow palette.
Dior is releasing, for the first time ever, a Pre-Fall collection entitled ‘Colour Icons’, available exclusively at Holt Renfrew, here in Canada. As you can see, the collection features bold colours mixed with metallics.
Dior Pre-Fall 2014 Nail Polish
The three polishes are in fact gel polishes, and they are all beauties and feature a brush with a slightly rounded tip which makes application even easier. Having never tried Dior polishes before, I was really impressed with how smoothly it applied. Night Shock is a dark blue-charcoaly tone with a slight silver shimmer. Gorgeous. Tout Paris is a classic bright red, and only took one coat for full coverage. I have been loving this shade on my toes, and the finish is so shiny I applied a top coat. Reflects has more of a top coat feel to it–like a clear coat mixed with the prettiest light gold flecks. 24-carat gold for your fingers. This one could definitely be applied over any colour.
Dior Pre-Fall Shadow Palette and Mono
The eyeshadow palette in Smoky Gold, isn’t really smoky, but it is, however, extremely beautiful. This is 24-carat gold for your eyes. I used this palette for my anniversary dinner and it really impressed me. The lightest shade works as a beautiful highlighter or shadow on it’s own and the medium shade creates a beautiful warm gold colour. The darkest shade, couture smoky, is for when you really want to turn it up–it’s a glittery and super glam. Creates a very metallic eye.
Dior Pre-Fall 2014 Lipsticks
On to the makeup. The lipsticks were really what got me going. How perfect are these shades? Plus, the formula of these products are phenomenal, creamy and hydrating and they glide on perfectly. Now, don’t be fooled, the red shade, Tout Paris, is not an exact match to it’s polish namesake. Slightly more orangey in tone, but no less gorgeous. I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull this shade off since a makeup artist once told me I can’t do oranges, but I actually think it really works on me. In the photo below, I paired this lipstick with the silver mono eyeshadow, Trompe l’Oeil. Both of the mono shadows are super glittery–since I wasn’t going for a disco look, but something more subtle, I wet a stiff eyeshadow brush and drew along my lashline. Pretty, no?
IMG_4093La Vie is a bright cool-toned pink, fuschia really. Since both these shades are from the Pre-Fall collection, I’ve been considering July as pre-fall and have been wearing them. I think they both are great summer shades that really brighten the complexion. For the look below, I paired the lipstick with the Diorshow Art Pen in Croisière, which I thought would be a shocking blue, but is more muted, and actually need a few layers for an opaque line. I was a little disappointed with this one since I think someone would need to look very closely at you to see that you are wearing blue eyeliner. Next time, I would use the mono in La Rêveuse the same way I did with Trompe l’Oeil for a bright blue line.
IMG_4076 IMG_4078 While both of the mono shadows are very glittery (well they consist pretty much of 100% glitter), they are so much fun and super gorgeous. They have a multi-dimensional feel to them and are very versatile.
Overall, I really love this collection–I think Dior really nailed it with the colour selection. Well done!


As promised, here for you a have a small sampling of Chanel’s Fall 2014 collection, États Poétiques. As I mentioned before, Chanel’s Fall is all about innocence with a heart of darkness–all shades of pink punctuated with plums and navy.

What excited me the most when I received my package (more than just receiving packages in general), was the nail polish–as you know, I adore Chanel polishes–I think they are top notch when it comes to colours and I am a sucker for the packaging.

I received two of the three from the upcoming collection, Secret and Orage, a milky peachy-pink and a dark grey/navy mix.

Since it is still summer, I tried on Secret first–I assumed it would be a normal French manicure colour (and actually identical to my Tom Ford Sugar Dune), but I was mistaken. It’s quite opaque and finishes as a slightly brighter peachy-pink, which gives a really clean, elegant, polished look, while being more interesting than the usual light flesh tone. This one grows on me every time I use it. As for application, it goes on a bit streaky at first, but as a second coat is applied, it settles into a smooth finish. Regardless of the season, I think this would be a great shade to have in your polish wardrobe.

Orage is actually a complex little gem–when I first glanced at it, I thought it was just a charcoal grey, but when I looked at it a second time, I realized that there is quite a lot of dark blue in it, which made me love it even more. Once applied, it takes on more of a dark navy tone, looking more grey in some lights. Obsessed. This will be my Fall shade of the season.

The Écriture de Chanel eyeliner pen is not a new item, however the formula has been updated and the applicator has been changed, and it makes drawing on a cat-eye or flick a breeze. The felt tip is quite wet and saturated, allowing one-coat to do the trick.

Hésitation, a sort of browny-reddish shade (sort of like a red wine, reminds me of MAC’s Capricious lipstick) with a slight shimmer, applies quite sheerly, but could be easily built up. I was sort of, pardon the pun, hesitant, about this shade, worrying it might make me look scary, but this is quite wearable either for everyday or on a night out. It is quite a powdery texture, but that makes it quite easy to blend.

Winners all around! Well done Chanel! However, if you’re looking to splurge on only one item from the new collection, I would go for one of the nail polishes, they’re beautiful!


The French certainly are good at the classics. Although this isn’t from the 2014 awards season, I chose to replicate Marion Cotillard’s look from her Oscar win in 2008 for La Vie en Rose (a throwback, if you will). Pretty waves thrown over one shoulder, a red lip and a sparkly eye–what could be wrong about that? These choices will never go out of style or look dated.

For the hair, it really couldn’t be simpler. Start with brushed second day hair (it will hold the curl better), create a deep side part, and create some curls facing away from your face. Then sweep over to one side. Create some volume by spraying in some of Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Finish Spray.
Once I had evened out my complexion with foundation and concealer, I filled in my eyebrows. This will help to balance out the strength of the rest of the elements and maintain your face’s architecture. Then I swept a white,pearlescent (borderline glittery) eye shadow all over my eyelid, up to the browbone and in the inner corner of the eye. Next, I applied a medium browneyeshadow (again, sparkly) into the crease and about halfway into the eyelid. To really make the eyes pop, I added a touch of a darker brown shadow into the crease. I traced a black eyeliner along the lashline to and into the inner corner of the eye, and very lightly drew along the lower lashline. I blended both of these with a small brush. Then, I retraced over the top lashline with a liquid eyeliner pen, winging out the outer edge slightly to create a feminine shape. Once I was happy with the line, I curled my lashes and applied a few coats of mascara.
To recreate Marion’s brick red lip, I combined two lipsticks–a bright, cool-toned red and a darker, brick/plum shade. After applying lipliner, I applied the brighter shade straight from the tube, then dabbed in the darker colour with my finger to blend. To recreate a winning flush, I applied the same bright lipstick to my cheeks and blended with my fingers.



 I DECIDED recently that I truly hate eyeshadow. I’m just not an eyeshadow person. I don’t know how to wear it without looking like I’m trying super hard. It also creases EVERY SINGLE TIME. I always put on too much and it’s just too fussy. 

I could go on and on about my opposition to a product that I own far too much of, but I actually really do wish that I could pull it off. I mean, if I’m not wearing a cat eye, I usually go pretty bare–a little brown kohl on the tight line and some mascara–tops. Until my best friend gifted me with a tube of the infamous Primer Potion in Sin. 

Now, I had tried the shadow of the same shade a while back, and was actually mesmerized by it’s glimmer when it hit the light. Considering this is technically a primer, I suppose I’m not using this product correctly. I mean, I’m wearing it as a primer and shadow, nothing on top. But for someone who’s eyeshadow always creases, this is a dream. The texture and fairly neutral colour make for a breezy application that requires zero technique–you can’t really go wrong here. It’s not super in-your-face obvious, it’s one of those things that people admire but won’t really notice. Not try-hard-y in the slightest!
Oh, and sidenote. I just really loved the Garden of Eden-esque packaging (appropriatly named Sin, yah makes sense now). It’s just so glam and so typically Urban Decay.

–Anna Raponi


When I was younger, I used to love colourful eyeshadow, and would impulsively buy it and rarely use it. Luckily for me, I still had teal and purple shadows lying around for this challenge.
This tutorial can create either a dreamy, colourful look, or more of an edgier look. It can be used with any colour combination really, I just happened to have these colours already. I think it would look really great with blue/green or purple/blue combos as well.
You want to start with a perfect base, so as not to distract from the eyeshadow. I perfected my complexion with Diorshow’s Airflash Foundation.
With a stiff, flat brush, apply MAC eyeshadow in Satellite Dreams to your eyelid. You don’t need to cover the whole thing, just be sure to concentrate the colour along the upper lash line. Then starting from the inner corner, apply a MAC’s Steamy along the lower lash line. When you reach the edge of the eye, create a diagonal line with the eyeshadow to form a cat-eye. Connect the eyeshadow to where the purple shade on your eyelid ends. Blend the edges of the cat-eye with a cotton swab to soften the line.
You can stop here if you want a dreamier look, apply mascara and you’re done.
If you want to kick it up a notch, grab some black eyeliner and trace along your tight-line and water-line, including the tear duct. Finish it off with some mascara.
You can to keep your lips and cheeks fairly muted with such bright colours going on. I applied only a touch of Nars’ Orgasm to my cheeks, and the subdued Rouge Coco lipstick in Mademoiselle.

Taken from this week’s FASHION Magazine Beauty Panel challenge.


Foreword: I know that this Urban Decay Naked palette has been so hyped up (some would save over-hyped) over the years, and that by writing this post, I am feeding into it myself. But, this is not for nothing.

About a month ago, I went to Sephora for a bridal makeup consultation (I basically just had them do my makeup and help me pick colours/products, etc.). I really thought that I would be able to use my favourite Dior palette, but then the makeup artist pointed out that they eyeshadows were cool toned and the blush I hadselected and my lipstick, were warm toned. Duh! How did I not notice that? You definitely want the colour story on your face to be on the same track.
So after asking me if I was ok with shimmer (yes) she brought over the Naked palette and I thought ‘Oh great. Of course this is what she would bring over’. I shouldn’t have been so blasé, this palette is actually amazing. Every single colour I have tried looks great. Every. Single. One. And! They are super long-lasting. The colour stays true all day long, without a primer (at least on me–if you do need a primer, Urban Decay also makes a great one and if you buy it from Sephora, it comes one!).
In case you were wondering what she suggested for my bridal look, she said to start with “Virgin” all over the lid and brow bone, then “Sin” on the lid and “Buck” in the crease. This combo gives a clean, fresh look (though the names suggest otherwise).
I am also in love with “Half Baked”. This is a shade I would probably never purchase for myself on it’s own as it would be more bold and golden than I would think would look good on me. But it’s beautiful and brings a glow to the face. “Toasted” and “Smog” are also great for a nighttime look, and if you want to jazz it up a bit, go for “Sidecar”, which has a bit more glitter.
I have yet to make my way through the whole palette, but I will get there one day (some many shades!). This is a great palette for someone who is scared of colour/enjoys neutrals (me), or a beginner who might not know where to start when looking for an eyeshadow. It might also lead you into trying colours you might never thought have worked on you.You’re really getting great value for your money with the formula and the amount of shadows.