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To me, Vichy was kind of the skincare underdog of 2014. With their awesome new Aqualia Power Serum and gorgeous Aqualia Thermal Night Spa, they really created some standout products this year. So…why not share amazing skin with the people you love?

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Let me start off by saying that this is the chicest skincare packaging I have ever seen. So well done Verso’s designer. Speaks right to my minimalistic design heart, and I adore the typography. Plus, everything is in a pump dispenser that delivers the exact amount that you need, so no getting any gross bacteria into their pure bottles and no overusing this product (which is important, considering the prices).

All of Verso’s products are formulated to be less irritative than other retinol products. They all contain Retinol 8, niacinamide and other antioxidant-boosting ingredients. Both Retinol and niacinamide are star ingredients: retinol is only one of two ingredients proven to reverse and prevent aging (the other is SPF) and niacinamide (vitamin B3) helps to fight hyperpigmentation, aids with water retention, and helps acne sufferers to prevent against bacteria from getting in.

The form of retinol used in their products is stable, so you are able to use it for daytime–however–retinol does make the skin more photosensitive, so you must use an SPF (but you should be doing that anyways). Also, do not combine with any glycolic products as it will render the retinol redundant.

Bonus: none of their products contain mineral oil, sulphates, parabens or pthalates. Yay!

Super Facial Serum: This is the star product of their range, in my opinion. It is not greasy in the slightest, absorbs in a flash, and is really hydrating and creamy. If you’re going to by only one product, this is it. I’m using it during the day, and using my prescription retinol at night. A great way for those with sensitive and dry skin to dive into using retinol–there is no burning, drying, redness, flaking whatsoever. A very comfortable way to use an anti-aging product. I could even see those with oilier skin not needing to follow it up with a moisturizer.

Super Eye Serum: I have really sensitive eyes, so this might not occur for everyone, but I do sometimes experience a slight burning in a few spots (but for me no pain, no gain). But otherwise, no redness or anything and it’s hydrating enough to protect my eyelids from the winter wind. A tiny amount of the product is enough for the entire eye area, and while it is a serum, still hydrating enough.

Foaming Cleanser: Now, I am usually against foaming cleanser, but I happily discovered that this is an extremely low-foaming cleanser, almost no foam at all, really. Great for when you need a deeper clean. I would say that this would probably be more ideal for normal to oily skins. I find it just the slightest bit stripping for me, but then again, I’m in the middle of the Canadian winter/constant polar vortex, with already dry skin and my apartment is as arid as a desert.


Again, I’ve got a light, medium and heavy option for moisturizers. I also have one hydrating serum, Hydraluron, which I’ve already reviewed before.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion
Now, this is my summer moisturizer, but I have dry skin, so it would work perfectly for oily-skinned gals out there who need some protection, but don’t want to smother their face with a thick cream.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream for Normal to Dry Skin
This is really my holy grail moisturizer, and has been for two years now. I keep coming back to it. It’s the perfect thickness, has a pretty smell, and is like spreading on a fluffy layer of moisture onto your skin. My skin soaks this stuff up, and it never ever leaves me greasy or oily. If my skin is a bit dryer, I’ll sometimes smooth on a bit of oil first. Also, it creates a great base for makeup.

Vichy ProEven Eye Cream
Creates a great base for makeup and you only need a tiny amount to hydrate your eyes and protect the delicate skin from the cold.

Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Night
Now, this is the most buttery and thick cream I have ever use. This is meant for aging and mature,  and severely dehydrated skin. Will replenish even the driest of faces.

Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Eye Cream
Much like the face cream, it is an intensely thick cream that will inject moisture into the delicate eye area.

If you’re looking for hydration, but really like your moisturizer/are afraid of changing it, Hydraluron could be the product for you. It’s a thin, gel-like serum that is applied under your moisturizer. It works with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the deeper layers of the skin. I’ve written about it’s wonders before on VP.

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Not only does your skin age, from well, aging–getting older, your skin also ages according to your behaviour. Your skin’s condition is affected by how much sleep you get, what kind of diet you have, where you live, how much sun you get, your vices (smoking, drinking, etc.). So, unless you are living in the Irish countryside (no pollution or sun, really), and never drink or smoke (OK these might happen in Ireland), eat like Gwyneth Paltrow and get 8 hours of sleep a night, your skin is probably showing the wear and tear of your everyday life.

Vichy has introduced Idealia, a new serum that includes it’s exclusive correcting complex, LR2412+LHA, that helps to repair the behavioural stressors that are affecting the skin. Initially, I was surprised at what a creamy serum it is, and worried that it might be too heavy, but in fact, it is a light serum that is very hydrating, making it perfect for an added boost of hydration under your moisturizer to fight the dehydrating heating. It smooths wonderfully onto the skin and works great under makeup. I use this serum every morning to plump up the skin and give it a pearlescent glow. This serum is paraben-free and is non-comedogenic

Now, while this serum will help to fight behavioural stressors, if you are smoking, drinking, eating fast food, sugar and dairy, this will show up on your skin. Don’t be silly–drink lots of water, eat lots of fish and avoid cigarettes unless you want to look terrible by the time you’re 40.

As you all know, I have extremely sensitive eyes in the winter, and to fight off my periorbital eczema, I need to be using very rich creams around my eyes during the colder months. While my Eysilix works great in the summer for de-puffing in the morning, it just wasn’t hydrating enough come November. I was so happy to receive a sample of Vichy’s ProEven eye cream because it also de-puffs with the help of caffeine, plumps with the help of ceramide and has a luxuriously creamy consistency that really hydrates the eye area. It also helps to fade any dark spots around the eyes. This formula is fragrance-free, making it perfect for very sensitive skin.


I discovered these drugstore miracle-workers a few weeks ago, and for their small price (20-30 dollars each), they have made a huge difference to my skin and have found their place in my essentials. These two products come from Indeed laboratories, a very results-oriented company.

Eysilix: If you have puffy eyes in the morning, or you want to tighten up your eye area, this is the eye cream for you. I am not joking that when it claims it “instantly lifts” that it does just that. A few seconds after application, you can actually feel this cream tightening and lifting the skin (it’s totally crazy–it kind of freaked me out the first time, it almost sucks out the puffiness). In the morning, this cream is a winner since puffiness makes for difficult mascara and eyeliner application–but with this product, no worries at all. It looks as if I woke up hours ago. This is definitely an impressive eye cream.

If you have a dry eye area like me, this isn’t the most hydrating cream, however, to fix that all I do is use a little of my facial moisturizer over top.

Hydraluron: This gel has made my skin more hydrated than ever. It’s like the Kiehl’s mask, but you use it everyday, so your skin is always plump and healthy. You can use it twice a day, however, I only use it before bed because it’s just too many layers for me in the morning (be sure to apply it as your second last step before your moisturizer). If you have any tightness from dry skin, this will fix it for you. If you have any acne, you should probably be using this too; it’s a great way for your skin to get that extra boost of hydration without any oil or greasiness (which helps to heal the skin). It will also save you money because you end up using less of your moisturizer.