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Well, if you had asked me not too longĀ ago what I had been using for skincare, the list would have been super long. Continue reading MY SKINCARE // SPRING 2015


AS I’VE STATED BEFORE ON THIS BLOG–my skin is super dry, especially on my limbs. Even the creamiest of lotions often won’t do without a slick of oil underneath to amp up the hydration.

This past winter was especially brutal in Canada, and to cope with the -40 wind burning my legs through my jeans, I was slathering on a generous amount of almond oil from Whole Foods before my lotion. Yes, I needed to marinate in my greasy cocoon for at least an hour before putting on clothes, but it worked and soothed my poor skin.

Now that Mother Nature has decided to be kind and the weather is finally taking a turn for the better, I’ve been finding my normal oil a bit heavy. Enter l’Occitane’s Almond Supple Skin Oil. I’ve actually been wanting to try the Almond Shower Oil forever, but was accidentally sent this instead–and it’s been kind of a blessing in disguise. While I do still want to try the Shower Oil, this mists an uber-hydrating and light mist of oil on my limbs and IT SMELLS AMAZING. I was expecting an overly sweet, marzipan-like scent, but it reminds me of a juicy, sweet pear. So great. Plus. it absorbs almost instantly, so no need to wait around (though I do love to sit around in my robe for as long as possible after bathing).

Yes, it is quite pricey, especially in comparison to the budget health food store alternative, but you need SO much less of this, so it would probably last you just as long or longer, and you get the bonus of the lovely fragrance.

And for some reason, when I layer over Earth Tu Face’s Rosemary + Salt Lotion, it makes for a super delicious scent–which you wouldn’t really think would work together.


Some say that you should never put on your body what you can’t put in your mouth–and this is specifically what the ladies at Earth Tu Face believe. All of their products can be eaten–every single lotion, scrub, balm and cream is made from 100% plant-based, food grade ingredients with organic oils and waxes. In addition, these products have been created with no animal testing and are housed in completely recyclable containers. This is truly a brand that won’t weigh on your conscience and you can feel good about using.

Speaking of eating–the first time I tried their Rosemary and Salt Lotion, I immediately pictured a fluffy foccacia covered in rosemary, olive oil and salt. Not that this lotion makes you smell like Italian bread–but the rosemary scent is vibrant and fresh, with a slight minty-ness. The lotion itself is wonderful–not too heavy and absorbs very quickly, leaving a light, herby scent behind. On particularly dry days (I have very dry skin), I love to layer some almond oil underneath.

The Rose Face Balm is not what you would normally envision for a balm–it is in no way heavy, goopy or waxy feeling. It is a very solid balm that you need to melt a bit first with your fingers. ETF describes this as a concentrated face cream as it contains no water, and I think that this is fair. It doesn’t feel as if you are slicking on a heavy layer, it’s light, protective and very hydrating. I probably wouldn’t recommend this for oilier skins, but for normal to drier skins, this would work wonderfully and be particularly beneficial in the cold Winter months. It also contains coconut oils (known to be great as an anti-bacterial ingredient), and sandalwood and lavender oils, which make for an incredible scent.

Dying to try the rest of their range now.