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In celebration of Earth Month, Kiehl’s has teamed up witht he Canadian Wildlife Federation on a special edition of their cult favourite Avocado Eye Cream. Continue reading NEWS // KIEHL’S SUPPORTS THE PUFFINS


If this polar vortex has taught me anything, it’s that the best place to hide is wrapped up in bed with my laptop– candles included, obviously. Much to my cautious mother’s displeasure, I practically light them as I move from room to room. They add the perfect fake warmth to a space and these two favourites make locking myself up away from the cold not so bad.

Amanda’s always got a candle (or five) burning whenever I visit her place, and I was inspired to do the same in my own space. I actually fell in love with Feu de Bois when I had my first whiff at her apartment. It smells exactly like a campfire, to put it simply (blend of rare woods to be exact). If you’ve never owned a Dyptique, let me tell you; these candles burn so beautifully–big flame, sophisticated fragrances and chic packaging. Feu de Bois is a very wintery-scent in my opinion–kind of the smell I’d imagine you’d experience at your overpriced cottage in Muskoka on a chilly Sunday night. It’s just about the only perk that comes along with this season–not to mention that used Dyptique candle glasses make perfect makeup brush holders.

For the more frugal crowd, Bath and Body Works’ Bellini Cafe is also a lovely scent– sugared berries, apples and grapes, but not overly sweet, surprisingly. The 3-wick design is stunning and seems to make the fragrance really fill the space. This scent is really fresh–I love to light it in the bathroom while I shower. I cannot stand shopping at Bath and Body Works typically–99% of their scents are like sweet enough to give you diabetes and reek of vanilla. However, I was actually in there helping my sister buy a present, and I (the the great shopping companion I am) ventured off to just try a few of the candles–and I did so very apprehensively, trust me. Yes, many were just as I feared, almost giving me a headache, however, I was so impressed by Bellini Cafe–the scent is so subtle and mature, I was honestly shocked. It’s worth the frightening trip through the valley of 12 year old white girls and “marshmallow dream” lotion, hand sanitizer, body mousse, mini candle, hand soap, yada, yada, yada….

–Anna Raponi


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Unfortunately, Winter is here. Whether we like it or not. I got the basket of mittens, gloves, scarves and hands brought down from the top shelf of the front closet last week to find something to keep me warm on my walk to work. The blustery, cold winds had finally gotten to me and I realized that I could no longer let my fingers freeze every morning.

So I guess it’s time to accept it. Halloween is almost here, which means it is that close to November. Time to beef up our supplies with cozy knits and richer products. Here’s my winter essentials list:
1. Miu Miu Leather Gloves: I believe these were on my wishlist last year. I am just dying for a pair of pink leather gloves like these for fancy occasions. Sometimes looking chic takes precedence over keeping warm.
2. Talula Fulton Mittens: These are my staple mitten. I have picked them up for the last 3 or 4 years now without fail as they perfectly fit my small hands (nothing worse than huge, droopy mittens). Knit exterior and fleece-lined interior to keep your mitts (pun intended) warm.
3. Diptyque Pomander Candle: On my last trip to Soap and Water for my Fall candle (Feu de Bois), I smelled this candle while perusing. It has the perfect mix of everything Christmas–orange, cloves and cinammon, I would have picked it up then, but I am waiting until mid-November so I don’t use it up before December even arrives.
4. Aveda Hand Relief: My favourite hand cream. Non-greasy but rich enough to keep hands from cracking or getting chapped. Plus, the refreshing rosemary-mint scent is always a winner.
5. Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream: As you know, I get Peri-Orbital eczema in the Winter (aka dry, itchy, red eyelids). I put this cream on my eyelids to protect them from wind burn on my walks to work. Also great for anything chapped (hands, lips, cheeks, etc.)
6. Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm: Thick and luxurious. Won’t wear off for hours and provides a nice barrier for lip protection.
7. Hunter Boots: I don’t feel super chic in these, I kind of feel like I belong on the farm, but Winter just got to me last year, and my feet couldn’t take any more leather-soaked boots any longer. These babies should keep any kind of snow, slush or moisture out. I’ll pair them with thick socks for warmth.
8. Zara Two-Sided Soft Scarf: I’m not sure if it’s the grunge trend that’s happening right now, or if my lumberjack-esque husband’s style is influencing mine, but I saw this scarf online and decided I had to have it. One side for play, one for business. Or, one for grunge, one for prep. Perfectly versatile and large enough to double as a blanket.
9. Roots Cabin Socks: As I mentioned in 7, these are great paired with boots, or just for keeping warm inside. Cozy, thick and they look cute peeking out of boots.
10. Fleece-lined tights: My friend Joanna texted me insisting that if I was making a Winter essentials post, these better be included. And she’s right. Ever since discovering these at Primark, we buy these every year. Straight up tights won’t do when it’s -10, or -20 outside. These allow you to keep wearing your dresses and not totally freeze your butt off. 
11. Oliver Peoples XXV-S Sunglasses: I tried these on last summer at Holt Renfrew and I still want them. Plus, everyone needs a pair of sunnies to protect their eyes from snow glare in the winter (and for me, it’s extra eyelid protection against the wind).

12. Green Juice: I am a new convert to this. Every single time I have felt sick, I run to my nearest Fresh Restaurant and pick up their Super Cleanse juice. Filled with vitamins, it has fought off every cold before it has even begun. Plus, it’s always good for your skin too.

13. Aritzia Mirte Turtleneck: I have been dreaming of this sweater since it came out this Fall. I am now waiting patiently for it to go on sale. Who doesn’t love a chunky knit sweater in the winter, plus the 90’s are back now, so turtlenecks are acceptable again. 


I am extremely picky with my perfumes. I really only wear one ever, it’s my signature scent. So for me, even though I smell the beautiful perfume samples that we receive, I can never imagine myself wearing them, since I am so attached to my perfume. I usually pass the fragrance on to Anna to try out, since she is more adverturous with her perfumes.
However, Diptyque’s Eau Rose is extraordinarily pretty. It is clean, but almost magical smelling–this might sound crazy–but this is what a princess in a fairytale might smell like. Not disney princess–but an even more elegant version of sleeping beauty. Like sleeping beauty but with Grace Kelly playing the princess. My imagination might not be very far off, since this is Diptyque’s homage to the “Queen of Flowers”.
But let’s be clear–this is not your typical, standard, single note rose fragrance–there is much more to it. It contains many of my favourite scents: bergamot (think of earl grey tea), blackcurrant, cedar and honey among others, which make for a light aroma with depth and mystery. It’s a classic beauty, with a twist.