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Last week, the temperature dropped to about 18 and it had everyone freaking out about the ‘Fall weather’ (Where was summer going??, etc.). I, instead, decided to whip out my comfy (and more flattering) autumn wardrobe, and get cozy. Oh, how I had missed my sweaters. While the weather has now¬†gone back to normal, I’ve been mixing my knits with my summer staples (ie shorts, skirts, on top of dresses, etc.). Most look great over-sized, and hide any, ahem, areas that you may not be so proud of. You can’t tease me, Fall. Now, I’m just holding out until sweater weather is actually here (!!!).

From left to right, clockwise: Knitted Panther Spot Jumper from Topshop, ‘Femme Paris’ Design Knitted Jumper from Maison Scotch, Knitted Bear Emblem Jumper from Topshop, Super Long Fluffy Coatigan from ASOS, Fisherman’s Jumper from American Apparel, Big Pocket Cardigan from ASOS.


–Anna Raponi