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BBCURLINGCREMEAnyone with curly hair knows that “crunchy” feeling when the product makes your curls really stringy and almost hard. It not quite the bouncy and shiny curls that straight-haired girls assume come naturally to us. I can get away without using products, but I feel like a little oil and a little anti-frizz/curl enhancer just makes the my hair shiner and the curls more ‘predictable’ (more ringlet-y and less… what’s the word, squiggly?). Most of these products control the frizz pretty well, however alot of them leave me with unruly and crunchy (also squiggly) hair. While most people would just accept that no product can do the trick without the crunch, I, without much effort actually, found the answer; Bumble and bumble’s Curl Conscious Calming Creme. I run a dime-sized amount of this magic through my roots to the ends with my fingers, crunching the hair at the bottom for volume. Watch as your hair dries into shiny, defined, but soft curls– this stuff is amazing. My friend even said that it looked like I had it professionally blow-dried, it’s that good.

–Anna Raponi


This time of year, everyone is getting gussied up for all of their glamorous holiday fêtes with sequins, sparkles, all-out makeup, etc. So why not add a little je ne sais quoi with laidback, slightly messy hair that looks like you might have just taken a tumble in the sheets? Paired with a red lip, or sexy little dress, you will look more cool French girl than perfectly-perfect Christmas prom Barbie.

I promise you this look is incredibly easy to recreate, the point of it is to look imperfect, so definitely don’t try too hard, or it will show.

1. Start with clean, dry hair. I had second-day hair, which holds curls better for me. It would best if it was mostly straight or blown out. If you’re a smarty-pants and are planning to do this in advance, use some heat protective products.

2. Grab your wand curling iron and starting a few inches from the roots, wrap 1-inch pieces of hair around the curling iron, leaving about one inch of your ends off. This will make it look less prom-my. I used Rowenta’s Beauty Curl Active, which actually has a motor and a small clamp on it, in case you are especially inept at hairstyling. I prefer to use it without the clamp or motor function. If you have thin, fine hair like me, set it to medium heat, if you have thicker, coarser hair, set it to high heat.

3. When you’re done curling your whole head, mist your curls with some Elnett, then separate your hair into two sections and twirl your hair to create two Princess Leia buns. Clamp or pin in place and let them cool for 20 minutes.

4. Unwrap your buns and shake out your hair. Spray layers of your hair with Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Finish spray, or some more Elnett.

P.S. The Rowenta Beauty Curl Iron is on a Christmas special for $99.95 (that’s half off!) at Trade Secrets. This is an extremely affordable ceramic wand iron with two heat settings. It also has a small clamp and a motor function, but I prefer to use this as a wand! This deal ends December 24th. 



Just before my last haircut I was feeling super blah about my hair. I know I can’t really do that much to change it since my hair is naturally very fine and curly, so no bangs, no short cuts, etc. etc.

After a few years of mostly blowing it out every time I showered, I figured, why not be a bit lazy and let my hair run wild again; get a bit curly? Well, turns out I forgot how to manage curly hair, which ended up in my first attempt looking poodle-esque, I was even called Curly Sue at work. Fun.

Anyways, while I was grilling my hairstylist for hair tips and advice (she has fine, curly hair as well), she suggested trying out either Kérastase’s Boucles d’Art mousse or their Spray à Porter sea salt spray. I opted for the Boucles d’Art because it is a very lightweight foam and my hairstylist assured my it wouldn’t feel like I had product in my hair (I absolutely HATE the feeling of product in my hair).

As per her recommendations, I didn’t wrap a towel around my head as soon as I got out of the shower. Instead, while your hair is soaking wet, gently run a wide-toothed comb through your hair (I do this already while the conditioner is soaking in), and add a little hair oil to the ends. Then grab your mousse and apply a pump of the product per section, taking care to apply a little more around the face. Don’t be afraid of using too much and getting crunchy mousse hair à la 90’s, this stuff won’t do that. I personally just make a very voluminous half-ponytail with an embarassing yellow claw clip at this point and let it air dry until I go to bed. However, my hairstylist suggested that you could always create some curls with your fingers, secure them with a jaw clip, then go to sleep on them–I would maybe only recommend this for girls with less curly hair, it would make for an uncomfortable sleep.