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While taking a Snapchat video of me singing along to the new 1D song to my best friend the other day (that whole idea is a lot more embarrassing once typed out), I was a bit shocked to see how my face looks while I’m moving, or rather, lip syncing.  Continue reading REMOVE YOUR DOUBLE CHIN (WITH CONTOURING)


Do you feel like you keep hearing about contouring and highlighting, but feel like it’s something complicated that when done wrong, can make you end up looking like this?
Don’t fret, we’ve got your back. It’s actually incredibly easy. This isn’t Kardashian-level kontouring, it’s for the everyday girl.
All you need is a bronzer, a fluffy brush, and a highlighter (we like liquid for this, easier to blend). By using a light hand, you can achieve a softly sculpted face with a pretty glow.
Also–no need to buy a new highlighter for this–if you have some white or light gold pearlescent/shimmery shadow hanging around, use it! There are usually one of these shades (or both) in most eyeshadow palettes.
The key to achieving a natural look is to apply in light layers–remember that if there isn’t enough on your face you can always add more.
Now, go on and get your Gisele on.