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Dior’s Star concealer has been my favourite product for covering up my dark undereye circles since it’s release last summer. So, when I received their new concealer, I was excited to see what the 2-in-1 product brought to the table. Continue reading DIOR // FIX IT CONCEALER


In tune with my acne awareness theme for this week, I come to you with the best acne concealer in the game. Vichy’s Dermablend range is known for their heavy duty results, and while I wouldn’t necessaryily recommend this as a foundation, per say, it makes for the perfect concealer for pimples.

Lisa Eldridge, as usual, discovered and acclaimed this product for it’s high coverage and ability to cover hyper pigmentation and redness. For too long, I was using my under eye concealer as my overall concealer, which resulted in almost highlighted imperfections. Moral of the story; your concealer you use to cover zits, and really anything that isn’t under your eyes should match your foundation.

The combination of this stick‘s coverage, thick texture and easy to apply formula is my best bet when my face just isn’t cooperating. Lisa’s “pinpoint concealing” technique, using a small lip brush and dabbing to blend out edges, gives the best results, but for the sake of how long women actually allot to put their face on in the morning, I prefer the “school-started-five-minutes-ago-and-my-face-is-a-mess” approach and dive right in, lightly dabbing to cover each spot. Set with some powder, you can’t go wrong with this product.

–Anna Raponi


Foundation has a really shitty rep, and no one really seems to love wearing it. It’s gross to apply (or at least for me, anyways), it transfers, a lot of the time you can see it on the skin… and more or less defeats the purpose of looking like you have great skin.

Alas, I have found a foundation that manages to avoid all previous concerns AND provides medium coverage. Yes, Giorgio Armani’s Maestro is heaven on earth. I know for a fact that I’m not the first to praise this product, but I feel as if many people rule themselves out as suitable to wear this one. I was afraid it would be that “sheer” coverage that a lot of these water-thin foundations typically give. Also, I’ve got hyper-oily skin, and haven’t dared worn a foundation that doesn’t cater specifically towards keeping my skin matte. This was all until one day in which I was so grossed out by the thick and just unappealing texture and feel of a not to be named foundation on my skin–I still looked shiny and I could just see the product on top of my skin. Lo and behold, I found myself perched on the Armani chair at Holt’s testing shades on my jaw, giving into this product’s cult following. And I say ‘giving in’ because this product is like $70, but stay with me here.

It literally has the consistency of water, and applies like a dream. You can’t see it atop the skin, it completely melds in, while still giving enough coverage to completely even out my skin tone and even hide a few blemishes. It doesn’t move, it won’t get all over anything that so much as grazes the skin of your face. It’s long lasting, EVEN on my oil-slick face (wow, nice, Anna). And for those days that I’ve got some unwelcome spots harbouring around my chin and forehead, adding a layer of Maestro Eraser, also water-thin, gives me the coverage I need without the world knowing it. In my long sixteen years on this planet, I have yet to see such an undetectable foundation with such obvious results. Bravo, bravo, Giorgio.

–Anna Raponi


Personally, I never really cared that much about my dark circlesthey were the least of my concerns, and I kinda got used to them. I used to apply a bit of High Beam just below my tear duct to brighten my eyes a bit, but I got lazy and, well, it was almost attracting too much attention to the area. So I went on, ignoring my dark circles that my lovely parents blessed me with. It was up until Marc released his makeup line, when I tried out his brightening under eye concealer that I realized what I was missing out was. I eventually finished off the sample, and luckily received a sample of Givenchy’s version just in time. As always, the sample wasn’t matched to my skin tone, just thrown into my Sephora bag by the boldly made-up cashier. And when I opened it up, I looked far too orangey for me. But after giving it a try, I realized how easily it covered up that darkness that I never knew was so prominent. The sample lasted me weeks, and the day I ran dry, I knew I had to splurge on the real-deal (this included me running away from a school field trip to pick one up). The clicker-pen is beautifully designed and fuss-free. The lady recommended the second shade (Mister Milk), but I found that this shade didn’t cover like my sample shade, which was shockingly shade three, Mister Toast. And yes, I have very pale skin, especially at this time of the year. But I think the warmth of this shade is the key to covering the purple hue that naturally shadows my eye, no matter how much sleep I get. While it’s a bit of an investment piece, this is totally this is that product that you didn’t even know you needed.
–Anna Raponi


I thought I would probably cry on my wedding day (though I didn’t) so I had enough foresight to find a waterproof concealer, because who would want to wipe away tears and have photos of them with their purplely under eye circles showing through (you really should see mine)? Certainly not me. I also had three potentially emotional bridesmaids on my hands (one cried when I showed her my wedding dress hung up in my room), so I needed to be prepared. I waterproofed everything I possibly could on our faces on the big day (more on that in another post), including our concealer using Lancôme’s Effacernes.Since then, this concealer has quickly made its way from a wedding day favourite to everyday favourite. Honeymooning in France and Italy during the hottest month of the summer means sun and sweat and this concealer fights through everything. It has the perfect amount of thickness and pigment for coverage but never ever clumps or gets stuck in fine lines. It just. doesn’t. budge. Just smooth it on and never worry about your makeup moving around again. After swimming at the beach I can wipe my face with a towel and this concealer is going nowhere.

And one last point: this is the perfect concealer for contact lens-wearers. My eyes can tear up and this concealer will make it through, which is perfect when you’re dealing with fiddling around with uncomfortable contacts or even just getting them in your eyes.