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As a young girl, I envied Ariel’s beautiful bright red hair (also the fact that she was a mermaid, but that’s besides the point). As a girl with brown hair and brown eyes, I’ve always craved a more naturally interesting look. My best friend Julia (who resembles Lily Cole, no?) has been blessed with strawberry-blonde locks (sigh) and I think it’s fair to say that she completely rocks it, like seriously. That being said, I know that looking anything out of the ordinary these days is daunting and can take a toll on the ever-discuss self esteem of ours (trust me, curly hair wasn’t fun growing up. At one point a HAIRDRESSER told 13 year old Anna that I should be straightening my hair everyday). All grudges aside, a little perspective can be gold, so I sat down with Julia to discuss her favourite tricks for her beautiful red hair.

On defining her eyes: “I put this ashy blonde pencil on my eyebrows because my eyebrows are blonde, but not like dirty blonde, so I have to make them more visible. But I wouldn’t put on a red pencil, because they won’t look real. I have blonde eyelashes, so I put on a ton of mascara. I also like eyeliner because it makes my eyes look more defined. I think it’s important, especially with red hair and fair skin to add a lot of definition to your eyes. I have blue eyes, so I like to put brown or copper shadows as well. It makes them look more blue. Purple also works really nicely and surprisingly isn’t too obvious– I love Beach Plum from Clinique.”

On her naturally fair skin: “I think a good tan and freckles is really nice. I freckle really easily, which I like. Fair skins shouldn’t skip bronzer either. Bronzer is a must for me. Don’t burn or go in those beds. We can be really pale, so I use self-tanners all the time. You really got to watch out as a redhead with the sun and getting burnt.”

On lipstick: “I find with my red hair and blue eyes, I have a lot of colour already going on so I stay away from bright lipsticks. I did nude for a while but now I just do my natural colour, but not too red, just like lip balm. Just personal preference.”

On her actual hair: “I like it when my hair has more highlights– I use lemon juice in the summer. My sister who’s also a redhead gets really brassy, so she uses the Joico Colour Endure Violet shampoo and conditioner to soften the colour. I find that my red hair looks dirtier faster, so I wash it often. I have really coarse hair, which I find a lot of redheads have, so dry shampoo feels gross and I don’t like the texture.”

Advice for red heads
–from Cindy Miguens, Pretty Little Liars)

Wear a beautiful red lip stick or stain, to enhance the beauty of Red hair. NARS, Dior, and Kat Von D have great matte lip pencils, lip sticks, and stains that we use often.

To each their own, huh.

— as told to Vanity Presse

Julia Morin photographed by Anna Raponi on September 21, 2013.