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It’s that time of year again! It getting chilly (albeit faster than we all expected), the leaves are turning orange and falling (and I can’t help but feel super ‘white teenage girl’, but I love love love crunching through the leaves when I walk home), and Halloween is just around the corner. And while it’s practically my dream come true to put on a ton of makeup and dress up like someone (or something) completely crazy, this holiday can get expensive before you know it–between buying each piece of your costume here and there and getting all those crazy (and usually super unwearble) shades that you don’t have in your makeup bag. But fear not– I have found the perfect solution, minimum technique required. Cleopatra guys! She’s an iconic female figure in history and, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be this beautiful Egyptian ruler for a day? She’s got that sunkissed skin and the gorgeous jet black hair that we’d all like to try out. 
You can recreate her typical kohl-heavy, bronze look for the most part with makeup that you use everyday. If you don’t naturally have very dark brown or black brows, fill them in with a matte shadow that is far too dark for you. I have no doubt that you will scare yourself in the mirror the first time, but worry not. Really thicken them up and accentuate your arch so that it comes just a bit higher than normal and extended outwards just a little longer. 

Now, this is the only product that I can’t guarantee that you’ll have hanging around, but let’s be honest, you’ve probably come along a blue eyeshadow as a sample/gift with purchase/gift/you name it. If not, you can just apply some bronzer to your crease for some definition. If you’ve got a bold blue shade on hand, apply liberally to the lid and into the crease– if it’s not coming on strong enough, use a primer first or dampen your brush. While it should be strong and over the top, blend the edges to keep it glamorous and not tacky.
Onto the skin now–I chose to do this in a weird order just in case you have any eyeshadow fallout. This way you can clean it off at this stage with your handy-dandy makeup remover of choice (mine’s Bioderma) and start with a clean canvas. 

Apply your preferable skin perfecting product, be it a tinted moisturizer, foundation or BB cream. Conceal if necessary (we want to have a near flawless look here), then powder all over, especially if you’re heading to a party or school dance (sweaty pictures to remember how much work you put into your costume are just the greatest, huh?). Grab your bronzer and apply in the three shape– outer sides of the forehead, guiding the brush behind the brows and along the cheek bones, then back near the ears and onto the jawline. You may need to apply a bit more than usual to get the honey-skin Cleopatra is famous for–I also did a swipe over my nose and chin to mask my ghostly late-October complexion. Brush a bit onto your neck and collar bones if your costume will be exposing them. 
Now this is the part that takes the most focus and time, so bear with me. Do your regular stripe of black liner (liquid or gel is sorta necessary for this one) along the upper lash line, thickening the line quite a bit towards the outside. Now imagine a line connecting the outer corner of your eye to the very end of your brow. Now with your liner, go in for it. Once you’ve got the basic line established, you want to add another line that stems out halfway from the original, just to thicken out the outsides and make a triangular shape at the ends. Fill it in and smoothly connect this addition to the basic line on your eyes. Curl those lashes big-time, then apply a good two coats of mascara. If you’ve got some falsies, glue those on to add some major drama. 
Finally onto the lips. I have an easy peasy do-it-yourself nude lip for those who don’t have a flesh-toned lipstick lying around. Apply a light coloured lipgloss (clear, nude, pink, anything subtle really), then dab some concealer onto your sticky lips. Smack a few times to disperse the colour and ta-da!
My black wig was only $17 and was sort of essential to my look considering I have semi-light brown hair. Sift through your wardrobe for anything white and drapey and accesorize with anything and everything gold, I mean it! I wanted a head piece, so my mum and I dug through her old costume jewelry and found an old necklace that I pinned to my wig. With a little bit of creativity and a lot of patience, Halloween is a breeze. Happy trick-or-treating!
Anna Raponi