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Every summer, when it gets really hot, my usual small cluster of bacne starts to act up, and suddenly I have a whole row of comedones and bumps across my shoulders.  Continue reading THE BODY SHOP // TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING FACIAL WASH



A girl can only try so many skincare products at one time without risking a skin freak out. So when I receive some products from Live Clean’s Hydrating line, I figured my friend and foodie blogger Joanna would be the perfect test subject since she needed a new moisturizer and already loves Live Clean’s wipes. Continue reading LIVE CLEAN // HYDRATING WIPES, CLEANSER & MOISTURIZER


Omorovicza was kind enough to send me a sampling of their most lauded products. Since I am using Differin at the moment (prescribed to me by my doc), I have a review so far of the products that I am able to use in tandem with the retinol. Once I get through my first three months (check back in May), I will make my way over to the Copper Peel, the Gold Eye Lift and the Gold Shimmer Oil.

I was really excited to try these products out–I have heard so much about them, especially the mask, and had high expectations.

The Thermal Cleansing Balm has a consistency similar to Clinique’s TTDO, but maybe a little bit thinner. It looks black in the pot, but spreads out to becoming quite translucent. It has a slight warming sensation as it is massage into the skin, and leaves the face feeling hydrated and soft. It removes all makeup, making cleansing a 1-step process.

I’ve heard pretty crazy things about the Deep Cleansing Mask: “don’t use it before a big event, it will bring pimples to the surface”, “your face will need a few days to recover”, and the like. This made me excited–bring all the pimples up now! I want them gone! And it definitely does really deep clean your face. I use it on the weekend so that my face has cleared up a bit before the work week.

It has a slight warming sensation for me, and really works to smooth the skin and the clay tightens up pores (closing pores is kind of a myth, but this mask really does something). I love to use it as the second mask when I’m giving myself my mini facial (exfoliating mask, clarifying mask, hydrating mask).

The Queen of Hungary Mist is a hydrating mist that can be used as a toner or throughout the day to refresh makeup and add moisture. The scent is lovely–orange blossom-y, but not overpowering. I do love this, but this is something I don’t think I could afford on a regular basis. If I was a fancy pants, I would definitely keep this around on my desk for a pick-me-up.

Omorovicza’s products are quite pricey, but if I was to buy one product (so far in the set), it would be the mask. If you’re not one to pony up the cash for facials on a regular basis, this product would be a good way to justify spending around $100 for facial-like effects.


Yup! You heard us right.

Cleansing milks have been loved by Europeans for a long time, and we are big believers in treating your skin as gently as possible–which means using non-stripping, non-foaming cleansers.

The Natural Gentle Cleansing Milk is effective at removing makeup without stripping the skin. Jojoba seed oil nourishes the skin, leaving it hydrated and soft.

Not only is this cleanser nice to your skin, but Weleda also prides themselves on making all-natural products, with fairly traded ingredients from biodynamic farms. By doing these things, they are not only protecting the environment, but creating products that are gentle and effective.

The generous people at Weleda will be sending one lucky VP reader a year’s worth of their Gentle Cleansing Milk (approx. value, $265 CAD)! How awesome is that?

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Contest closes on March 17th at midnight. The winner will be announced the following day.
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Let me start off by saying that this is the chicest skincare packaging I have ever seen. So well done Verso’s designer. Speaks right to my minimalistic design heart, and I adore the typography. Plus, everything is in a pump dispenser that delivers the exact amount that you need, so no getting any gross bacteria into their pure bottles and no overusing this product (which is important, considering the prices).

All of Verso’s products are formulated to be less irritative than other retinol products. They all contain Retinol 8, niacinamide and other antioxidant-boosting ingredients. Both Retinol and niacinamide are star ingredients: retinol is only one of two ingredients proven to reverse and prevent aging (the other is SPF) and niacinamide (vitamin B3) helps to fight hyperpigmentation, aids with water retention, and helps acne sufferers to prevent against bacteria from getting in.

The form of retinol used in their products is stable, so you are able to use it for daytime–however–retinol does make the skin more photosensitive, so you must use an SPF (but you should be doing that anyways). Also, do not combine with any glycolic products as it will render the retinol redundant.

Bonus: none of their products contain mineral oil, sulphates, parabens or pthalates. Yay!

Super Facial Serum: This is the star product of their range, in my opinion. It is not greasy in the slightest, absorbs in a flash, and is really hydrating and creamy. If you’re going to by only one product, this is it. I’m using it during the day, and using my prescription retinol at night. A great way for those with sensitive and dry skin to dive into using retinol–there is no burning, drying, redness, flaking whatsoever. A very comfortable way to use an anti-aging product. I could even see those with oilier skin not needing to follow it up with a moisturizer.

Super Eye Serum: I have really sensitive eyes, so this might not occur for everyone, but I do sometimes experience a slight burning in a few spots (but for me no pain, no gain). But otherwise, no redness or anything and it’s hydrating enough to protect my eyelids from the winter wind. A tiny amount of the product is enough for the entire eye area, and while it is a serum, still hydrating enough.

Foaming Cleanser: Now, I am usually against foaming cleanser, but I happily discovered that this is an extremely low-foaming cleanser, almost no foam at all, really. Great for when you need a deeper clean. I would say that this would probably be more ideal for normal to oily skins. I find it just the slightest bit stripping for me, but then again, I’m in the middle of the Canadian winter/constant polar vortex, with already dry skin and my apartment is as arid as a desert.


Toronto is buzzing about Province Apothecary–Canada’s newest addition to the natural skincare game. Julie Clark, PA’s founder and creator, makes all of the products herself in Toronto. Julie is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Aromatherapist and incorporates her knowledge of essential oils and natural ingredients to create beautiful, healing skincare products. The range contains only natural, raw, wild and organic materials that are sourced locally.

Julie also creates bespoke perfumes and gives holistic aromatherapy skin care treatments in Toronto. I cannot say enough good things about this brand–products that are so natural that you can eat and they work (plus, I love the beautiful packaging).

Moisturizing Cleanser & Makeup Remover: For some reason I was expecting this to be a cream, but it is actually an oil (a mix of sunflower seed, avocado, jojoba, raspberry seed and evening primrose, to be exact)–and a really nice one at that. Sunflower seed oil is easily absorbed into the skin, rich in vitamins and non-comedogenic. Often cleansing oils are mostly mineral oil, which clogs pores, and I was so happy to discover an all-natural oil cleanser that worked. The fragrance is light but beautiful, with extracts of rosemary leaf, bergamot and lavender, but not overpowering or irritating by any means. The oil is lightweight and leaves skin feeling so, so soft and really hydrated. It does exactly what it says. I use this with my Clarisonic sometimes and always finish with a wash cloth. Definitely my favourite of the four (though I really love the toner as well).

Invigorating & Balancing Toner: Again–smells just amazing. Witch Hazel and Geranium wake you up with their bright scent. Spray on after cleansing or throughout the day for a Beauty Elixir-esque pick-me-up.

Repairing & Conditioning Lip Balm: This is a really light balm, that smells great, applies like butter, but isn’t overpowering. Lavender, Calendula and Peppermint hydrate and heal cracked lips while giving the illusion of fresh breath. I would think that boys would love this gem as it doesn’t have a shiny finish or any tint.

Regenerating & Stimulating Exfoliator: A really gentle and versatile scrub that can be tailored to any skin type. Mix 1 tsp of the exfoliating powder with the product of your choice, based on your skin type: honey for acne, yogurt for oily skin or AHA exfoliation, and oil or cream for dry skin. The scrubbing granules are made of oatmeal, making the particles softer than your average scrubbing beads (great for more sensitive and delicate skins).


In an effort to try to incorporate more natural products into my routine, I’ve tried out a few of Weleda’s star products: Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion, Wild Rose Deodorant and Lavender Oil. I know what you’re thinking. Natural deodorant? Ya, right. Not to be trusted and all that.

Do you know that most deodorants and antiperspirants contain the potentially dangerous aluminum? It supposedly goes into your bloodstream after each application and is thought to be a carcinogen. I’m not sure about how much research there is on this, but it can never hurt to be careful.

I don’t, however, want to be so careful that I end up stinking. Never. Ever. Currently I am using a roll-on deodorant by Ban, that I like. It works, and I hate the usual bars from Secret and Lady Speedstick (they just get bunched up in my armpits) so I find that a liquid works best for me.

Initially, I was really, really nervous about try out the deodorant. I had even planned on putting it on one day when I had work and yoga that evening, but I chickened out and grabbed my faithful Ban at the last moment. I finally got over it this past weekend and applied it. And you know what? It won’t stop you from sweating (it’s natural to sweat, btw), but you will not stink. I wore it all weekend–through yoga, house cleaning, cooking–and yes, I did sweat (it’s natural to, remember) but I did not stink. One bit.

This is a very fragrant rose-scented spray that you apply to the armpits. It dries fairly quickly, and won’t stain your clothes. I think that the instructions say that you should reapply a few times a day, but I didn’t need to.

The almond cleanser is also a great find–it’s a very light lotion, not on the creamy side like Clinique’s Comforting Cream Cleanser, and has a slight foamy feel to it straight out of the tube. Very gentle, non-stripping, great for sensitive skins and perfect for a morning cleanse. Doesn’t really remove all makeup though, so don’t count on it getting rid of mascara.

I love the scent of lavender, I find it so soothing. This beautifully fragranced oil is perfect for baths, or what I like to do is mix in a few drops with my unscented almond oil after my shower to help lull me to sleep.