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Flicked liner is an acquired skill that you’ll only improve at with time and practice. And even for the pros, a few (of like twenty…) Bioderma-soaked Q-tips are a necessity to keep on hand for every application. I’ve streamlined my method into three easy steps, hopefully offering any rookies or even regular wearers some helpful advice for this intimidating endeavour.

Step One

stilaWith your pen, draw an approximately 1.5 cm line in continuation with your bottom lash line, moving outwards, aiming for the very, very point of the ideal end of your brow. Keep the line as thin as possible, cleaning up with your handy-dandy Q-tips if necessary.


Step Two

Line your upper lash line as per usual, going as far into the corners as is most flattering for your face (I typically like to go right into my inner corner. Keep this line thin as well, hugging very closely to the lash line. Smooth out any bumps with your Q-tips.


Step Three

Using the very tip of your liner pen, make a smooth line connecting from a quarters way out from your lash line to about halfway through your flick. Fill in any spaces inside the triangle you’ve just created.

Use the Q-tip to sharpen the final line.


flick final
I’ve tried any and every liner that’s been recommended my way for a feline flick, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Stila’s liquid pen is always my best bet, and probably most of yours. I’ll break it down easy for you; It’s very black. It’s tip is super precise to get right into the roots of your lash line, inner-corners, and to the very thin flick of your cat-eye. It doesn’t wear off throughout the day, even on the oiliest of eye-lids. It never clumps. The pen doesn’t dry out after like three uses. The formula is thin and satiny. An easy winner for me.


I was scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, as a sixteen year-old girl does, when I came across the most perfect flick I’ve ever seen. EVER. If you can disregard her Arizona Muse-esque brows (le sigh) and her gorgeous green eyes, you can truly appreciate the cat eye. I mean, be honest now, we all know very well how f***ing hard an even pair of cat eyes is to paint on. So anyways, after about ten minutes of staring in sheer awe, I summoned my mother for a trip to the MAC counter, where I literally told the sales lady “I need your blackest and most waterproof eyeliner here” (I’m not big on small talk). She totally picked up on my forwardness and simply opened a drawer and handed me a tiny black box. No questions asked, just like that. At the checkout, she mentioned that I best have a strong remover for this one. Pfft, ya, I had my Bioderma, I was good.

NO. I was far from good. Good was not even in sight. Good was on a whole other planet. This product does not go away (in the best way possible). I showered, I washed my face, I steamed my face, I scrubbed with my Bioderma. The cat eye won’t leave me alone. The lady was right, and I needed to pay her another visit. But for logic’s sake, let me tell you about the liner itself.

It truly is the blackest liner I’ve ever used. It kind of reminds me of tar in that way– it’s also goopy (so make sure you take the excess product off the brush before you dive in). I’m not a huge fan of the brush, I really prefer the foam tip ones. Aside from that, this stuff will give you great pigmentation, it quite literally will not transfer or go anywhere once it’s dried, and well, it’s a great liner. That being said, it being ridiculously hard to remove is a pain in the ass when you can’t swipe on a perfect flick on the first try. This lead to many mornings of frustration and too many black-stained Q-Tips.

So, I went back to visit the MAC lady to admit that I did need her remover. Just as simply as our last encounter, she grabs the pink bottle and takes me to the cash. I eagerly whip open the bottle when I get home, to see if this stuff actually works. Once again, this lady knows what she’s talking about. The oily solution wipes away eye makeup like it ain’t nobodies business. It’s even beat out my old-faithful Bioderma for the top spot.

So ya, I really had to work with this duo for a bit to figure it all out, but for a solid cat eye, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

–Anna Raponi