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The French certainly are good at the classics. Although this isn’t from the 2014 awards season, I chose to replicate Marion Cotillard’s look from her Oscar win in 2008 for La Vie en Rose (a throwback, if you will). Pretty waves thrown over one shoulder, a red lip and a sparkly eye–what could be wrong about that? These choices will never go out of style or look dated.

For the hair, it really couldn’t be simpler. Start with brushed second day hair (it will hold the curl better), create a deep side part, and create some curls facing away from your face. Then sweep over to one side. Create some volume by spraying in some of Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Finish Spray.
Once I had evened out my complexion with foundation and concealer, I filled in my eyebrows. This will help to balance out the strength of the rest of the elements and maintain your face’s architecture. Then I swept a white,pearlescent (borderline glittery) eye shadow all over my eyelid, up to the browbone and in the inner corner of the eye. Next, I applied a medium browneyeshadow (again, sparkly) into the crease and about halfway into the eyelid. To really make the eyes pop, I added a touch of a darker brown shadow into the crease. I traced a black eyeliner along the lashline to and into the inner corner of the eye, and very lightly drew along the lower lashline. I blended both of these with a small brush. Then, I retraced over the top lashline with a liquid eyeliner pen, winging out the outer edge slightly to create a feminine shape. Once I was happy with the line, I curled my lashes and applied a few coats of mascara.
To recreate Marion’s brick red lip, I combined two lipsticks–a bright, cool-toned red and a darker, brick/plum shade. After applying lipliner, I applied the brighter shade straight from the tube, then dabbed in the darker colour with my finger to blend. To recreate a winning flush, I applied the same bright lipstick to my cheeks and blended with my fingers.


This might seem overly simple, but there are two things I always do when my hair is looking less than great and I need to look presentable quickly: a little, wispy bun and a bold lip. The bun takes care of any lank strands or flat roots and you instantly look more polished.

If you have some dry shampoo or hairspray on hand, even better. Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Finishing Spray is great for creating windblown volume. Spray with your product of choice, flip your head upside down, then create a ponytail. I remove the front portion of my hair (sort of where your bangs would be, then re-place them on top after I’ve already created the ponytail. This creates a bit of volume. Then twist the pony, and wrap in a circular motion until it becomes a bun. Secure with a few bobby pins. I think that this bun looks best when a bit wispy and loose, but if you want to look more polished, you could always pull it tighter.

Then, to distract the eye away from my locks, I create a diversion with a bright lip. This brings the focus somewhere else, and it always works–believe me. One time I was at work and my hair was sucking, so I threw on a matte, red lip and someone asked if I had been at an event. Works like a charm.


This time of year, everyone is getting gussied up for all of their glamorous holiday fêtes with sequins, sparkles, all-out makeup, etc. So why not add a little je ne sais quoi with laidback, slightly messy hair that looks like you might have just taken a tumble in the sheets? Paired with a red lip, or sexy little dress, you will look more cool French girl than perfectly-perfect Christmas prom Barbie.

I promise you this look is incredibly easy to recreate, the point of it is to look imperfect, so definitely don’t try too hard, or it will show.

1. Start with clean, dry hair. I had second-day hair, which holds curls better for me. It would best if it was mostly straight or blown out. If you’re a smarty-pants and are planning to do this in advance, use some heat protective products.

2. Grab your wand curling iron and starting a few inches from the roots, wrap 1-inch pieces of hair around the curling iron, leaving about one inch of your ends off. This will make it look less prom-my. I used Rowenta’s Beauty Curl Active, which actually has a motor and a small clamp on it, in case you are especially inept at hairstyling. I prefer to use it without the clamp or motor function. If you have thin, fine hair like me, set it to medium heat, if you have thicker, coarser hair, set it to high heat.

3. When you’re done curling your whole head, mist your curls with some Elnett, then separate your hair into two sections and twirl your hair to create two Princess Leia buns. Clamp or pin in place and let them cool for 20 minutes.

4. Unwrap your buns and shake out your hair. Spray layers of your hair with Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Finish spray, or some more Elnett.

P.S. The Rowenta Beauty Curl Iron is on a Christmas special for $99.95 (that’s half off!) at Trade Secrets. This is an extremely affordable ceramic wand iron with two heat settings. It also has a small clamp and a motor function, but I prefer to use this as a wand! This deal ends December 24th. 



Just in case the hundreds of ‘Christmas Inspired Makeup!!!!’ tutorials (usually involving silver sparkles of some sort and/or red lipstick, gosh this is getting old) haven’t reminded you, it’s the holiday season and wether you like it or not, you will most likely be attending parties that will involve people expecting you to dress up and look cheery.
Now, I love Christmas. Usually I’m that annoying girl who get’s excited halfway through October and puts up the decor November 1st. But this year, I’m just not feelin’ it anymore. The shopping, these said ‘parties’, oh and the coincidental exams right around this time of year, it’s all too stressful and it’s lost its magic. What was I getting at here…oh yes, despite all this you still got to look bangin’. I mean, you’re gonna be seeing friends and family that you may not see very often. And while I’m sure there will be many posts coming giving you the 411 on a candy-cane pout and glitter (everywhere!!), I think it’s about time we went back to basics–bold brows that last. Who ever said that brows can’t be exciting!! I mean, how great does a perfect red lip look with just a little mascara and strong arched brows?
So I played around with the contents of my makeup collection, looking for the longest lasting, most effective and easiest to apply option. Eyeliner! Strong colour payoff, long wearing, and with this technique, you can’t really screw up. Pick a liner that is similarly coloured to your brow hair–taupe for blonde and redheads, brown for brunettes, and black or dark brown for black hair. Draw some onto the back of your hand, warming it up a little. Now dip your angled brush into the colour on the back of your hand, brushing it around to work off a little bit of the pigment and get in there! Avoid too much pigment at the very insides of your brows (you may end up with a near-unibrow), accentuate that arch, and maybe even extend the ends just a tad for some extra drama. Once you’re happy with your creation, spray some hairspray onto your spoolie, then brush your brows into place–I like brushing up, then outwards for my biggest brows). Now literally highlight your masterpieces with highlighter, right under the arches of your brows. When the light hits your face, the highlighter will make your arches appear just that bit higher and give your face more definition. They brows won’t budge and are party-ready (even if you aren’t).

–Anna Raponi



Angelina Jolie has been a beauty icon for two decades now–her high arched eyebrows, voluptuous lips and impeccable bone structure… ya, ugh. And while she is one of the most beautiful almost-fourty year olds I can think of, I’m sort of obsessed with young Angie, like 90’s Angie. Her look was simple, but never boring. The plummy shades she gravitated towards totally encompass the tonal look of the nineties (see; Bobbi Browns Teenage Beauty Book), and I think this look would be great on almost everyone.

While I’m sure Angelina was blessed with naturally-flawless skin, if you need a little coverage, go for a natural finish foundation with medium coverage. The look is a little frosty, so make sure that your shade is spot on. If needed, do a little pin-point concealing (as Lisa Eldridge would say) with a concealer matched to your foundation shade. A little shadow under the eyes is totally acceptable, so finish off by setting everything with a translucent powder–this look has that ultra-matte porcelain doll finish.

Well, thank goodness we have moved past the super skinny brows of the 90’s (especially the tadpoles)! These are the high point of the look (I seriously crack myself up sometimes). Grab a pencil that’s around the same colour of your brows (though you can totally go a few shades darker), and start off by working on making the most of your natural arch. Ideally, you want to get it as high as possible without looking ridiculous, so you take it as far as you’d like. Fill in the rest of the brow, accentuating the ends just a tad downwards to really frame your eyes.

Speaking of framing the eyes, Angie uses plummy tones to define her stunning emerald eyes. Start with a skin-toned matte shadow across the lid, then blend a sheer violet shade into your natural crease, being careful to keep the colour away from the lash line. With a black liquid liner, do a classic line starting right from the inner corner, thickening as you move outwards. Though not entirely necessary, finish off with a light layer of mascara.

A berry pink powder blush will work great at both giving you a flush and a little contour–make a ‘3’ shape with your brush, from the apples of the cheeks up and around to the sides of the forehead, then down the jawline.

A wash with Bumble’s Surf Shampoo/ Conditioner combo with give enough texture to make this simple look more interesting. Once dried, straighten with a flat iron to get a super-sleek finish. Oh yah, don’t forget the Brad Pitt-esque middle part (once again, I should seriously do stand-up).

Now you just need to score a few badass movie roles and sport some very on-trend grunge pieces. She was/is the epitome of ‘cool girl’ if there ever was one.

–Anna Raponi


Céline Kaplan is the founderof Céline Kaplan Public Relations (CKPR). She began her career in PR at Chanel-owned swimwear and lingerie brand, Eres. Now, her firm represents the best in luxury fashion, lifestyle and beauty with clients that includeThe Webster Miami (the most curated Fashion destination in the US), Eres, Ladurée (the ultimate of macarons), candlemaker Cire Trudon, perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and most recently, home decor brand Monc XIII rounding out her enviable client list.

We asked Céline about what keeps her looking French-girl chic:

Makeup: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, Bourjois Lune d’Or, MAC mascara.

Nails: Japanese nail art at Marie Nails, New York.

Skincare: Boots Rose Water Spray, Clarins Eye Cream, Chanel Clay Mask, MAC Makeup Remover, Chanel Gel Cleanser, Clarins Sunscreen, hydrating cream Biafine After Sun, Clarins Body Oil.

Hair: For volume, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, Klorane Summer Camomile Shampoo.

Fragrance: Perfume Lumière Noire by Francis Kurkdijan, at home candle Balmoral by Cire Trudon,  in my room the Paeva candle by Ladurée, Gardenia Oil.


Class is in session! For todays lesson, we’re gonna take french braiding to the next step; the inverted french braid! Now don’t get your panties in a bunch, this isn’t rocket science. You now know how to french braid, so I know you are very well capable of pulling off this look–it’s literally the same procedure but you’re gonna weave under instead of over. Scratch that, I’ve probably already lost you. Just follow my lead.
Great hair starts with good tools. As always, I recommend a good paddle brush, some styling wax and a thin elastic, preferably either clear or matched to your hair colour.
Brush it out– tangles are a no-no when it comes to braiding, and really, just in general. It makes the whole process harder and you could end up with weird lumps and bumps. Now, warm some of the wax in your hands and comb through with your fingers, targeting those pesky baby hairs around your face.
Now, look straight on at your face, making two parts at the upper corners of your forehead, pulling the hair up and into a sort of triangular part (the point facing behind you). Split into three equal sections and pull backwards.
Let’s start braiding! Grab the rightmost piece and pull it under the centre piece, simultaneously pulling the original centre piece over to the right. Now with the leftmost piece, pull it under the now middle piece, pulling that middle piece over to the right. This is the basic pattern.
Now, as you continue pulling from the sides under into the middle, grab thin layers of hair, joining them along with the outermost pieces. This will keep the braid thick and secured to the head. I know your arms are tired at this point, but keep it going. Grab hair. Right under, centre over. Grab more hair. Left under, centre over.
Congratulations! You’ve made it to the nape of your neck! Make sure that you’ve added the remainder of your hair to your inverted braid by now, and keep these weaves very tight to your head (it looks much nicer). Now, you’re ready to leave the nest (haha). You’re going solo. Keep with the inverted style braiding (ie. side pieces moving under instead of over) until you reach the desired end. Secure with an elastic and ta-da!

If you like the sleek look, use a little more hair wax to smooth down those baby hairs and any shorter layers that may have popped out. I prefer a looser look, so don’t be afraid to pull at a few pieces and let some loose. Recess time, class!

-Anna Raponi

P.S. Thanks to our lovely model Cassidy and her even lovelier hair.


Back to beauty school today! Braids have been on-trend for what seems like every season these days. They mask second day hair, and are super practical. Some of us grew up braiding our friends’ hair (ahem, that would be me), but some of us just never got the hang of it. No fear, I’m your girl. In today’s lesson, we’re gonna do the simple french braid. Feel free to take notes.Tools:

Start with a good brush. Detangling and smoothing out the strands will make the braid look cleaner and prevent those pesky bumps. Brush from front of the head to back, removing any part. Next, warm up the wax between your hands, and comb through with your fingers, concentrating the product at top half of your hair.

Now, kinda going by the upper corners of your forehand (this will look best if you tailor it specifically to your face shape), pick up a triangle of hair. Brush it out, then split it into three even chunks.

Choose one of the outer pieces. Actually, just for rookie’s sake, let’s go with the outermost right piece. Yah. That’ll do. So with the outermost right piece, were going to switch this piece with the middle piece. So now, that outermost right piece (this is becoming quite the mouthful) is now in the centre and the originally middle piece is under that right piece, now on the right side.  Now, we’re going to do this again, but with the leftmost piece of hair (don’t sweat it, I’ll walk you through it again). Take the untouched, left piece and cross it over into the middle, and moving the old centre piece under that left piece. Continue this method, alternating right and left, but pulling even chunks of hair from each side and adding them to the three braiding pieces before weaving.

Yada, yada yada. You’re still braiding. Make sure the chunks you’re adding are smooth, and keep the weaving tight and very close to the head. Now, once you’re nearing the nape of the neck, make sure you’ve added all the extra hair to the braid– it should be quite thick now. Once you’ve reached the end of your roots, you’re just going to resume normal braiding. Right over to centre, pull the centre piece under to the right. Left over to centre, pull the centre piece under to the right. You’ve got it now. Keep going, right left, right left, right until you get to your ‘desired’ end.

I prefer mine to have barely any tail, however it’s much easier to end a little early. To each their own. Tie up with your thin elastic (the clear plastic-y ones are my favourite, it you have those on hand). Congrats! Your now the owner of a sleek, beautiful french braid.

In my opinion, looser pieces and a bit of messiness is more flattering to my face. This doesn’t require much instruction– get your fingers in there, pull around, free a few face-framing pieces. I like to think it’s a little more mermaid-esque. If you’ve got major layers popping out, try pushing pieces into the braid to secure them, or use a bobby pin. That’s all there is to it. Remember, practice makes perfect.
P.S. My apologies for my lacklustre nail sitch, I promise I’ll try to vamp them up for next time.
–Anna Raponi


I knew this stuff was popular, like it’s been around for years and gets great reviews, but I’ve only recently noticed how iconic it is. At a friends birthday party a month ago, we were observing our post-swim (tangly and frizzy) wet hair as one friend suggested that she wanted to try “that surf spray at Sephora“. My best friend, who loves getting all done up but doesn’t really care for the brands and the hype etc, mentioned that she wanted to buy “that Bumble salt spray“. Even my youngest sister, who sort of hates wearing makeup in general and is a proud supporter of drugstore brands knew exactly what I was talking about when I came home on a Sunday, bragging giddily, “I got the Surf Spray!“. “That Bumble and bumble one or whatever?” she replied. Whatever. She knew exactly what she was talking about, for once, about this beauty product. But why? Why is it that EVERYONE knows and wants this stuff? The answer is simple. EVERYONE wants the natural-looking mermaid waves that replicate a dip in the ocean. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look like a mermaid?! Common sense here people.
Andreea Dianconu for Vogue Paris June/July 2013

So, on to the review I suppose. I guess what I’ve noticed is that this product has completely different results on everyone, based on your hair type. Not to brag, but I find it works very well with my curly hair, just because there’s already some wave to work with– it kinda Sky Ferreira’s my hair (that’s a verb, right?). Amanda gave this a somewhat half-assed try on her relatively straight hair and was disappointed in the lack of results– however she suggested that she try it on damp hair next time. I’ll speak from my experience from this point I suppose. For me, this product has became an instant staple to my routine. Why? because it instantly transforms my curly hair to a messy, wavy grown out bob that gives the impression that I just kind of woke up with awesome hair. I especially love applying the spray to my hands and twisting and crunching face-framing pieces for volume and knarly waves. From what I’ve seen, this stuff is like beach hair in a bottle. But what most of us tend to forget is how out hair feels after a swim in the sea. Not good. I don’t  know about you, but the mix of the salt water and the sun makes my hair dry and crunchy, much like this product does. You’re hair won’t feel soft or touchable with a few sprays of this stuff. It’s not the most pleasant but I kind of got used to it. I attempt to counteract the drying by using an argan oil in my wet hair before I use the spray on my dry hair. It doesn’t soften the waves but I figure it’s better for my hair. All in all, this product will give you the hair of a surfer, and, come on, we all wouldn’t mind that.

–Anna Raponi


With their newly popular Hairdressers Invisible Oil, and their iconic Surf Spray (and matching Shampoo and Conditioner), Bumble and bumble makes effective and simple products to cater to all of your hairstyling needs. However, even for the experienced self-‘coiffeur’, it’s hard to know which products to pick and choose–and how to get the results we want while avoiding using too many and weighing the hair down. Oh, the struggles.
As I was scrolling through my Pinterest dashboard covered in “mason jar juice recipes” (it’s getting old people), I saw these ‘before and after’ shots of some, dare I say, really awesome hair. I clicked through, and discovered the ‘Volume Sessions’ on Bumble and bumble’s site. These super informative videos show you how to create these do’s, mainly using their Thickening line. Watching the products in action is really helpful but also makes me wanna dash to my nearest Sephora to buy them for myself. The tutorials are easy to follow and don’t require that much skill. So pop some popcorn and enjoy the show(s).
Full-Bodied Waves
Really big waves
Defined Waves
Also, a useful guide to backcombing from the site.

–Anna Raponi