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Honest to god, if I had remotely good skin I would hit the treadmill completely bare faced. However this is not Neverland and I have blotchy, acne-prone skin that ain’t so pretty. And while working out with makeup probably isn’t the greatest for your skin, no one wants to workout surrounded by potentially hot (and fit) guys and modelesque ‘why-are-you-even-at-the-gym’ girls sans your usual ‘face’.

I don’t go all out with coverage, but I do like to attempt to even out the tone–I use Dr. Jart’s Premium BB Cream all over. This stuff has the texture of a thin moisturizer and looks super natural, however it’s ‘universal’ shade is borderline too dark for me, so some blending down the neck is required. I set it with Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder, which claims to actually get rid of blackheads–it absorbs oil (and sweat, for that matter) like it ain’t nobodies business. I usually like a little bronzer–Nars Laguna is a cult classic and makes me feel just that little bit more Angelina Jolie circa Tomb Raider.

I actually tried wearing eyebrow gel to the gym once but when the most of it ended up smeared across my towel I realized that I wasn’t taking that chance again. I simply brush them out and hope for the best.

For me, I like some definition around my eyes, even for a workout. A little brown kohl along my lash line and a good dose of mascara gives me just enough voom for a trip to the gym.

That being said, everyone has a different idea of ‘gym makeup’, per say. I definitely think, unless you’re totally comfortable with your naked face/occasionally a model in fashion week, that you should more or less do a lighter version of your everyday look. If I look decent, I’ll workout longer– it’s a confidence thing. There’s this stunning redhead at my gym that wears nothing but a dark red lip to workout, and looks amazing every time I see her. If anything, what you wear on your face at the gym should make you feel your best–if you’ve devoted the time to work on your body, you should feel amazing.

–Anna Raponi


As the days get shorter, and sunlight becomes minimal at best, my already pale complexion gets downright ghostly come winter.
Up until a few weeks ago, I had been keeping up with my routine of lightly contouring with Nars’ Laguna bronzer and wearing Nars’ Orgasm for blush, but it started feeling as if my peachy-pink cheeks weren’t matching the more seasonal, darker red and berry tones that I wanted to wear on my lips.
As soon as I spotted Chanel’s new holiday collection, as usual, I knew I wanted to have absolutely everything, especially their new blush (by the way, the newly renovated beauty department at The Bay on Queen St. is gorgeous). Accent is a neutral-warm mix of pale pink and bronze, making it the perfect match to my cooler, blue-based lip colours while at the same time adding a healthy glow. I apply this blush after contouring to give my face a bit more life.
I also grabbed one of their holiday nail polishes, Rouge Rubis. It’s the perfect blue-based bright red, with a thick formula, I seriously considered whether or not I should do a second coat. It’s long-lasting with a glass-like shine, just as the Rouge Noir. For some reason, I’m in love with the idea of a red lip and nail for the holidays this year. Predictable, but classic. There was also a beautiful eyeshadow palette available, but seeing as I barely wear eyeshadow anymore, I figured I would pass this time.
Taken from this week’s FASHION Magazine Beauty Panel Challenge.


From left to right, clockwise: Devotee, Mistinguette, Deep Throat, Goulue, Orgasm, Laguna.
Nars’ Orgasm, Deep Throat, Laguna blushes and bronzer have been cult beauty favourites for years. Despite their scandalous names and chic packaging, the colours are beautiful are raved about on the daily.So, when I saw the Limited Edition Guy Bourdin ‘One Night Stand’ Blush Palette, which come with these three iconic shades along with three limited edition hues, I was sold. They’re just short of full-size and for $72, it’s well worth it (but pricey nonetheless).

If you’re unfimiliar with the inspiration himself, Guy Bourdin is an award-winning French photographer who shot for Italian, British and French Vogue, Chanel, Issey Miyake, among others. Let’s just say that the pair of Nars’ sexy names and Guy’s photos are a perfect match. Ya, enough said.

The highlighter, Devotee is easily my favourite of the palette. I’m not a fan of liquid highlighters, so this powder gives my skin a beautiful, long-lasting sheen that works on my oilier skin. The bright bubblegum pink, titled Mistinguette, gives a surprisingly very natural looking flush on my pale skin–almost that ‘I’ve been outside too long in the cold’ look, minus the crabby attitude and chapped lips. Deep Throat and Orgasm are both peachy shades (meant to replicate the natural blush you get after… well). Orgasm is blended with gold shimmer, but both give natural, sheer pigmentation. Laguna, is perfect for a non-orangey contour and to warm up your complexion. Goulue is a deep berry shade that is ultra-glam and would look amazing on so many skin tones. There are literally no flaws in this palette, so pick one up before they’re gone!

–Anna Raponi


If there’s anything I’ve learned from being a beauty addict, it’s that this stuff don’t come cheap. Paying $60 for a foundation that you will literally wash down the drain in about ten hours is kind of a painful thought, but of course it’s how the makeup makes us feel that matters.

So you’ve got a brand-spankin’ new blush that you’ve been eyeing for a few months. You’re dying to wear it out, but you haven’t got the right brush. You then realize that good brushes cost almost double what the blush costed, and well, you’re bummed. Well how about a brush, which ya, ain’t cheap, but will go across the board for most of your makeup needs (minus the eyes)?. Make Up For Evers #122 has got us covered. This brush is so soft, like so, so soft. The two distinctly different lengthed bristles give a light finish, and are ideal for blending, be it your liquid/powder foundation, blush, bronzer, mattifying powder you be the judge. The fibres don’t shed when you’re washing, and while this is kinda irrelevant, I love how you can’t see the colour on the bristles, unlike the typical black and white duo-fibre brushes. This brush is part of their Artisan collection, one of 76 styles that have been quality tests 50 times before it touches your face. Yes, an investment, but well worth it.

–Anna Raponi


The chances of getting a natural tan at this point is long behind us, fellow beauty lovers. And as the winter winds roll in, we’ve all got to update our beauty routines– heavier on the moisture, perhaps higher coverage, you pick your poison, but we all make a few changes. Amidst all the kerfuffle, be it our wardrobes and the concoctions we slather on our faces, it can be a bit overwhelming. So what if I told you that this product will eliminate one product from your [I’ll bet] vast variety of cosmetics, save you an extra thirty seconds in the morning and keep you right on trend?
So now that I’ve got your attention: the cosmetic in question. Well, they’re basically a mish-mash of a bronzer and a blush. You got your peachy-bronze tones and your rosy-pink tones. All in one! Who knew!
Yes, it’s really that simple! The pinky hues call for a natural-looking contour and those flushed cheeks we all want. And the tan shades? They warm up our October complexions and mix with the tones to create a warmer, peachier colour on the cheeks. Clarins Graphic Expression Face and Blush Powder and Lancome’s Blush Rose Désir are my go-to’s this season. Lancome’s rendition offers a more dramatic, luminous finish (warmer tones) whereas the Clarins powder is great for a subtle, everyday look (cooler tones). I reach for a big duo fibered (stippling, if you will) brush– MAC and Make Up For Ever make great ones. After a swirl in the compact, dust of excess product onto your wrist (ie. simplest way to avoid Dorito cheeks), then at the sides of your forehead (along the hairline), continuing right down behind your brows and onto the cheekbones– a bit on the apples of your cheeks and in the hollows of your cheeks (fish face required). A little tap on the nose and on the chin. Finito. Your practically a movie star now. You’re welcome.
–Anna Raponi



Even though the days are getting longer and hotter, some of us spend the majority of our time indoors at school, work, shopping, etc. Thus, when the time comes, nobody wants to hit the beach with a glowing white bod. So hit up that self-tanner, and fake your goddess glow! (Just make sure you get a good one–i.e. not orange)
  • Exfoliate before application with a grainy scrub. Also, shave those legs, because shaving with the product on can leave a spotty finish.
  • Apply moisturizer to drier areas (mostly around joints), like elbows and knees, as they will absorb more pigments and turn darker.
  • Use either a latex glove or a tanning mitt when applying the product.
  • Try not to bend over, or bend the elbows and knees during the application and drying time– this can lead to creasing and streaks.
  • Despite the promisingly quick drying times, we advise that you wait at least 5-10 minutes before you put any clothes on.
  • Try to minimize the time you spend in the shower, and just showers in general (within reason, obviously).
Happy tanning!
–Anna Raponi & Amanda Raponi