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My hair has changed a few times in my life now (I’m 25). When I was really small, my hair was very curly. Then, as a teenager, my hair became coarser (still curly, mind you). Since finishing university, my hair has become finer, thinner, smoother and silkier–which can be nice, but makes it difficult to add volume. Plus, oddly, my hair can be curly just as it’s finished drying, but after a few hours, it loses the curl and becomes straight with wavy parts–except around my face. Those baby curly hairs are my nemesis. I am forever straightening them, hoping to avoid a lion’s mane. In the summer, they become even more stubborn.

Basically, these baby hairs are the reason that I have not gotten bangs yet. I feel that it would be silly for me to be constantly fixing and straightening my bangs, not to mention damaging. But I can’t help but love how a little hair on the forehead looks so feminine, especially when it is wispy and a little messy. It adds more interest to a bun or a ponytail and some hair in the eyes adds instant mystery. For older women, getting some bangs cut can be quite anti-aging as it covers up any wrinkles on the forehead.

Plus, I’ve never really had bangs (well, that’s not completely true–my mother thought it would be a good idea to give me bangs in Grade 5, it didn’t look great, but I was a child), so I don’t know what it’s like to have them. Do they get greasy faster than the rest of your hair? Are they impossible on the second day? How annoying are they?

Existential questions, I tell you. If only the rest of my hair and my baby hairs could coordinate. Sigh.

Cool girls: Jane Birkin, Freja Beha Erichsen, Jeanne Damas, Caroline de Maigret, Alexandra Golovanoff, Brigite Bardot and Léa Seydoux


All I want for Fall is the perfect trench and a pair of badass ankle boots (more on that to come, I’m sure). What could be more perfect for those kinda-cold, but not-too-cold days? It instantly makes you look amazing, regardless of what you are wearing underneath, and it’s such a classic piece that you can never go wrong with it–investing in a good one means you’ll have and wear it for years to come.


From left to right: Burberry London Mid-length gabardine trench, Club Monaco Emma trench, Burberry Prorsum Mid-length cotton sateen trench, Zara cotton trench

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