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I was probably most excited to find these in my Dior Fall 2015 package. They look so cute, and are extremely portable (no broken pans here). Continue reading DIOR // CHEEK STICKS


I’ve been seeing little bits and pieces about Dior’s Lip Glow for a while now, and I decided that I just had to try it. I mean, how could a lip balm possibly know what exact colour to change based on my lips?

Well it does, and let me tell you, whatever this science is, is really cool. The product works adjusts to your body’s natural chemistry to create a personal shade that flatters any skintone.

As Dave Lackie mentioned, Dior really is at the forefront of cosmetics innovation, they consistently create makeup and skincare products that wow and surprise me.

My lips are naturally a medium pink colour, which makes it hard for me to pull off corals and lighter-coloured lipsticks because the darker colour of my lips show through. This made me a bit skeptical about trying the Lip Glow, but I needn’t have been worried. My lips turn a pretty peony pink which brightens my whole complexion. While the colour is bright, it looks completely natural since the formula adjusts to fit your colouring. Quite simply amazing.

This product would be especially perfect for girls who are a bit hesitant when it comes to lip colours and wearing lipsticks and glosses. This balm glides on smoothly, and can be applied without a mirror as it is very light and translucent. Plus, once the balm has faded away, the colour still remains on the lips.

To go hand in hand with the Lip Glow is Dior’s Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush, which also works with the same science to create a naturally angelic flush on any skintone. While the hot pink shade does look a bit intimidating in the pan, once on the face, it creates a beautiful, innocent young glow that makes me feel as if my skin becomes a little more porcelain. As the colour is translucent and shimmer-less, it looks completely as if it truly is your flush. The formula is ultra light, highly pigmented and lasts all day long. I only apply a tiny amount of this product to the tops of my cheekbones (near the eye), to create a vibrant, I just woke up from a 12-hour sleep, glow.

Now I just need to get my hands on the Nail Glow

P.S. I’ll be posting a look tomorrow featuring these products. Stay tuned!



THIS GLAMOROUS LITTLE COMPACT from Aerin is perfect for those lazy weekend days where you don’t feel like wearing real makeup or look like you’re wearing real makeup (i.e. no makeup, makeup). Plus, it lightens up your makeup bag significantly (you don’t even need to pack a brush!), which is very handy for any weekend escpades. I apply the golden shade as eyeshadow and use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones and cupids bow. The warm, peachy-nude shade gets blended onto my cheeks and lips for a warm, natural look. With a bit of concealer and a swipe of mascara, your weekend face is ready to go.


Make Up For Ever has extended their super successful HD range to now include cream blushes. And let me tell you–they are dreamy.

I chose to try out #215, a warm pinky-apricot shade that will give you a pretty, girly flush. It’s very pigmented, you only need to dab a little bit of it on and blend. Seriously–start small with this blush, you don’t want to look as if you just came back from running in a cold windstorm. It really packs a punch, and you can always add layers afterwards. The silky texture blends seamlessly into your makeup, making application a breeze. There are no sparkles or shine (my favourite), you are just left with very natural, sheer colour–no lines whatsoever–it really blends that perfectly and easily to create a second skin.

It doesn’t sit on top of the skin, or leave a tacky finish. It is super lightweight and dries nicely–not to a powder finish, but with a satin finish that makes you appear as if you are naturally emanating a beautiful pinky glow.

The new range contains 16 shades, suitable for light to dark skin tones. Plus, for all of you girls who are frequently in front of the camera (selfies, professional shoots, whatever), the blushes were tested in front of HD cameras to ensure that they are undetectable.

Not only does give a natural, beautiful flush, but the colour is also long-lasting. These blushes are perfect for reviving sad, dull Polar Vortex skin!


When I opened up the February issue of Vogue Paris, the “Rose d’Hiver” editorial (above) was the first one that struck me–baby pink can be a bit too girly for me–I veer towards black, white, blue and navy regularly (all neutral, I know)–but the contrast of the natural, clean hair and makeup with the cool baby pink looks fresh (less Malibu Barbie) for Spring.

All shades of blush and rose have found their way onto the runway and have infiltrated all the spring lines of makeup–whether with undertones of purple or apricot, flecks of gold and silver, shades range from the palest whispers of pink to the neon bright lipstick release from Chanel in La Diva.

Although we’ve been beaten by a few polar vortexes and the snow just won’t quit, we can mix in some pink for a breath of fresh air among the sea of black and navy.

click image to enlarge

1/dress, stella mccartney 2/clutch, balenciaga 3/dress, lela rose 4/polishes, mac fantasy of flowers collection 5/sunglasses, ray ban 6/top, malene birger 7/clutch, valextra 8/lipstick, chanel 9/polishes, dior trianon collection 10/top, aritzia 11/perfume, chanel coco mademoiselle 12/bracelet, tiffany diamonds by the yard 13/body lotion, diptyque eau de rose 14/shoes, jimmy choo 15/shoes, loeffler randall 16/sunglasses, dolce & gabbana 17/dress, adam lippes 18/lipsticks, mac fantasy of flowers collection 19/clutch, saint laurent paris 20/teddy, eberjey

Dior was influenced by Versailles for their Trianon collection, and have released a range of the girliest of pastels in limited edition packaging that evokes the beautiful patisseries that Marie Antoinette herself would have eaten at her country hideaway, the Trianon.

All of the items in MAC’s Fantasy of Flowers range are named after flowers, making up the prettiest bouquet of colours. With Diptyque’s Eau Rose body lotion, you will smell like the queen of the flowers.

Fabrics are wispy and diaphonous: Adam Lippes‘ slinky minimalist incarnation, and Lela Rose’s feather-light silk organza off-the-shoulder dress create the most feminine of looks.


Not gonna lie here…pretty obsessed with this collection. I was so excited when I received them.

The packaging itself is beautiful–when I pulled the eyeliner out of the envelope I squealed with delight, I mean, how gorgeous! Light pink and minimalist gold lettering? Come onn. Plus, the little pink suede pouch for the cheek and lip compact is so luxe, and that’s not even mentioning what is actually inside!

Every single one of these products are amazing, but let me break them down for you:

Lipstick in Red Velvet: Glides on like a dream, and applies as a sheer, but buildable, blue-based red. No sparkles, no glitter, no nothing; just colour. Exactly what I like in a red lip.

Lip Gloss in Golden Kiss: A sheer nude gloss with flecks of gold. Not my usual cup of tea colour-wise, but this non-sticky gloss makes it easy to get your J.Lo on.

Cool Gel Eyeliner in Gilt: You maybe recognize this little wonder from last week’s Beauty Panel challenge on metallics. This eyeliner is my new obsession for adding a je ne sais quoi element to your everyday face. I love lining my waterline, tightline and inner corners with it for adding subtle sparkle and drawing attention to the eye. But, you could totally use it à la Lenny Kravitz in The Hunger Games.I love it combined with a red lip for a quick and festive holiday look.

Multi Colour Duo for Lip and Cheek: This is the perfect palette for adding quick polish to a lazy weekend face, or for adding some radiance. On one side is a warm golden highlighter, and on the other is a nudey creme blush. They give great washes of colour that you can easily build up for more opacity. Smudge it on eyelids, cheeks and lips for a quick glow. Great to bring a long if you’re staying somewhere else for the holiday, and want to cut down on items in your makeup bag. Could easily be paired with any of the items in this collection.