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Now that it’s officially fall, it’s officially time to switch over our makeup and bring back my favourite shade of lipstick and polish: Red!  Continue reading REDS // LIPS AND TIPS


Now that Easter has come and gone, the next main event is Mother’s Day. And while your mom will always say that they don’t want anything, you know that they always would like something. And this something is it.

This hand cream smells like a bouquet of expensive roses, but this isn’t your grandma’s rose scent–it’s light, soft and elegant–sophisticated without being overpowering. The light pink cream is thick and feels luxurious on hands, absorbs quickly and hydrates without feeling greasy.

Plus, it not only works as a wonderful hand cream, but it also looks beautiful. The tube would look gorgeous on any nightstand or side table.

It retails for around $40, which makes it one of those objects that you might not want to buy for yourself, but would love to receive.

P.S. If your mom isn’t a hand cream kind of lady, Aerin also makes so many other lovely products that are luxe and beautiful.


THIS GLAMOROUS LITTLE COMPACT from Aerin is perfect for those lazy weekend days where you don’t feel like wearing real makeup or look like you’re wearing real makeup (i.e. no makeup, makeup). Plus, it lightens up your makeup bag significantly (you don’t even need to pack a brush!), which is very handy for any weekend escpades. I apply the golden shade as eyeshadow and use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones and cupids bow. The warm, peachy-nude shade gets blended onto my cheeks and lips for a warm, natural look. With a bit of concealer and a swipe of mascara, your weekend face is ready to go.


This might seem overly simple, but there are two things I always do when my hair is looking less than great and I need to look presentable quickly: a little, wispy bun and a bold lip. The bun takes care of any lank strands or flat roots and you instantly look more polished.

If you have some dry shampoo or hairspray on hand, even better. Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Finishing Spray is great for creating windblown volume. Spray with your product of choice, flip your head upside down, then create a ponytail. I remove the front portion of my hair (sort of where your bangs would be, then re-place them on top after I’ve already created the ponytail. This creates a bit of volume. Then twist the pony, and wrap in a circular motion until it becomes a bun. Secure with a few bobby pins. I think that this bun looks best when a bit wispy and loose, but if you want to look more polished, you could always pull it tighter.

Then, to distract the eye away from my locks, I create a diversion with a bright lip. This brings the focus somewhere else, and it always works–believe me. One time I was at work and my hair was sucking, so I threw on a matte, red lip and someone asked if I had been at an event. Works like a charm.


It’s cheaper than a complete closet overhaul

It’s a New Year! New you, right?? And all that crap. Everyone goes through that post-Christmas slump of no-money January when all we really want to do is buy a new wardrobe from all the Winter clearance sales. Unfortunately, though, no money=no new closet.

But…you can probably afford between $5-$30, right? Behold the lipstick, the mini-makeover wonder! With one of these small, coloured bullets, you can revamp your look with a new lipstick. A bold, bright or dark lipstick can change everything about your outfit–including your attitude.

I find that with a red lip on, I’m way more graceful with my movements. It’s like wearing a pair of heels–you need to be more conscious of how you conduct yourself. You probably want to walk instead of run, you’re not gonna shove that lunch in your mouth, you’re going to be ladylike and use your fork.

Plus, it totally changes your outfit and adds an eye-catching detail to your face. Is that white frilly dress too saccharine? Add a dark, plum lip and now you’ve transformed into a goth angel princess (like Rooney). Does your white shirt look too “normal” and corporate yuppie? Add a bright lip to a clean, bare face (messy hair helps too) and now you’re a cool french girl.

Yes, it’s higher maintenance, but with the right application method, your perfect pout doesn’t have to budge and a tube of lipstick is wayyy cheaper than dropping your whole paycheck on the new arrivals at Aritzia and Topshop.


Lipsticks we love: Chanel, Lipstick Queen, NARS, Lancôme, Urban Decay, Aerin, Rimmel


Not gonna lie here…pretty obsessed with this collection. I was so excited when I received them.

The packaging itself is beautiful–when I pulled the eyeliner out of the envelope I squealed with delight, I mean, how gorgeous! Light pink and minimalist gold lettering? Come onn. Plus, the little pink suede pouch for the cheek and lip compact is so luxe, and that’s not even mentioning what is actually inside!

Every single one of these products are amazing, but let me break them down for you:

Lipstick in Red Velvet: Glides on like a dream, and applies as a sheer, but buildable, blue-based red. No sparkles, no glitter, no nothing; just colour. Exactly what I like in a red lip.

Lip Gloss in Golden Kiss: A sheer nude gloss with flecks of gold. Not my usual cup of tea colour-wise, but this non-sticky gloss makes it easy to get your J.Lo on.

Cool Gel Eyeliner in Gilt: You maybe recognize this little wonder from last week’s Beauty Panel challenge on metallics. This eyeliner is my new obsession for adding a je ne sais quoi element to your everyday face. I love lining my waterline, tightline and inner corners with it for adding subtle sparkle and drawing attention to the eye. But, you could totally use it à la Lenny Kravitz in The Hunger Games.I love it combined with a red lip for a quick and festive holiday look.

Multi Colour Duo for Lip and Cheek: This is the perfect palette for adding quick polish to a lazy weekend face, or for adding some radiance. On one side is a warm golden highlighter, and on the other is a nudey creme blush. They give great washes of colour that you can easily build up for more opacity. Smudge it on eyelids, cheeks and lips for a quick glow. Great to bring a long if you’re staying somewhere else for the holiday, and want to cut down on items in your makeup bag. Could easily be paired with any of the items in this collection.


I love metallic makeup (it’s the ex-figure skater in me), especially eyeshadows, but they aren’t always the easiest to pull off in everyday life without looking over the top. Now that the holidays are coming, we have a bit more of an excuse for glittery golds, silvers and bronzes, but wearing them in an understated way can be fun and unexpected.

When I first saw Aerin’s gold eyeliner from their winter collection, I immediately fell in love with it. This product is the key to making an everyday subtle, brown eye into something with a bit more sparkle. After applying a few of the brown shades from Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, and applying some brown eyelineralong the top lash, I lined my waterline and tight line with the gold pencil, taking it all the way to the inner corners of my eye. This trick draws attention to the eye, without looking obvious.
Although not a traditional metallic colour, I applied Lipstick Queen’s Red Metallipstick, from their new metallic lipstick collection. It’s the perfect holiday red infused with a metallic, pearlescent glow to kick the regular red lip up a notch. It leaves a pretty satin shine, so no gloss needed!