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Jordan and I both happened to change fragrances this month…not intentionally, but we were both running out of our respective scents and decided that it was time to switch it up. I was making a change from about 6 years of wearing Coco Mademoiselle and he from about 3 years of wearing One Million.

He wanted something totally new. I, personally, still love Coco, but sometimes I find it a bit bold in the summer heat. However, in my mind, CM is undeniably one of the sexiest fragrances out there. I still have the travel spray and a little left in my bottle should I feel the need to amp it up.

I didn’t really make a huge transition….I stayed within the Chanel family, this time choosing one from the Exclusifs range, Beige. And, it’s gorgeous. It really took me forever to choose it; I must have smelled every single scent on Holt Renfrew’s beauty floor at least twice.

It’s warm and soft, like a sweet and slightly spicy hug. Not at all boring or neutral like the name might insinuate. Honey, spicy vanilla, white flowers like gardenia, frangipani and freesia create a feminine and romantic fragrance that is sensual and light. It’s understated, and very much a daytime fragrance. Quite heavenly, in my opinion.

Chanel’s Exclusif range isn’t cheap, but can I just say, this bottle is enormous–like I need to use both hands to spray it on in the morning.

Jordan chose a completely new fragrance (he wanted something less generic)–it was between a few of the Acqua di Parmas and a few Tom Fords–and had it not been for the price, Tom might have won (though I still want to get a bottle of Neroli Portofino for myself).

ADP’s Colonia Intensa was Jordan’s winner. Don’t be intimidated by the ‘intense’ connotations; it’s not overwhelming at all. It’s classic and traditional manly scent, with a modern twist. It’s not dad-ish at all. It’s elegant and confident with a smoky woody base (he loves woodworking), and some spice and citrusy notes from bergamot, sicilian lemon, cardamom, neroli (orange blossom), patchouli, musk and cedarwood.