Summer is coming (or shouldn’t it already be here?) and it’s time to lather up with some SPF (though you should really be wearing it all year round). Having SPF in your makeup is just not good enough. Most SPFs in makeup or tinted moisturizer can actually disappear and dissolve after application from rubbing the product with your fingers or with a makeup brush.

Since my facialist recommended that I stay away from heavy moisturizers and sunscreens, I decided I would see if I could beat my much-loved Kiehl’s. Thinking, what could be lighter than water?, I picked up Neutrogena’s Water-Light sunscreen. Really, what everyone hates most about sunscreen is:

1) applying it
2) the smell
3) how greasy it is
4) how shiny your face looks afterwards

With new formulations for sunscreen coming out all of the time, you really have no excuse to not be wearing sunscreen. Get with the times people. If you want to look like a gross leather handbag at 50, then be my guest and ignore this. Sun is the number one cause of aging. Why wouldn’t you stop it if you could?

This suncreen claimed to be extremely lightweight with a matte finish. I would say that this sunscreen is just as good as the Kiehl’s for a fraction of the price. They are equal in weight (or both “water-light” if you prefer) and don’t leave a greasy finish. They work perfectly under makeup so you really have no excuse not to use it. Neutrogena has an extra SPF factor of 10 compared to Kiehl’s but I’m still not sure whether or not anything above 50 is actually better than 50 (maybe someone knows more about this?).

In my opinion, it’s probably better to spend a little bit less on sunscreen if you’re going to be precious about applying a more expensive one. While not all drugstore sunscreens are equal (some of the cheap ones can cause rashes on some people), there is no point spending $50 on a sunscreen if you won’t want to apply it generously.

Remember to apply it a few times a day on your face, neck, decolleté and the backs of your hands. If you have any more doubts about why you should be using a separate sunscreen, Beautymouth has a great cheat sheet on SPF (all of her cheat sheets are great).


No matter how hard I try, I’ve just never been bothered to wear eyeshadow on a day-to-day basis. I think it just takes too long to apply and blend and then it creases… plus I find that I always look overdone. Oh, the struggles. I really only wear some liner on my tight line and mascara– I prefer a more natural, “no-makeup” look. I used to cover up redness on my eyelids with foundation, but had to stop because it would just crease so easily on my oily eyelids, which looked just plain weird.
My hesitation towards eyeshadow stopped me from ever covering the redness with a colour. Recently, however, the redness has been bugging me, so I dug around in my been-there-done-that makeup bin and rediscovered my love for this MAC paint pot. I first heard of this one in last years prom tutorial from Pixiwoo, and ran out that day because I just loved the luminosity this product gave off.
Bare Study, a beige with shimmer, is the perfect shadow for those of us who really don’t care for shadows whatsoever. The colour is very similar to my skin tone; perfectly hiding any redness or veins on the thin skin on my eyelids. You can literally just smear this right up to the brow and right into the tear duct– highlighting the inner corners will make you look more awake and under the brow will accentuate your arch. The creamy texture is so easy to blend and surprisingly doesn’t crease, even for my exceptionally greasy skin. While this shade blends with my skin tone, it looks just as beautiful on more tan skin tones (as seen in the Pixiwoo video). The classic MAC pot is quite heavy and looks quite pretty on my vanity, and well, that’s just the cherry on top.
–Anna Raponi


 I’d like to say that I’ve become a bit more daring lately. Since I chopped my hair (kind of on a limb), I’ve been craving new ways to spice up my life as well. So, I accumulated a few lipsticks here and there, but was too afraid to wear them out. Why? Well, for the 15 year old high school student in me, they’re a disaster waiting to happen. I mean, what will people say? And, quite honestly, I didn’t really know how– what if it gets on my teeth? How often do I reapply? So many darn questions but no answers for this lipstick rookie.

Upon some research, I concurred that I needed a lip pencil to avoid bleeding. But, by then I had bought out practically the entire selection of Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks. I can’t buy a lip pencil for each shade! That’s insanity! But then my lovely sister, Amanda, told me about these fabulous transparent lip pencils that can be paired with absolutely any lipstick. So much freedom!
So, anyways, (get it together, Anna) I picked up Lise Watier’s Virtual Lip Contour so I could finally don some of my bright shades. After applying some lip balm, I pencil this in starting with the perimeter of my lips, then colouring in the inside. I smack my lips around a bit to evenly spread the product, then apply my lipstick, blot, then more lipstick. My drugstore lipsticks last a good hour and a bit, and my high end ones about 3 hours (this includes snacking my friends). Oh, and no bleeding in sight. So, I think I can rightfully say, mission complete.

–Anna Raponi



Lancôme asked 20 of the world’s foremost photographers to create an exhibition of photographs inspired by Lancôme’s iconic emblem, the rose. This exhibition will be making it’s final stop in Toronto at the Luminato Festival, June 14-20.

To run alongside this exhibition, Lancôme asked 20 of Toronto’s top beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers (Vanity Presse included!) to create their own images inspired by the rose. These photos will be presented in a virtual gallery at a cocktail reception the night before the opening of exhibition.

The twenty photographers in the “Rôses by…” exhibition are:
Ruven Afanador, Jeff Burton,  Patrick Demarchelier, Koichiro Doi, Nathaniel Goldberg, Dominique Issermann, Nick Knight, Brigitte Lacombe, Peter Lindbergh, Jennifer Lund, Eric Maillet, Chen Man, Raymond Meier, Tom Munro, Josh Olins, Dusan Reljin, Mark Segal, Carter Smith, Sølve Sundsbø, Warren&Nick.

We are so excited to be included in this exhibition and can’t wait to attend the event (Lancôme spokeswoman Daria will be there…)!