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We could probably say that Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray was one of the most revolutionary hair products of the last five years, and spawned countless copycats from Bumble and Bumble to Rusk to AG. Continue reading SHU UEMERA // TEXTURE WAVE



I have a whole lot of really fine hair–which is fine, I find it quite easy to style. Unfortunately, when I step out of the shower, or if it has been a particularly windy day, my hair turns into a big matted knot. No matter how much conditioner, or if I have just brushed my hair, it is tangly.

Even though I apply an oil to my ends, this does not smooth and untangle my hair by itself. Enter, Aveda’s Brilliant spray. I spray a cloud of this ALL over my head (don’t worry, it’s weightless and not greasy or sticky at all and has a pretty scent), leave my hair for a few minutes, and it makes my blow-dry so much easier. After a spraying and waiting, I run my fingers though my hair for detangling (don’t brush out your wet hair!) and let it air dry until I’m reading for the blowdryer.

This miracle spray not only detangles, but helps protect your hair against damaging heat and UV rays. You can also spray this on dry hair for a bit of hair sunscreen and a bit of shine.


RENEFURTEREROILAnna: So I thought this was a rather odd idea, applying oil to your hair then washing it out. But don’t get me wrong, I’m sort of obsessed with using beauty oils so I was definitely up for this one. So after reading the instructions, I shook this stuff right onto my roots, then massaged my scalp to spread out the oil. It smells sort of lemon-losangey but not unpleasant. After that, just as the box instructed me, I waited 10 minutes before jumping in the shower. My main concern was all the oil at my scalp– I didn’t want to shower and have my hair dry greasy or weigh it down. Anyways, I shampooed, conditioned, and after it dried, my hair felt and looked really nice– moisturized, shiny, but still bouncy and light. However, I usually go at least two days before my next wash, and I felt that after using this product, my hair got greasier a bit faster. Although I don’t always have the time for this one, the results were truly effective and the whole process feels quite luxurious and relaxing.

Amanda: I was really nervous that this was going to make my hair really oily, but I actually found that it helped balance my hair’s natural oils–I was able to wait 3 days before a wash as my hair wasn’t nearly as greasy as usual. I actually really liked the smell–citrus-y, soothing and a little bit herbal (I do love honey-lemon Strepsils). I will definitely keep using this as it is supposed to increase scalp health and circulation, which is always a great thing in the cold, dry winter months. It is also supposed to enhance hair growth by deeply cleansing the scalp and strengthening hair from the root, another benefit! I will keep using this as I need long, mermaid locks for my wedding.


BBCURLINGCREMEAnyone with curly hair knows that “crunchy” feeling when the product makes your curls really stringy and almost hard. It not quite the bouncy and shiny curls that straight-haired girls assume come naturally to us. I can get away without using products, but I feel like a little oil and a little anti-frizz/curl enhancer just makes the my hair shiner and the curls more ‘predictable’ (more ringlet-y and less… what’s the word, squiggly?). Most of these products control the frizz pretty well, however alot of them leave me with unruly and crunchy (also squiggly) hair. While most people would just accept that no product can do the trick without the crunch, I, without much effort actually, found the answer; Bumble and bumble’s Curl Conscious Calming Creme. I run a dime-sized amount of this magic through my roots to the ends with my fingers, crunching the hair at the bottom for volume. Watch as your hair dries into shiny, defined, but soft curls– this stuff is amazing. My friend even said that it looked like I had it professionally blow-dried, it’s that good.

–Anna Raponi






a15a2-blonde5I’d been contemplating dying my hair black for a while, sort of bored with my one-dimensional brunette look. But going from brown to black isn’t a huge deal, and I wasn’t sure if it was worth the time, damage and cost for results that might not give me the change I was craving. And when Emily Weiss (blogger/ beauty guru queen) went bleach blonde back a few months ago, I realized just how cool that look could be on naturally dark haired gals. But of course, that was COMPLETELY uncharted territory for me, as someone with completely virgin hair. It was an idea that I didn’t see happening anytime soon, mainly because it was terrifying, but I always had it in the back of my mind.

Now fast-forward three weeks ago, as I’m standing at Pearson Airport about to board my flight to Paris. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I see yet another technicolour creation a la Bleach London, totally gawking at their creativity in hair colour that isn’t really seen in Canada all that much. It then dawned on me that I would be in London (for the very first time) not long from then and maybe this was a sign that it was my time to make a change. The next day, I made an appointment at their Dalston location (which I promptly missed) and spent the next two weeks freaking out and changing my mind. Nevertheless, I got in there, albeit a day after I was supposed to be there, and, well, I got bleached.

A beautiful, very curly haired lady named Sapphire did my virgin bleach (she’s also coloured Florence Welch’s and Caroline Flack’s hair), which is their version of a single process bleach for unbleached hair. I was informed that typically brunettes require a double process to get their hair to a white shade, but at Bleach they only do a single process per visit, and recommend that you lighten up at your next root appointment in 4-6 weeks. Nonetheless, I trusted her and she got right into it. She told me she used the second strongest bleach (out of three degrees)– I felt literally no burning or anything that I was told I would and that processed for about an hour after it was all applied. They do the roots later on because the bleach reacts faster closer to the scalp. After that’s all washed out, they toned my hair using purple and hues to knock out any yellow. To Sapphire’s and my own surprise, my hair went pearly white after the first process leaving me excited and way less terrified.

My overall experience at the salon was awesome (despite being there on the wrong day) and the actual salon has a super cool atmosphere. I brought back the Silver Shampoo and Conditioner, and their Reincarnation Mask by Sapphire’s recommendation– all of which were very inexpensive and available at Boots. I also took home with me their Bleach Bible, which I was advised I MUST follow if I want to maintain my white hair. This means no flat irons, curling irons, scrunchies, less regular shampooing (which I soon learned is quite easy), LOTS of hair masks and never sleeping on wet hair. In my short time with my bleached hair, I’ve learned that it is incredibly dry, very, very tangly and has a thicker, beachier texture that I love. That being said, I’ve basically been reaching for everything and anything that will make my hair softer and I’ve had to add quite a few products into my daily stash.

In the shower, I shampoo with Bleach’s Silver Shampoo, leaving it in for three or four minutes to eliminate any yellow tones or brassiness (plus I think it makes my hair more gray, hence the name). If I’m using my blow drier, I’ll first shampoo with my Kerastase heat-protecting shampoo, then follow with the Silver Shampoo. I follow up with a mix of their Silver Conditioner, which also has some lavender pigments, and Phytobaume Réparateur, leaving my hair to soak that up for a few minutes as well. Once I’m out of the shower, I carefully brush out my tangly white hair with a Tangle Teezer (another Bleach recommendation– that or a Mason Pearson Brush). I’ve basically employed every single mask and oil in my inventory–Klorane’s Desert Date Leave-In Conditioner and Mask and even straight-up avocado oil. Oh, and the Reincarnation Mask. I basically load up on one of those (or a mix) about half an hour before my shower to let my hair absorb some much needed moisture. It takes a good three or four days for my hair to get oily, meaning less showers and more moisture (and more laziness).

All this being said, it’s been only a week and I’m sure I have lots to learn in terms of my new do.

–Anna Raponi



I took the plunge not too long ago and finally got bangs. Yes, they are high maintenance and my lifestyle does require that they receive persistent attention, but I love them nonetheless.

Reasons why I they are more high maintenance than Cher Horowitz:

1.Wind: On my 20 minute walk to work today, Toronto’s winds blow them around. A quick sweep through them with my wallet-size comb in the elevator mirror fixes them quick before I get to my office on the seventh floor.

2. Yoga and Pilates: Slight perspiration from exercise can make my bangs a little wonky, and sometimes I just want them out of my face, but I can easily keep them back with a headband, or spritz in some dry shampoo to soak up any grease.

3. Humidity: The devil. This really is the worst force that I am constantly fighting against, especially on my treks into work. Any rain or humidity levels above 80% cause my bangs to lose their shit and get curly. It is the absolute worst. Not even a quick comb through will fix this problem.

To fight this battle, the best option would be to shield them from the air/rain the best that you can with a hat or hood, but no one really wants to wear a raincoat in 28 degrees. So, you need something that will fix them in place.

Kérastase’s new Laque Noire hair spray has a super strong hold that is totally brushable and fights humidity. Now, it’s not perfect when there is rain flying in your face, or on the dampest of days, but it really does a whole lot better than if you were without. I hate having a product-y feeling in my hair, but this hairspray can be generously sprayed on and you will still be able to run your comb through it and not get grossed out when you touch it. It’s almost even better when on the second day you already have some in your hair because it gives the bangs great texture and even more hold. This spray is also great for lightly misting the top of your head, where you might get the most flyaways–a little overspray gets over there when I’m misting my bangs and a quick juge with my fingers gives my freshly washed hair a bit of volume.


Yes, this is yet another post about hair from my end. I know, I know. It’s the weirdest thing, I used to literally put no effort into my hair and now it is the longest and most tedious part of my routine. That being said, the extra heat styling on my hair lately has definitely taken it’s toll– my hair feels drier, my split ends seemed to be extra obvious (which lead to an emergency haircut), and while I’m not sure if this is related, my hair was getting really frizzy lately. Not a nice combo! I knew I needed to take action ASAP to get some more moisture into my hair, and thought that my shampoo was probably a good place to start.

Now, in comes Kerastase’s Bain Nutri-Thermique. This is catered towards sensitized (I assumed by heat styling?), dry hair in need of some serious nourishment. I love any shampoo that makes my hair super soft and detangled in the shower, so this stuff found a little place in my heart quite easily. When used with heat-styling tools, the nourishment is actually then activated to condition the fibres. My hair feels stronger when I’m brushing and styling (less pulling) and I even noticed less frizz. My hair is significantly softer and healthier looking and feeling. Overall, this product is a necessity for anyone who heat-styles their hair on a day to day basis, or even for anyone who just wants really, really soft hair.


If it isn’t already obvious, I have some serious envy for Kylie Jenner’s style. And since she cut her hair to the same length as mine a few months ago, I’ve been loving her fresher, and in my opinion, more chic look. Her ombré hair just hovers her collarbone, and she typically wears it super voluminous at the roots, straight and some serious texture at the ends. With a bit of tinkering, I think I’ve almost mastered the look and wear it almost everyday because it’s versatile, fast and has that effortlessly cool feeling.

I wash my hair, the usual. I let it dry until it’s about 95% dry, then blow-dry the roots, crunching up with my fingers to build a little volume and texture. I then throw it all up in a bun, and remove layer by layer, from the bottom up, running through with a flat iron once or twice max. I always leave a little wave to the pieces, it’s easier and (in my humble opinion) cooler. My part changes on the daily–even Kylie regularly swaps from deep side parts to modelesque middle parts. I make sure that the most face-framing pieces are a little extra straight, I think it flatters the face more. Then, going a little wild with some thickening spray (you can also use a dry shampoo here), crunching up the roots and making it look like I … how do you say… woke up like this. I usually finish off with a couple spritzes of surf spray to hold everything in place and establish just that little bit more texture. And voila!

–Anna Raponi