When LUSH offered to send me some of their new Fresh Face Masks, my first thought was “time to invite some friends over”. IMG_5623

And that I did. Two of my friends, and one of my sisters came over for a multi-masking session. Save for Cup O’ Coffee, these masks needed to be used up within a few weeks, and all of them needed to be kept in the fridge.

Since these are fresh, I actually had to go to a LUSH store to pick them up. They weren’t actually for sale yet, and there was a bit of confusion with the staff, but once they realized that the bag of refrigerated masks were for me, I was told that it was an honour to receive these as they were amazing and highly coveted. This really raised my expectations, to say the least!

IMG_5624 IMG_5626

Rosy Cheeks is a super thick calming and cleansing mask. The blend of Kaolin clay, Turkish rose oil and calamine work to purify and soothe irritated skin. This was my personal favourite as I always have some excess oil that needs to be absorbed, but I sometimes find regular clay masks a bit drying. This one didn’t totally parch my skin.IMG_5627

The sales staff told me this one was their absolute favourite. As mentioned, Cup O’ Coffee will last the longest in the fridge–a few months I believe. Just like it says on the tin, this is a mask made of coffee, which works with the power of caffeine to perk up skin. The coffee grounds exfoliate while Kaolin clay pulls out impurities. I’m definitely going to try this one out of my body.

Don’t Look At Me‘s bright blue hue will definitely ensure that you are noticed! If you need some resurfacing, this one is for you–it contains lemon juice, ground rice and murmuru butter to exfoliate and hydrate skin.  This is one you won’t forget–I kept finding blue splashes on the white tiles near my sink days afterwards.

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