Apologies for the lack of posting this summer! The warmer months have just flown by and with my best friend getting married at the end of August and two more weddings this past weekend, things were so incredibly busy that I’m just now realizing that it’s actually September.


As I did at my own wedding, I did the makeup of myself, 3 bridesmaids and the bride (my bff) a few weeks ago. It was an assembly line of epic proportions to say the least (the next day I had almost no voice left–a combo of ordering everyone around and singing and dancing I think).

Luckily, I still had almost all of the makeup from my own wedding–the girls only needed to purchase some foundation and concealer to match their skin tone, and they were pretty much set. As Dior had recently sent me every shade of their new brow pencils, I was well set up to fill in everyone’s brows. The girls ranged from very fair and blonde, to half-Indian with black hair. I really got to test these pencils out!


Personally, the Dark Brown shade is a perfect match for my brows. I’ve actually been using it on the daily, and I’m really loving it. Not as powdery as my beloved (Lancôme Crayon Poudre), though this is not a bad thing whatsoever. It works in the same way as the Lancôme–apply pencil to the brow area, then brush it through with the spoolie. Foolproof.

There are six shades in the collection, ranging from Blonde to Black. The Blonde applied really nicely to the fairest girl, and was a perfect match for her brow colour. The Soft Brown was also a great match for the more tan girls. The only colour I didn’t really find was perfect was  the Brown shade–it was just a bit too red for these girls. However, if you have red tones to your hair, I could definitely see this working for some.

Overall, I am really impressed with the formula. They apply really well and are very long-lasting–the colour never fades for me (even through dancing and humid weather). The shade range is also very broad and I think could work for any hair and skin tone. Well done, Dior!


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